She’s the Eurovision 2018 star who’s made a successful return to the Australian music scene this year. And with her new album Hilda out in a just over a week, Jessica Mauboy has a lot to look forward to. But for now, she’s released another promotional track from the upcoming record, titled “Jealous”.

“Jealous” is the fifth pre-released track from her upcoming album. It follows the previously published songs “Sunday”, “Little Things”, “Blessing” and “Just Like You”.

Sonically, “Jealous” fits very well into the collection of songs from Hilda that Mauboy has released so far. That’s not to say they’re all alike. However, the melody of the tracks compliment each other and easily stick with the listener.

Following the first verse, there’s a soft build-up that leads into a soulful chorus. Her voice hits those high notes when the pre-chorus is about to hit its peak. Unlike her big ballad “Little Things”, this track is more relaxed and will surely put you in a good mood.

In “Jealous”, Jessica Mauboy makes it obvious that she doesn’t lack self-confidence. The track sees the “We Got Love” singer about to spend some time with the person she’s got a lot of feelings for. But, since they’ve got all night to make it happen, she makes it clear that “you’ll get it when I say so.”

Moreover, the lyrics note that the Australian star isn’t having to fight for this relationship. Instead, Jessica is doing what she likes and wants to make her time worth it. Nevertheless, things seem to go the right way, as she convinces the person involved that “there’s nothing else like this”.

Jessica Mauboy — “Jealous”

Following her magazine shoot for Stellar last week, fans are patiently waiting for Hilda to drop next Friday 18 October. “Jealous” is part of the 14 tracks that will feature on the album.

And if the pre-released tracks are to give any idea of what the album sounds like, it might just be the star’s strongest work yet. The LP’s second single “Little Things” has already become one of Australia’s most streamed songs of the year. In fact, it achieved a higher chart position than her Eurovision entry “We Got Love”.

With nine more tracks yet to drop, there’s still lots for fans to get excited about.

What do you think about Jessica Mauboy’s new track? Does “Jealous” live up to the previously released tracks? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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4 years ago

I like all tracks from the EP

4 years ago

“Hilda” is amazing so far. Also, Jess is engaged!