Over the last few weeks, Slovenia has given us a little taste of the upcoming season of pre-selections. Now Slovenia’s national selection wildcard round has determined its 10 finalists. EMA FREŠ gave 18 talented acts the chance to showcase their potential for a Eurovision journey.  This week’s winners are Lana Hrvatin and Astrid in Avantgarden, who wrap up the web tournament.

It has been an exciting five weeks in Slovenia. Week by week, young artists fought in duels against each other to determine the ten most promising Slovenian acts. One duel each day from Monday to Wednesday with a grand final on Friday between the three winners. One qualifier was chosen by online voters, a second act by the jury vote. Who’s been chosen by whom remains a secret.

This week concluded the first step of the Slovenian pre-selection. All six acts from this week lost once in the first three weeks and received a second chance this week. Because everyone deserves a second chance!

On Monday the first duel took place, where Lana Hrvatin kicked Martina out of the competition.

Tuesday was the lucky day for  Astrid in Avantgarden, who won over Petra Ceglar.

The third duel on Wednesday was won by Tilen Lotrič. He defeated Ljudmila Frelih.

Friday’s contest saw the three winners going head to head to head. In the end, Lana Hrvatin and Astrid in Avantgarden got chosen over Tilen Lotrič. Therefore, we know now the final line-up for the final of EMA FREŠ.

Who are the EMA FREŠ qualifiers?

Lana Hrvatin

Lana Hrvatin comes from the coastal city of Izola. Music has been an important part of her life since her childhood. And she has connections to someone who already represented Slovenia at the contest: Lea Sirk. Both teamed up with  Tomy DeClerque (co-writer of “Hvala Ne”) to create her first song “Stronger Than Never“. They have won a music festival and she’s currently attending a jazz singing course at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory.

Astrid in Avantgarden

Astrid in Avantgarden is a project consisting of three talented artists. They consist of Janez Hace, Martin Štibernik and singer Astrid Kljun. They founded their group in 2017 and have been working together to create unique songs ever since. A good taste of what they might bring to the stage is their single “Coconut”It was released in September and is a nature-inspired song that has its very own atmosphere. 

What’s next?

Every end is a new beginning. And the qualifiers are only starting their journey. Ten of the 18 acts made it to the EMA FREŠ final, which will take place later this winter. That will be the first time that we’ll hear the songs in full. From this show, two songs will advance to the big selection show: The EMA final in February. The two winners will be joined by eight established artists, who are yet to be announced.

Competing against well-known Slovenian artists seems like a huge challenge — and it definitely is! In recent years, Slovenia’s EMA had high-class artists like BQL, Omar Naber or Raiven in its lineup. However, history shows that they have the opportunity to shock established artists. Germany’s Elaiza went through a similar process in 2014 and, as absolute no-names, won the pre-selection.

The finalists for EMA FREŠ

  • Stella – “Ne vem, če sem v redu”
  • Younite – “The Cure”
  • Klarity – “Diham”
  • Parvani Violet – “Cupid”
  • Saška – “Še Kar Lovim Tvoj Nasmeh”
  • Marmoris – “Moj pristan”
  • Pia Nina – “Tukaj in zdaj”
  • Alfirev – “Črno bela lika”
  • Astrid in Avantgarden – “Sing to Me”
  • Lana Hrvatin – “Dream”

What do you think? Who is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Loin dici
Loin dici
4 years ago

Go Astrid!

4 years ago

Astrid is my favorite!!!