Croatia’s recently revived Dora festival returns for 2020, taking place on Saturday 29 February. And while local fans can catch the Eurovision selection by switching their televisions to HRT 1, international viewers will need to try alternative means.

Here’s when and how you can watch the grand final of Dora 2020.

Watch Dora 2020 online

Grand final — 29 February 2020

Time: 20:05 CET to 22:15 CET

The grand final of Dora 2020 will be streamed live on the HRT website.

Watch Dora 2020 Grand Final

You should note the following:

  • It is necessary to create an account. This can be done by clicking the person icon in the top right corner.
  • This will take you to a new page. To register, click the link at the very bottom of the page, beneath the Google and Facebook buttons.
  • This will take you to a form containing the following fields — first name, last name, email, password and password confirmation. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions. There should be a button to the left, which allows you to enter the details.
  • You should receive a confirmation email and from there you’ll be good to go.
  • Alternatively, keep an eye out on social media for live streams on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or elsewhere. These will most likely be managed by fans, so may not be as reliable as the offical stream.

Dora running order

The selection will see 16 artists perform. The results will by a 50/50 public and jury split..

The Dora 2020 finalists are:

  1. Elis Lovrić “Jušto”
  2. Bojan Jambrošić “Više od riječi”
  3. Edi Abazi “Coming Home”
  4. Zdenka Kovačiček “Love, Love, Love”
  5. Alen Vitasović & Božidarka Matija Čerina “Da se ne zatare”
  6. Đana “One”
  7. Aklea Neon “Zovi ju mama”
  8. Nikola Marjanović “Let’s Forgive”
  9. Lorenzo, Dino Purić & Reper iz sobe “Vrati se iz Irske”
  10. Marin Jurić Čivro “Naivno”
  11. Lorena Bućan “Drowning”
  12. Indira Levak “You Will Never Break My Heart”
  13. Jure Brkljača “Hajde nazovi me!”
  14. Colonia “Zidina”
  15. Mia Negovetić “When it Comes to You”
  16. Damir Kedžo “Divlji vjetre”

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My final verdict:

The best (vocal) performance: Mia Negovetic
The most unique song: Aklea Neon


13. He was very pitchy in the second part of the song.
14. Nice try (choreo, pyro etc), but not good enough.
15. She was fantastic, great live performance!
16. Strong voice. Bad song.


9. This had three different songs in one. Not very cohesive.
10. Not bad, but not good enough. He looked bored. Props for choreo and visuals.
11. She sounded fantastic at times, but the song is not as good as the Tower of Babylon.
12. Great energy! Her English is dreadful tho.


5. Quite a repetitive song, but at least they had a choreo….sort of.
6. Great vocals! The song/lyrics a bit meh…
7. The most promising performance so far (her accent tho :-o)
8. Serhat, is that you?


1. The first song was absolutely dreadful.
2. Good vocal performance, but a boring song.
3. Lame….but at least he had some visuals on the screen.
4. This was very painful to listen to…


if you can not watch there, you can watch here 🙂


You can also get directly to the sign up form (skipping the home page with the person icon…) by following this link:

If it opens in Croatian, just click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner where it says “hrvatski” (Croatian) and choose “engleski” (English) and the form will switch to English.


Looking forward Colonia!!!! They have amazing songs and her singer is amazing 🙂


Songs leaked on vk


Entirely off topic, but out of curiosity I looked up what people were saying about Still in Love with You here when it came out. One person said they’d vote for it from Australia since they couldn’t vote for Scooch back in the day. The other said it’d be a question of whether it or Goodbye to Yesterday would be the more successful duet. Hindsight is such a fascinating thing. This has nothing to do with Croatia, but I felt like sharing.