Victoria Tears Getting Sober Bulgaria Eurovision 2020

Victoria was due to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2020 with her song “Tears Getting Sober”. She was internally selected in November 2019 by the Bulgarian broadcaster BNT.

Bulgaria in Eurovision 2020: Victoria “Tears Getting Sober”

Victoria is 22 years old. She participated on X Factor Bulgaria and finished sixth in the 2015/16 edition — the same series where Eurovision 2017’s Kristian Kostov placed second. Afterwards, Victoria became known for her powerful soul vocals. She has released a number of singles since 2016, starting with “Nishto Sluchayno” and most recently “I Wanna Know” — her first English language release.

Victoria confirmed in an interview that she has several songs composed by herself and other writers which will form part of her very first album. She hopes to release the LP in the autumn. “The album is really personal and the songs have a message – to the people and to the world” she adds.

She’s also been confirmed to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

What do the “Tears Getting Sober” lyrics mean?

Bulgaria’s delegation has once again drafted in Symphonix for songwriting.

Decorated songwriter Boris Milanov says mental health issues have been a big inspiration.

“At the sessions, two young people had strong panic attacks and had to go to hospital,” the “Nobody But You” hitmaker reveals.

“That was a big shock to us…and at some point it turned out the message of the song was about today’s generation and their problems with mental health issues.”

If the subject matter sounds dark, fans should be assured that the actual theme of the song is perseverance.

“The message is that there is still hope, and your only way out is to fight and face your fears.”

The song starts with a wonderful phrase – “Great, feel my head is taking over me”, meaning this person is really conscious and aware of what’s about to come.

“In time my wound will be a scar” is how the song ends and how Milanov explains – “It’s better to have a scar instead of having a wound that’s always open.”

And that’s how we face and fight, learning from the experiences and facing them, the scar will always be a reminder of what we’ve been through and the opportunity to learn from it.

It takes time, understanding and perseverance. Not everybody has the chance to count on somebody else’s support, sometimes we have to get through things alone.

“Tears Getting Sober” lyrics – Victoria (Bulgaria ESC 2020)

Written by: Victoria Georgieva, Borislav Milanov, Lukas Oscar Janisch

Composed by: Victoria Georgieva, Borislav Milanov, Lukas Oskar Janisch, Cornelia Wiebols


Great, feel my head is taking over me
10 déjà vus a day
and each time I’m getting colder,
pain, I should let it go

Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
In time my wound will be a scar

Strained but my tears are getting sober now
and I’ve been here before so,
weight that I’m holding on my shoulders,
I’m gonna let it go

This is my first time trying
Look how the tables turn
I’ve got this dirt inside me
I’ve got some space to grow

Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
So I have sweet bruises
In time I’ll forget what you have done
In time my wound will be a scar

My pain will soon be over
Oh, how the tables turn
Tears are getting sober
I got some space to grow

Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
So I have sweet bruises
In time I’ll forget what you have done
In time my wound will be a scar

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Good lyrics! With an interesting double meaning. At the first glance, it could be about broken love. But here also another, deeper meaning shines through.


Masterpiece. <3

Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover

Boris has written lots of songs but this got to be my fav of all of them!