In May German viewers crowned them the winners of NDR’s alternative Eurovision Song Contest. And since then The Roop have continued to win the love and support of new fans all over Europe.

In honour of all you guys who are still “On Fire” and doing that dance, the group kindly gifted us two CDs — it’s their album Yes, I Do — and six t-shirts from their e-shop. They include four Euroopvision tees and two The Roop Is On Fire tees.

We’re not hoarders. So as ever we turned to our Instagram to stage another #WiwiGiveaway. The challenge was simple: You guys simply had to comment on the post, saying why you love the band. From well-wishers who want them to enter Lithuania’s national selection in 2021 to others who think the group should have been internally picked for the next Eurovision, the love flowed faster than Vaidotas’s hands doing the backpacker.

Scroll down to see the six lucky winners…

#WiwiGiveaway: The Roop t-shirts and CDs

Our first two winners were selected on the basis of receiving the most likes from our Instagram community. They are…

dimitris_agge: “The Roop is the only group that can bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Lithuania. I hope we’ll see them at the Lithuanian national selection 2021.”

Prize: CD and t-shirt

imanol_olite: “It was fantastic to see Lithuania get their biggest chance ever to win Eurovision with such an amazing, original and outstanding group as The Roop! I hope we’ll get to see them at ESC sometime soon!”

Prize: CD and t-shirt

Our remaining four winners were chosen using a random number generator. I simply generated four numbers and then counted down to their place in the comments thread. They will all receive a t-shirt.

mateusbrandoliz: “This is the best Lithuanian entry in ages! So sad this year’s Eurovision was cancelled. Hope to see them next year for sure!”

stressintomoney: “I love you @theroopband!!! You guys are the true winners of ESC 2020 and you’ve put Lithuania on the map. I hope to see you in Rotterdam next year! And thank you @wiwibloggs for this amazing giveaway.”

jackpeters29: The Roop are so quirky and their songs are like nothing else. They are so unique and distinct. Hopefully they will come back next year with another song which turns the ESC season upside down!!!”

zivil_ee: “Love love love The ROOP! So sad for this year…”

Because I don’t have all sizes, I need to contact y’all in the order in which your name was drawn to get your preference. So be sure to look at for a wiwibloggs message in your Instagram inbox!

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2 years ago

Bring The Roop back next year!