Lithuanian dancing competition Šok su žvaigžde (Dance with the star) is continuing, with three past Eurovision and national final stars showcasing their best dance moves. Vaidas Baumila, Monika Linkytė and KaYra have all taken to the dancefloor once again.

The latest episode saw KaYra add a bit of Eurovision magic to proceedings by dancing to Daði og Gagnamagnið’s “Think About Things”. However, in a slightly surprising result, Vaidas became the latest contestant to be knocked out from the show. This follows the elimination of two-time national final star Monika Marija two weeks ago.

KaYra cha-cha-cha’s to “Think About Things”

Nine contestants remained for week six of Šok su žvaigžde, the Lithuanian version of British ballroom and Latin dancing programme Strictly Come Dancing. This includes Padandom is naujo 2020 star KaYra, who was tasked with performing a cha-cha-cha.

The “Alligator” singer was given Iceland’s viral hit Eurovision 2020 song “Think About Things” to dance to. KaYra and her partner Justas Girdvainis fully embraced the styling of Daði Freyr and his Gagnamagnið for their performance. Just like the Icelandic group wore at Söngvakeppnin 2020, KaYra and Justas sported green jumpers with pixel-art-style pictures of their faces on the front.

The pair started the performance pretending to play keyboards. As the beat kicked in, they threw off their glasses and proceeded to strut their stuff across the ballroom. While there was of course plenty of cha-cha-cha content in there to please the judges, KaYra and Justas also included part of the dance routine that Daði og Gagnamagnið do themselves whilst performing the song.

The routine went down positively with the judges, who awarded the couple 28 points out of 30, including a perfect ten from Virginijus Visockas. This secured them first place on the leader board.

This isn’t the first time this year that “Think About Things” has been featured on a national version of Dancing with the Stars. British TV personality Jamie Laing also performed a cha-cha-cha to the Eurovision 2020 entry on Strictly Come Dancing last month. While Laing sported a keytar, KaYra’s performance was overall more faithful to the original and also achieved a much higher score.

Vaidas Baumila is latest contestant eliminated

Eurovision 2015 stars Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila also managed to make it to week six of Šok su žvaigžde.

Linkytė performed the first cha-cha-cha of the night. However, her performance wasn’t as well received by the judges. They scored her 19 in total, which put her eighth (second to last) on the leader board.

This was a slight fall from grace after the previous week, when Linkytė had finished joint first on the judges’ scoreboard, alongside KaYra, for her Viennese waltz. In general, it seems the “This Time” singer is more comfortable with the ballroom-style dances rather than the Latin.

Meanwhile, Baumila has proven more consistent over the weeks and was seen as a strong contender to make it to the final. In the latest show, the star took on a waltz. Receiving a total of 27 points, the star finished joint second on the leader board, just behind KaYra.

However, a shock was in store for the results later on. Despite his high score, once the public vote was accounted for, Baumila found himself in the bottom two. Unlike other national versions of the show, there is no dance-off in Šok su žvaigžde. Instead, it was revealed that Baumila had received the lowest combined score from the judges and televote, thus would be leaving the show.

This leaves KaYra and Monika Linkytė as the two Eurovision and national final stars left in the competition.

Eurovision stars on Šok su žvaigžde 2020: Week 5 and 6

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances that Monika Linkytė, Vaidas Baumila, and KaYra have each performed during episodes five and six of Šok su žvaigžde 2020. You can review weeks one to four in our previous post here.

Scores from the judges for each dance are also included. There are three judges each week – Lina Chatkevičiūtė and Virginijus Visockas were present for both shows, while Justas Kučinskas and Eglė Visockaitė featured in week five and six respectively.

Monika Linkytė

Professional partner: Rolandas Beržinis

Performances: Week 5, Week 6

Week Dance Virginijus Lina Justas/Eglė Total Score Position on Leader Board
5 Viennese Waltz 8 10 9 27 1st (joint)
6 Cha-Cha-Cha 7 6 6 19 8th


Vaidas Baumila

Professional partner: Ieva Brigita Riepšaitė

Performances: Week 5, Week 6

Week Dance Virginijus Lina Justas/Eglė Total Score Position on Leader Board
5 Jive 8 8 10 26 3rd
6 Waltz 9 9 9 27 2nd



Professional partner: Justas Girdvainis

Performances: Week 5, Week 6

Week Dance Virginijus Lina Justas/Eglė Total Score Position on Leader Board
5 Waltz 9 9 9 27 1st (joint)
6 Cha-Cha-Cha 10 9 9 28 1st


What do you make of the performances by these Eurovision and national final stars? Do you think KaYra or Monika could go on to win Šok su žvaigžde 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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Lebanese esc fan
Lebanese esc fan
3 years ago

Thank you for this article. Very interesting!

I’m actually surprised by the length of the routines performed in the lithuanian version, because in the English and American versions, they barely exceed a minute and a half. In any case, KaYra’s cha cha was nice, she really is a good dancer!