Eurovision artists routinely showcase their vocal talents when they take part in the contest. But now, some of Lithuania’s past Eurovision and national final stars are showing us their dancing skills on the current season of Šok su žvaigžde.

Monika Linkytė, Vaidas Baumila, Monika Marija and KaYra have all been strutting their stuff on the dance floor over the last four weeks.

Monika Marija eliminated from Šok su žvaigžde 2020

Šok su žvaigžde is the Lithuanian version of popular British dancing show Strictly Come Dancing (known elsewhere as Dancing with the Stars), where local celebrities partner up with a professional dancer and learn the art of ballroom and Latin dancing.

The 2020 season began at the start of October and has so far been running for four weeks. This year, there are a number of acts taking part who will be known names to Eurovision fans:

  • Monika Linkytė (Eurovision 2015)
  • Vaidas Baumila (Eurovision 2015)
  • Monika Marija (Eurovizijos atranka 2019 and Padandom is naujo 2020)
  • KaYra (Padandom is naujo 2020)

Each week, these Eurovision and national final stars have taken on a different style of ballroom or Latin dance before being scored by the judges and voted on by the public.

Last Saturday’s show saw the second elimination of the season. Unfortunately, Monika Marija became the latest contestant to leave the show after her Paso Doble failed to captivate the judges and viewers at home.

Monika Linkytė was also close to being eliminated this week, having performed a jive and finishing joint last on the leader board alongside Monika Marija. But, the public decided to save Linkytė and she’ll be able to return to the competition next week.

Meanwhile, Vaidas Baumila and KaYra have continuously been performing well. The latest show saw them dance a foxtrot and jive respectively. Both singers ended up tying for second place on the judges’ scoreboard, solidifying themselves as strong contenders to make it to the final.

As with other national versions of the show, precautions have been taken this year in light of Covid-19. No audience is present in the studio, and the judges now sit two meters apart from each other with glass screens in between them. There is also a glass screen between each couple and the host when the contestants receive their scores.

Eurovision stars on Šok su žvaigžde 2020

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances that Monika Linkytė, Vaidas Baumila, Monika Marija and KaYra have each performed during the first four episodes of Šok su žvaigžde 2020.

Scores from the judges for each dance are also included. There are three judges each week – Lina Chatkevičiūtė and Justas Kučinskas take permanent seats on the panel, while Virginijus Visockas and Eglė Visockaitė fill the other seat in alternate weeks.

There were no eliminations during shows one and two. Scores from the first three episodes of the season were added together (given in brackets for the week three total score). This cumulative total, combined with the public vote from each week, was used to determine the first couple to be sent home. The result of the fourth episode, and Monika Marija’s elimination, was determined from the scores and televote of that week alone.

Monika Linkytė

Professional partner: Rolandas Beržinis

Performances: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Week Dance Virginijus/ Eglė Lina Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
1 Tango 7 8 7 22 5th
2 Rumba 6 6 6 18 10th
3 Foxtrot 7 8 8 23 (63) 5th
4 Jive 6 6 6 18  10th (joint last)


Vaidas Baumila

Professional partner: Ieva Brigita Riepšaitė

Performances: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Week Dance Virginijus/ Eglė Lina Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
1 Cha-Cha-Cha 9 8 8 25 2nd
2 Quickstep 8 8 8 24 3rd
3 Rumba 9 9 9 27 (76) 2nd
4 Foxtrot 8 9 8 25 2nd (joint)


Monika Marija

Professional partner: Justinas “Ustin” Mejeris

Performances: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Week Dance Virginijus/ Eglė Lina Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
1 Tango 7 6 7 20 6th
2 Rumba 6 5 5 16 12th (last)
3 Viennese Waltz 6 7 6 19 (55) 11th
4 Paso Doble 6 6 6 18 10th (joint last)



Professional partner: Justas Girdvainis

Performances: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Week Dance Virginijus/ Eglė Lina Justas Total Score Position on Leader Board
1 Tango 8 8 8 24 3rd
2 Rumba 9 8 8 25 1st
3 Foxtrot 7 8 8 23 (72) 3rd
4 Jive 9 8 8 25 2nd (joint)


What do you make of the performances by these Eurovision and national final stars? Do you think any of them could go on to win Šok su žvaigžde 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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10 months ago

hahah Monika Linkyt? didn’t gave a fck haha love her.

10 months ago

Were the Monikas set to come last? This is unbearable. Who assigned them the songs? You don’t do a jive on “Take on me” and that is that! And you can’t do a passodoble on “that” “song” they gave Monika Marija and the partner. Passodoble is a dramatic, dynamic and theatrical dance. This is such a disappointment. Those songs were totally wrong for the respective dances. It’s utterly insulting towards the people who dance, and the viewers.

10 months ago
Reply to  Whisker

Contestants pick their own songs so both Monikas or their partners picked those songs