Roxen’s latest single “Wonderland” wowed her fans both inside and outside the world of Eurovision, leading many people to say she should consider it for Rotterdam.

And now, as snow begins to fall across many parts of Europe, Romania’s ESC 2021 singer has launched a new TikTok campaign that asks: “What will you wear to Wonderland?”

Users are busy uploading fun snippets of their sartorial transformation accompanied by the mystical, magical, magnificent chorus of her collaboration with Alexander Rybak. They’re using the hashtag #roxeninwonderland to show off their impressive looks and to get the attention of the queen herself.

Roxen asks TikTok users, “What will you wear to Wonderland?”

@isroxalienTu cum te ai imbraca in Wonderland? Foloseste ##RoxenInWonderland iar eu o sa repostez cele mai cool tiktoks⭐️ ##fyp ##fy ##tiktokchallenge♬ Wonderland – Roxen & Alexander Rybak

The campaign only launched on Wednesday evening, but so far the hashtag has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times. Not bad at all!

Some users, like Bianca Chelmu Makeup, have slipped into animal print and performed tight lip-syncs to the tune.

Others aren’t concerned about singing — they’re more interested in delivering a fierce look. Adela Cristina clearly isn’t worried about the cool temperatures in Roxen’s music video. She’s opted for a bandeau top that shows off her delicate shoulders and girl is NOT wearing a coat! She turns her apartment into a runway all her own.

@adelacristina3##fy ##fypage

♬ Wonderland – Roxen & Alexander Rybak

This challenge is NOT just for the ladies.

TikToker Alex Lopez World has pulled out all the stops to create a psychedelic masterpiece that has us spinning!

Perhaps nodding to the glorious Iveta Mukuchyan hologram effect from Eurovision 2016, we see five of him swaying to the song while wearing some truly fiery trousers.

@alexlopezworldFly away with just a sip ##wonderland @isroxalien ##fyp ##fy ##foryou ##parati ##tiktokdance

♬ Wonderland – Roxen & Alexander Rybak


Roxen’s “Wonderland” music video

Roxen’s team say the story revolves around the “feelings she has experienced during this last period” — no doubt a reference to the ongoing pandemic that’s left so many of us stuck at home and feeling isolated. The opening lyrics hint at that, but also Roxen’s underlying sense of optimism.

“Alcohol and cigarettes seem to be my only friends,” she sings. “I lie awake ’til after five, thinking about all those crooked lies….and it gets hard to breathe and my tongue is tied, my broken dreams burst at the seams, somehow I still believe.”

In the music video she doesn’t just believe: She detaches herself from reality to create a “Wonderland” all her own. Her passport isn’t in her drawer, but between her ears as she embarks on a fantasy adventure in playful outfits — from sequinned parachute pants to frilly purple party dresses. Just as Alice had a rather trippy trip down that rabbit hole, Roxen creates a world where she can dance with melting disco balls, vogue as white bunnies fall from a purple sky and roll around in glittering silver snow. The wintery swerve on the disco aesthetic needs to become an annual tradition.

Rybak’s influence can be felt most clearly in the strings, which mesh smoothly with the tropical house undertone. They’re present but not overpowering, giving the electronic sound a warm, folksy feel.

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2 months ago

roxen is a world class act, by far the best romania has and will ever send

2 months ago

Somehow I still believe that Romania will do a great job in 2021. They gave me so much joy and hope in the 2020 season. Please Romania, keep it up! You *know* what you did right 🙂 Love.