The Eurovision 2021 season is hotting up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 1

Blas Cantó and NIA – “Cúrame”

Blas Cantó, Spain’s Eurovision 2021 contestant, has joined his voice together with NIA, the winner of Operación Triunfo 2020, for the heart-breaking new single “Cúrame” (“Heal Me”). Filled with pain, Blas and NIA both sing through their broken hearts and contemplate their lost love. Written by Ricky Furiati, Pedro Elipe and Mark Monserrat, the lyrics play with the similar sounding words Cúrame and Júrame (Swear to me).  “Cúrame” embraces intimacy but also strong vocal delivery, with the production both having a silent quality and emphasising the power of their voices. For many fans, this duo is a Eurovision force. Blas is set to represent Spain in Rotterdam this year. And NIA is, among many minds, hopefully a future representative for Spain. (Jordi)

Dino Merlin (feat. Senidah) – “Dođi”

Following the grand success of his last single “Mi”, Dino Merlin rounded off 2020 with another chart-topping song. His newest release, “Dođi” (“Come by”), is a collaboration with Slovene-Montenegrin singer Senidah, who also happens to be our Wednesday wishlist pick for Montenegro. The track combines the two artists’ styles well and discusses the fear of loneliness that many people have experienced during the tough times we currently live in. The music video was shot in Sarajevo and Lukomir, the highest inhabitable place in Bosnia and Herzegovina at a whopping 1495 metres above sea level. Taking to Instagram, Senidah expressed her appreciation for being able to collaborate with the two-time Eurovision contestant: “Huge respect for this great man, his words of comfort, encouragement and wisdom. HE is all of that and HE will always be. Thanks for seeing the good in me.” Since its release, the music video for “Dođi” has amassed 5.2 million views and was trending in all former Yugoslavia countries and Switzerland. (Mario)

Takagi & Ketra (feat. Marco Mengoni and Frah Quintale) – “Venere e Marte”

Combine a five-time album-chart topping singer with a prominent rapper and Italy’s best-selling producer duo and you certainly get a recipe for success. Eurovision 2013 singer Marco Mengoni has teamed up with Takagi & Ketra, our Wednesday Wishlist pick for Italy, on the the new single “Venere e Marte” (“Venus and Mars”). It’s a mid-tempo ballad that seamlessly manages to blend the styles of all three acts together. Mengoni delivers the first verse and choruses, with rapper Frah Quintale providing the other two verses. The lyrics see the Italian stars declaring that the relationship with their lovers is written in the stars: “I promise you / That we will be together without falling / And my every day belongs to you … And it will be written in every text / That nothing can / Change all of this”.

Samanta Tīna – “Tikai Romāns”

In between preparing for Eurovision 2021, Samanta Tīna has also found the time to release the new song “Tikai Romāns” (“Just an Affair”). Starting off as a piano-driven ballad, it then builds from the chorus by adding a fuller sound. The lyrics of the song see the Latvian star discussing how it feels to fall in love with someone, only to find out that they never intended to have a long-term monogamous relationship with you. This is visualised in the music video, where Samanta spends time with her lover on a one-on-one basis before other women emerge onto the scene. On Instagram, Samanta commented more about the song’s message:

“I think this is a topical issue and an increasingly common pattern of relationships today, we have all come across a situation where we meet a person with whom we experience a chemistry of feelings we have never felt before and want to believe in the illusion that this love is real and the only one we have been looking for for a long time. However, at some point you have to face reality and realise that for the other you are not the only one and this has been just another adventure and a short-lived affair. With my song, I want to call on those who have been captured in such a relationship not to seek an excuse for forgiving and lying to themselves, but to love and respect themselves, to put an end to such a relationship, if it is not conscious and self-serving. Don’t be entertained!”

Demy (feat. Fy) – “Sta Kokkina”

Greek star Demy returns with the new single “Sta Kokkina” (“In Red”). It’s a catchy slice of Mediterranean pop with some added rap verses courtesy of featured artist FY. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2017 singer tells her lover that she wants their relationship to be passionate and full-on: “I’m in the red, I’m plugged in / And if you want me, hold me tight / My heart uproots the root / To make wings”.

Senhit – “Waterloo”

Senhit is continuing her #FreakyTripToRotterdam with another cover of a popular Eurovision song. For the New Year, Senhit is taking on ABBA’s Eurovision 1974 winning song “Waterloo”. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 star mixes things up a bit by mashing together several different genres – it starts off as disco before switching between orchestral ballad, calypso and 1920’s swing. In the music video’s description, Senhit notes:

“Weeeeelcome in our factory, temple of disco music, style and fashion.. a perfect getaway for celebrities like Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand and David Bowie… where everything is possible. We want to say a “freaky” goodbye to this difficult year in a fun and edgy way until we get drunk of freedom and begin the new year with drive and determination!”

Nina Kraljić – Čuvaj me

Croatia’s Nina Kraljić is busily preparing to compete in Dora 2021. But, on the very last day of 2020, the Eurovision 2016 star gave us her second album. Those who have been following Nina’s music will recognise most of the songs. Čuvaj me (Protect me) is a compilation album of all the singles that the Croatian singer has released over the last couple of years, including “Najljepši Dan”, “Lava” and her collaboration with Eurovision 2017 star Jacques Houdek, “Čista umjetnost”.

MÉLOVIN – “Dance With The Devil”

MÉLOVIN served us vampire rising from his piano coffin realness at Eurovision 2018, and for his latest single the Ukrainian star is returning to the theme of creatures of the dark. “Dance With The Devil” is a thumping dance-pop track with a catchy beat that quickly gets the listener moving. In the lyrics, MÉLOVIN sings about taking ownership of the decisions that you make, even if that means dancing with the dark side: “Come on and take / Responsibility / Choices you make / Aren’t just meant to be / Better to run? / Or better stay / And dance with the devil / Dance with the devil now”.

Diodato – “Fino a farci scomparire”

Although Diodato didn’t get his chance to perform at Eurovision, he can take comfort in knowing he was the best placing 2020 act in the Eurovision Top 250 countdown – the only one to reach the top ten. The Italian star is continuing his music career with the music video for his latest single “Fino a farci scomparire” (“Until we disappear”). The song comes from his 2020 album Che vita meravigliosa. It’s another passionate ballad, which will resonate with fans of his Eurovision entry.

Trijntje Oosterhuis – “Tokio Voor Jou”

Following Edsilia Rombley’s appearance on Dutch TV show Ali B op Volle Toeren in November 2020, Trijntje Oosterhuis subsequently took part in December. The Eurovision 2015 star was tasked with covering the song “Tokio”, originally performed by Leafs. Trijntje turned it into an emotional ballad, accompanied by Remy van Kesteren on harp. The performance brought tears to Leafs’ eyes when he watched Trijntje perform it live.

Vebi (feat. Aless) – “Každý deň”

As one half of TWiiNS, Veronika Nízlová represented Slovakia at Eurovision 2011. Going under the name Vebi for her solo career, she’s recently dropped the music video for “Každý deň” (“Every day”). It’s a solid R&B-pop track that gives off a sexy and sultry vibe. Teaming up with Aless, the two women sing about moving on from a man that’s no longer giving them the love they deserve: “You knew every day that I would come back to you / But these days are really long gone / You are not the same man you were to me before / And we can’t find the once lost flow again”.

Beth – “Vals”

When releasing a song that was originally written 13 years ago, there might be a worry about whether it sounds slightly dated. However, that didn’t turn out to be a problem for Spanish singer Beth, who recently released “Vals” (“Waltz”). While the Eurovision 2003 star confirmed on Instagram that she did write it 13 years ago, the song has a timeless quality to it that makes it just as relevant for today: “I always loved it even though I was small and simple. Even then she was trying to find answers in the moon and beauty in the simple. Today I feel deeply grateful and fortunate to be able to share it.”

Voltaj – “Doar pentru ea”

Voltaj have a special lady on their minds. The Romanian group’s latest single is “Doar entru ea” (“Just for her”). It’s an indie-rock track with some digital production sounds added into the background of the chorus. The Eurovision 2015 band sing about all the things they’d do for the woman of their dreams: “Just for her / My heart beats / And I can’t stop her / To shout “I love you!” / Just for her / Whatever may befall / I would fight a world / Just for her”.


Ksienija Žuk, one half of Belarussian duo NAVIBAND, recently uploaded the new song “Але” (“But”) to YouTube. It’s an atmospheric piano ballad that the Eurovision 2017 star composed and wrote herself. Ksienija showcases her vocals and ability to convey emotions through music. The star sings: “How much do you need to say / So much I shouldn’t keep inside / You can be endlessly silent, but … / I still want to find myself”.

Kati Wolf and New Level Empire (feat. Boldi Horváth) – “Te csak így vagy jó”

Kati Wolf has collaborated with Hungarian group New Level Empire for the new song “Te csak így vagy jó” (“You’re just that good”). The Eurovision 2011 star delivers half of the verses and chorus of the catchy pop track, singing: “You think you’re worth more / You feel so much more / It’s worth more / It’s worth a lot more”. The song also includes a featured rap bridge from Boldi Horváth.

Rambo Amadeus & Zaječarska Inicijativa – “Ne seci me”

Nature is an important part of the Earth we inhabit, and Rambo Amadeus is expressing this through his latest song “Ne seci me” (“Don’t cut me”). Montenegro’s Eurovision 2012 representative delivers an experimental jazz fusion track aimed at highlighting the neglect of Kraljevica Forest near Zaječar, Serbia. The music video features the trees fighting back against those who would try and cut them down. Speaking about the track in the music video’s description, Rambo notes:

“The existing decision on its protection is not implemented consistently, and plans and ideas for improving or introducing new content are in the domain of fiction. Illegal logging, forest fires, landfills, ad-hoc construction and years of neglect threaten to turn its natural, historical and cultural values into a mockery of the city.”

If you want more from Rambo, he’s also just dropped the new album Brod budala (Fool’s ship).

Jacques Houdek – Glavom I Bradom 20/20

December 2020 saw Jacques Houdek celebrating the 20th anniversary of his music career. To honour this, Croatia’s Eurovision 2017 star released the new album Glavom I Bradom 20/20 (Head and Beard 20/20). Continuing the 20 theme, the LP contains 20 tracks – eight of these are brand new and 12 are re-works of his previous hits. For international listeners at least, it seems the eight new songs have been uploaded to streaming services as individual singles rather than a combined album, so you’ll have to go through and save them all to your playlist individually.

SterjoTipi (feat. Amber) – “Oażi”

Amber recently collaborated with Maltese band SterjoTipi for the new song “Oażi” (“Oasis)”. The Eurovision 2015 star adds her vocals to the second verse and also provides backing for the rest of the song. Lyrically, the song is about finding peace in the stillness of the lockdowns imposed as a result of Covid-19, with the artists singing: “And at last I heard the bird sing / The sound of the wind seemed tempting … Because the world stopped, and I was born again / Oasis, Oasis, Oasis”.

Csézy – “Gyönyörű”

Hungary’s Csézy rounded off 2020 by releasing “Gyönyörű” (“Beautiful”). The Eurovision 2008 singer teamed up with writers Viktor Rakonczai and Ági Szabó, who Csézy last worked with ten years ago. It’s a warm ballad with recurring clarinet melody in the post-chorus. In the accompanying music video we see the Hungarian star singing from within a fancy building, while there are clips of a woman reminiscing about her partner.

Bojana Stamenov – “Zauvek tvoj, zauvek svoj”

New European Songbook is a project that has been running annually since 2017. Run by the EBU, it’s an initiative that sees participating broadcasters produce a new song based around a particular theme. The 2020 edition was dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Serbia’s submission for the project was “Zauvek tvoj, zauvek svoj” (“Forever yours, forever yours”), sung by Eurovision 2015 star Bojana Stamenov. The lyrics were inspired by Beethoven’s unsent letter to ‘Immortal Beloved’ and the video was filmed in Šlos, a castle in which the composer’s lover Žanet d’Hontar lived.

Melani – “Adiós”

Melani may be best known for her operatic vocals, but the Spanish star is showcasing a different side of her musical style with “Adiós” (“Goodbye”). It’s a fun pop song in which the Junior Eurovision 2019 alum gets to let loose and dance a bit. The lyrics are all about not letting anyone stop you from achieving your dreams: “And now without hesitation I say goodbye / No one is going to stop me”. Melani described the song on Instagram as follows:

“Goodbye is a song whose message aims to encourage everyone to fulfill their dreams and show that it does not matter what others think. This song helps fight against the fear of “what will they say” and that the main thing is to achieve your goals.”

Ultimo – “7 + 3”

Ultimo finished as runner-up at the 2019 Festival di Sanremo. His most recent release is “7 + 3”. It’s an acoustic guitar ballad in which he sings about his mother: “You turn a nice painting into a masterpiece / And a countryside rock into gold / And solely because / Simply / You bring yourself”. The Italian star revealed on social media that he only wrote the song a couple of weeks before releasing it:

“About 2 weeks ago I wrote a song on guitar, it’s called 7 + 3. It’s a piece that I wrote straight away, in a few minutes and I did it thinking about my mother and it is to her that I want to dedicate it. It is a special, intimate piece.”

Dotter – “New Year”

“I want next year to be a good year so bad that I wrote a song about it”, noted Dotter before releasing her new single “New Year”. The Melodifestivalen 2020 runner-up co-wrote the song alongside Eurovision 2013 singer Robin Stjernberg. It’s a mid-tempo pop offering that steadily grows to an atmospheric climax. Dotter sings about not letting anything break her down in 2021: “This year, I wanna dance / I wanna take all my chances / Hold your hand tight when it gets dark / I want to wish you with all my heart / Happy New Year”.

Go_A – “Добрим людям на здоров’я”

As a little bonus, here’s a song that we didn’t quite manage to fit into our festive new music roundups at the end of last year. Ukraine’s Go_A dropped “Добрим людям на здоров’я” (“Good health to good people”) in the run-up to Christmas. It’s a slow track with a steady and linear melody to it, though the inclusion of some sleigh bells in the backgrounds adds a little lightness to it. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2021 group’s vocalist Kateryna wishes everyone good health and a generous harvest in the future.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

So happy and also intrigued that Dino Merlin’s new songs are having such success. “Mi” is about to hit 1 million streams on Spotify in some days. That’s great for an Eurovision alum from over 6 years ago!

2 years ago

MELOVIN sings in english but doesn’t even speak it? It’s weird

2 years ago
Reply to  WEIRD

He speaks now, but even without speaking fluently you still can understand the words, even write with the help of a dictionary.

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
2 years ago

Spain can sent the perfect song to Rotterdam as they wil sent this beautiful song sung by
Blas Cantó and NIA – “Cúrame” !!! Spain, Don ‘t look further !! This would be the best choice I think !!

2 years ago

nahh I don’t like it.. it’s quite dated and over dramatic..

2 years ago

Do?i trended in Germany at 15 or 16 on youtube too, just saying 🙂
Senidah also tried to participate for Slovenia with her band muff in 2014

2 years ago

Being Lithuanian, I have a feeling that by the word rom?ns Samanta means an affair or romance and not a novel.

2 years ago

Dotter’s and Dino’s songs are pure gold!

2 years ago
Reply to  Erasmus

would be great to see Senidah for Montenegro or Slovenia!

2 years ago

The Dotter song is EXCELLENT. If she dares to release this kind of music not even for Melfest, I expect ‘Little tot’ to be something impactful!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Grft

Something tells me Little Tot will be something similar to new year…