Incredibly (and perhaps thankfully), 2020 is almost over. And that means one thing — the return of our annual Top Tracks countdown!

As usual, the team from wiwibloggs have voted for their favourite new songs released in 2020 by Eurovision stars. Songs which were selected for Eurovision or competed in national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews). Artists must have competed at Eurovision as part of the main act to be eligible (but those who were selected for 2020 were also included in the voting).

After reviewing more than 1,000 songs over the course of the year, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish ten tracks daily until New Year’s Eve as we wrap up the year.

Which song will enter our Hall of Fame?

Let the countdown continue!

Team Wiwi’s top songs by Eurovision artists in 2020: 40 to 31

40. Aminata – “Šis ir mans laiks”

What we said: Latvia’s Aminata is starting a new chapter of her career after signing a contract with Universal Music. Her first single as part of the record label is “Šis ir mans laiks” (“This is my time”). It’s a solid pop track that uses elements of disco but still keeps a contemporary urban sound. This urban styling is carried through into the music video, with Latvia’s Eurovision 2015 representative rocking a variety of looks while out and about with her friends. While fans still loved the music Aminata served up as an independent artist, hopefully this new collaboration with Universal Music will truly make this her time! (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Dzīvot Citādāk” (#49 in 2019), “Don’t Talk About It” (#31 in 2018), “Zero Love” (#45 in 2018), “Prime Time” (#23 in 2017), “Fighter” (#15 in 2016), “Red Moon” (#34 in 2016)

39. Loïc Nottet – “Heartbreaker”

What we said: Belgium’s Loïc Nottet is predominantly known for his artistic style. But, for his new song “Heartbreaker”, the Eurovision 2015 participant is serving straight-up pop. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it’s nice to see Loïc find the time to party amongst all the more serious/artsy offerings. The music video is filmed entirely in one shot and sees Nottet dancing around a number of different sets – a classroom, drive-in cinema, bedroom and finishing off in a balloon-filled hall. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “29” (#19 in 2019), “On Fire” (#4 in 2018), “Mud Blood” (#1 in 2017), “Doctor” (#16 in 2017), “Million Eyes” (#1 in 2016)

38. Polina Gagarina – “На расстоянии”

What we said: Polina Gagarina has consistently proved that she’s not just a traditional balladeer. Instead, Russia’s Eurovision 2015 star lays her vocals over electronic Russian-pop beats for her latest single, “На расстоянии” (“With distance”). That doesn’t stop Gagarina from showing off her vocal strength though, with the Russian star still hitting some stellar notes. Speaking about the song, the Eurovision silver medallist noted: “So many different feelings came together in this song. Longing, and memories, and doubts, and joy, but the most important thing is hope. For tomorrow, for life, for love. She keeps us afloat. Listen to yourself and be sure to believe in yourself!”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Меланхолия” (#38 in 2018), “Я не буду” (#13 in 2015)

37. Kate Miller-Heidke – “A Quiet Voice”

What we said: As Kate Miller-Heidke builds towards the release of her new studio album Child In Reverse on 30 October, the Australian singer has now released the third cut from the LP. “A Quiet Voice” is a gentle acoustic-guitar-driven indie-pop song, with the Eurovision 2019 alum singing about tuning out the excess noise and instead listening to her inner voice. Miller-Heidke explained further in a post on Instagram:

“My anxiety feels like having too many tabs open. Too many loud inputs that drown out the small, inner voice that’s always there, always waiting (and a lot wiser than I am). That voice can tell the difference between what’s nourishing and necessary, and what is noise. … But in no time I can revert to scoffing mental junk food, yet at the same time yearning for that nourishment again. ‘A Quiet Voice’ is about that yearning.”


36. Hurricane – “Folir’o”

What we said: “Folir’o” does retain elements of the modern production and Balkan-pop sound that Hurricane’s fans will have fallen in love with. However, there’s also the distinct inclusion of more traditional-style singing and instrumentation in the final part of each chorus. It’s not an overload of new sounds by any means. Instead, it’s a sprinkling of something different that helps this newest release stand out amongst the trio’s catalogue of songs. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Lopove” (#46 in 2020)

35. Pastora Soler – “Al fondo a la izquierda” (Acústico)

What we said: On Friday 3 January, Pastora Soler did two things. Firstly, she dropped an acoustic version of “Al fondo a la izquierda” — a track from her 2019 LP Sentir. On Instagram, Spain’s Eurovision 2012 rep calls it “one of the most special songs of this album”. Secondly, in the same post, she reveals that she is 36 weeks pregnant. The team at wiwibloggs sends our congratulations. (Padraig)

Previous top tracks: “Mi Luz” (#47 in 2020), “La Tormenta” (#29 in 2017), “Vive” (#15 in 2014), “Te Despertaré” (#5 in 2013)

34. Dino Merlin – “Mi”

What we said: Dino Merlin took Bosnia and Herzegovina to the top ten of the Eurovision scoreboard in both 1999 and 2011. In 2020, Dino certainly still has his flair, and now delivers a stunningly-filmed music video for his new song “Mi” (“We”), which has picked up three million views in three days. Colourful and creative, the visuals complement the sound of the Balkan-pop song, written by the Bosnian star himself. The lyrics of “Mi” see Dino discussing his relationship. Even though he and his loved one might be different in nature, he still believes they’re the perfect fit: “We are love that cannot be hidden / We are colours that never agree / We are brothers who quarrel to death / And they love each other to heaven”. (Jonathan)

33. Duncan Laurence – “Someone Else”

What we said: “Someone Else” is a contemporary indie-pop track that explores the emotions people go through when reminiscing about past relationships. Possibly inspired by his own personal experiences, Duncan Laurence commented underneath the lyric video of “Someone Else” that he thinks the story behind the song is something that many people can connect with: “‘Someone Else’ is about the feeling you can get when you’re all by yourself and your head starts spinning and replaying memories of a previous relationship. The emotional roller coaster of constantly thinking of that one person you loved so deeply but who you can’t be with anymore.” (Rezo)

Previous top tracks: “Love Don’t Hate It” (#1 in 2019)

32. Francesca Michielin (feat. Fabri Fibra) – “MONOLOCALE”

What we said: Another week and another new single from Francesca Michielin. Italy’s Eurovision 2016 act continues her series of collaborations with “MONOLOCALE” (“Studio Flat”), which features rapper Fabri Fibra. This latest song, as well as her other recent releases, will be included on her upcoming album FEAT (Stato di Natura). The LP will drop next Friday 13th March – unlucky for some, but most definitely not for Francesca Michielin. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Bolivia” (#44 in 2018), “Tropicale” (#48 in 2018), “Vulcano” (#2 in 2017), “Un cuore in due” (#46 in 2016)

31. Netta – “Ricki Lake”

What we said: Eurovision 2018 winner Netta returns with the new two-minute-long single “Ricki Lake”. Ricki Lake references the American actress, who is best known for playing Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 film Hairspray. Continuing along the food theme after her last single “Nana Banana”, the accompanying music video features plenty of sweet treats as the Eurovision winner “dances to [her] own damn drum”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Bassa Sababa” (#3 in 2019), “Nana Banana” (#10 in 2019)

Our Top Tracks of 2020 ranking is determined by independent votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Renske, Josh, Robyn, Lauren, William, Tom, Padraig, Mario and Jonathan.

Which songs do you think should feature on the list? Are you surprised by our choices so far? Let us know in the comments.

Review our top 50 countdown so far here

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3 years ago

Duncan Laurence’s “Someone Else” deserved to be much higher. He has give us so many good songs since he won.

Last edited 3 years ago by Héctor
3 years ago
Reply to  Héctor

I agree so much

3 years ago

Heartbreaker is a bop, one of my most played songs this year.

3 years ago

Folir’o should have been at least top 10 change my mind ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Hurrifan

Love your nick 😀

3 years ago

Duncan releases great music, I especially appreciate his more calmer songs (“Yet” and “Last Night” are probably my favourites!), I’ve already listened to his new album, but need to listen to it again, since most of the songs aren’t immediate, but high quality nonetheless. Loic’s songs never disappoint, I will say however that I prefer his more artistic style over his pop-sound. Mr/Mme is a great song, which such a good build-up. Dino Merlin’s amazing video was produced by an amazing Slovene singer/director Kukla, who also produced some of Senidah’s music videos (Miši?i and Pijes). Kind of hope she also… Read more »

3 years ago

The version of Someone Else Duncan sang in Europe Shine a Light is so beautiful, this version hits me somewhat less but great nonetheless

Last edited 3 years ago by Robert