While last year’s Eurovision season didn’t have the big stage and bright lights, it still had its usual fashion pageant. Maybe not the mixture of dazzling and disastrous we’re used to, but fashion nonetheless. There’s something extremely charming about seeing our Eurovision stars in their favourite home clothes.

To honour this year’s cosy parade, we asked you to vote for the act you thought showed off the Best Quarantine Couture as part of our 2020 VMAs (Vision Music Awards).

While our time in lockdown might have had less ballgowns and more dressing gowns, our Eurovision stars still sported some memorable looks. Gjon’s Tears showed off his set of collared shirts. Ulrikke brought the plaid and cowgirl vibe. Past Eurovision stars Slavko Kalezic and Maruv also sported memorable looks for their lockdown performances.

Still, after over 1,300 votes, we can reveal who our readers looked the best.

VMA 2020: Bulgaria’s VICTORIA wins Best Quarantine Couture

The award goes to the pre-contest favourite VICTORIA with 99 votes (7.56% of the total). Fresh with winning Best Home Concert, she also impressed with her fashion sense in lockdown. There was no shortage of home concerts featuring the Bulgarian star, and all of them impressed. Her mystical voice was enchanting as always, and her clothing matched the vibe perfectly.

During the Eurovision Home Concert series, VICTORIA sang from her couch in a navy blue turtleneck with red capri pants and sneakers. It was an understated look that made her look at home and let the song shine. During The Wiwi Jam at Home, her outfit matched her signature white hair. She wore a white collared button-up shirt with cuffs and oversized matching pants. The androgynous look was punctured by her hoop earrings and soft voice. It was a very ethereal look in the abandoned warehouse, and suited the song perfectly.

At her own concert, she kept the look simple again, with an off-shoulder striped jumper, black headphones, and the hoop earrings making a return. She also joined to sing Love Shine a Light with her fellow 2020 alumni, sporting a large hoodie in her bedroom. To be honest, she looked great in that too. We can only predict this will mean she’ll look absolutely beautiful for her proper Eurovision performance this year!

Second place goes to the other hot pre-contest favourite, Daði Freyr, gaining 90 votes (6.88%). He and his band were known for their blue jumpers and trackies, and they sure were on full display during lockdown too. The Icelandic star wore it during Eurovision Home Concerts and his own JúróDaði, where he performed Eurovision covers.

He also performed a second online concert called Jam in Your Van, where he wore a large yellow jumper to match his incredible hair. Truly iconic.

Third place goes to Latvia’s Samanta Tīna with 80 votes (6.11%). The Latvian star is known for her outrageous fashion, and lockdown was no exception. She brought a long white jacket for her 3S Lockdown Sessions back in April along with a sleeved black dress with an extremely low cut. After taking off the jacket, the one-piece was revealed to be a more seductive variant of the outfit that she wore when she won her ticket to Rotterdam. An outfit for this girl needs to match her energy!

During Eurovision Home Concerts and The Wiwi Jam at Home, she brought the dress back and showed the party never dies when she’s around. She’s been reconfirmed for Eurovision this year as well, so we can bet she won’t be seen wearing anything less than exceptional on the stage.

Coming in fourth was San Marino’s Senhit with 58 votes (4.43%). With a song all about getting freaky, she wasn’t going to perform it in her dressing gown! She wore a shiny black ensemble with an oversized jacket on top of a strapped black top. Lockdown sure didn’t stop her hair looking perfect too. Her Eurovision Home Concert was known for its audience collaboration and visual effects, and certainly stood out around the pack. Senhit can truly rock it, y’all!

And rounding out the top five was Italy’s Diodato with 57 votes (4.35%). His Eurovision Home Concert proved that he knows how to make a black jacket look hot, while his performance at the The Wiwi Jam at Home stood out for his red hat. His leather jacket at Eurovision: Shine a Light was also a bit of a fashion standout.

Full results: Best Quarantine Couture

  1. Bulgaria: VICTORIA – 99 votes (7.56%)
  2. Iceland: Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið – 90 votes (6.88%)
  3. Latvia: Samanta Tīna – 80 votes (6.11%)
  4. San Marino: Senhit – 58 votes (4.43%)
  5. Italy: Diodato – 57 votes (4.35%)
  6. Romania: Roxen – 55 votes (4.20%)
  7. Russia: Little Big – 53 votes (4.05%)
  8. Albania: Arilena Ara – 49 votes (3.74%)
  9. Norway: Ulrikke Brandstorp – 45 votes (3.44%)
  10. Serbia: Hurricane – 44 votes (3.36%)
  11. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – 44 votes (3.36%)
  12. Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi – 43 votes (3.28%)
  13. Greece: Stefania – 41 votes (3.131%)
  14. Lithuania: The Roop – 41 votes (3.13%)
  15. Sweden: The Mamas – 41 votes (3.13%)
  16. Ukraine: Go_A – 40 votes (3.06%)
  17. Armenia: Athena Manoukian – 37 votes (2.83%)
  18. Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – 36 votes (2.75%)
  19. Australia: Montaigne – 33 votes (2.52%)
  20. Israel: Eden Alene – 31 votes (2.37%)
  21. France: Tom Leeb – 25 votes (1.91%)
  22. Ireland: Lesley Roy – 24 votes (1.83%)
  23. Portugal: Elisa – 24 votes (1.83%)
  24. Spain: Blas Cantó – 24 votes (1.83%)
  25. Cyprus: Sandro – 19 votes (1.45%)
  26. Germany: Ben Dolic – 18 votes (1.38%)
  27. Poland: Alicja Szemplińska – 18 votes (1.38%)
  28. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – 17 votes (1.30%)
  29. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – 15 votes (1.15%)
  30. United Kingdom: James Newman – 14 votes (1.07%)
  31. Denmark: Ben and Tan – 13 votes (0.99%)
  32. Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy – 13 votes (0.99%)
  33. North Macedonia: Vasil – 11 votes (0.84%)
  34. Belarus: V.A.L. – 10 votes (0.76%)
  35. Austria: Vincent Bueno – 8 votes (0.61%)
  36. Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – 8 votes (0.61%)
  37. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko – 8 votes (0.61%)
  38. Czech Republic: Benny Cristo – 7 votes (0.53%)
  39. Estonia: Uku Suviste – 7 votes (0.53%)
  40. Belgium: Hooverphonic – 5 votes (0.38%)
  41. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – 4 votes (0.31%)

Total votes: 1,309 votes

What do you think of the results? Did you like VICTORIA’s lockdown fashion? Who stood out to you? Let us know below!

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