Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 27

Arilena Ara (feat. Noizy) – “Murderer”

Arilena Ara is building up to the release of her debut album Pop Art. The lead single from the LP is “Murderer”, which features rapper Noizy. It’s a solid pop song with an interesting use of synths in the intro/chorus that takes it beyond the repetitive 80s trend of the last couple of years. Both artists perform a mixture of Albanian and English lyrics, with Arilena singing about an inner conflict. The Eurovision 2020 star knows that the love between her and someone else is toxic, but she can’t help but keep going back to them: “It is not love but / It is purely physical / I regret / There is love, but it is toxic […] He’s a murderer of my heart / He’s a murderer / But I still want him”.

Eleni Foureira – “Aeraki (To Thiliko)”

Eleni Foureira premiered her brand new single “Aeráki (To thilykó)” (“Breeze (The female)”) at the 2021 MAD Video Music Awards. The Eurovision 2018 runner-up brought a lively Mediterranean sound, with flamenco flourishes mingling alongside a distinctly Greek pop vibe. The performance included bold choreography that helped bring the song to life. Eleni was joined by a group of female dancers, and at one point had a one-on-one moment with a male dancer. (Robyn)

Cleo – “Na Fali”

Polish singer Cleo has been invited to perform the new song “Na Fali” (“On The Wave”), which has been put together by the Szczecin Artistic Agency – an institution that organises cultural, artistic and entertainment events in the city of Szczecin (which is where Cleo was born). It’s a cheery pop track that aims to be the soundtrack of people’s summer adventures. The accompanying music video sees the Eurovision 2014 star and other residents of Szczecin enjoying the various sites that the city has to offer.

Sertab Erener – “Ateşle Barut (Her Dem Yeşil)”

Eurovision 2003 champion Sertab Erener continues her Her Dem Yeşil (Evergreen) project, where she’s reworking a number of her old songs and re-releasing them with an updated new sound. The second track to undergo a revamp is “Ateşle Barut” (“Fire and Gunpowder”), which the Turkish singer originally released as part of her debut album in 1992. Sertab notes that, compared to the original, “the tempo of the song accelerated, the tone of the song changed, the middle part is elongated; I think I sang this song much better”.

Sofi Marinova & Ustata – “Слънцето ще изгори”

Bulgaria’s Sofi Marinova has come together with Ustata for the new single “Слънцето ще изгори” (“The sun will burn”). The Eurovision 2012 star delivers the chorus of the song, while Ustata performs the verses in a sort of spoken rap manner. Sofi sings about how her lover gets her hot under the collar – so much, it is in fact the sun that will burn from the heat she’s emitting, rather than the other way around: “You are the number from which love rings / After the taste of your lips, honey is bitter / You make me the hottest and the blood boils / If the sun touches me, it will burn”. The music video is set at a house near the sea and features a couple that have known each other since they were children.

Sirusho – “Es u Du”

“Me and You, and let them wait / Me and You, and let them talk / I will be yours forever, with you”. Sirusho sings of how she and her lover are inseparable in the new single “Es u Du” (“Me and You”). Despite the world turning upside down, their love has remained strong through the tests that have been thrown at them. The song is a mid-tempo, Armenian-language ballad with a mixture of pop and R&B influences, and the Eurovision 2008 star brings a feeling of tenderness to it.

Brainstorm – “Karuseļi”

The next single from Brainstorm’s upcoming album is “Karuseļi” (“Carousels”). It’s a fun pop-rock song that also has some retro synth influences at various points. Latvia’s Eurovision 2000 band bring their flair to both the music and the visuals. The music video sees the group performing the song alongside a group of dancers who have on-screen neon graphics added to some of their movements.

Tamara Todevska – “Porok”

Tamara Todevska may have topped the Eurovision 2019 jury vote with a soaring ballad, but the star has more shades to her musical repertoire. The North Macedonian singer gives us the urban R&B-pop song “Porok” (“Vice”). Tamara sings about weaknesses in character that are deserving of condemnation. In the accompanying music video, Tamara serves a number of strong looks in front of a coloured screen and lights. She’s also joined by another woman and her falcon.

Elisa – “Este Meu Jeito”

Elisa brings us the breezy new song “Este Meu Jeito” (“This Is My Way”). The Portuguese singer’s sweet voice is accompanied by ukulele and guitar as she discusses not being afraid to be yourself. Commenting about the message of a song in JM Madeira, Elisa says:

“‘Este Meu Jeito’ is a theme that appears at a time when I see many people doubting themselves, not trusting themselves and trying to live a life with unattainable standards. It’s a song about acceptance, about being happy to do what we like, not caring about other people’s opinions. I want whoever listens to know that she is special, because there is no one else like that person”

The Eurovision 2020 entrant tries to tell this story through the music video, in which she plays a number of different roles – singer, sports person, baker, waitress.

Hovig – “Αν Δειλιάζω Μη Θυμώνεις”

“And if I’m afraid, do not be angry / Lock me in a kiss / That’s all I need”, sings Hovig in his new single. The Cypriot star hopes that his lover will stay with him and comfort him in times of need. The music video sees the Eurovision 2017 act looking longingly at his loved one, before they then dance together as the night draws in. Musically, “Αν Δειλιάζω Μη Θυμώνεις” (“If I’m afraid, do not be angry”) mixes elements of Greek instrumentation with some Latin rhythms for an atmospheric track that it’s still possible to softly dance to.

Flo Rida (feat. INNA & Timmy Trumpet) – “Summer’s Not Ready”

While it might still feel slightly surreal, Flo Rida is now an official Eurovision participant. The American rapper is continuing the international collaborations for his latest single “Summer’s Not Ready”, which mixes Flo Rida’s rap skills with a summery dance-pop beat. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 star has teamed up with Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet and Romanian singer INNA, who provides vocals for the chorus. Flo Rida and INNA declare they’re going to make the most of this summer season: “Are you ready for the beaches? / Are you ready for the weekends? / Are you ready for the summer? / ‘Cause summer’s not ready for me”.

Stefania – “Ξεκινάω”

Earlier this year, Disney kicked off its Ultimate Princess Celebration – a global initiative to celebrate the courage and kindness of the corporation’s heroines. The song “Starting Now” was composed for the event and has been translated into various other languages. Eurovision 2021 star Stefania has been brought onboard to sing the Greek version of the song, titled “Ξεκινάω”. The accompanying video features clips of Disney’s numerous heroines, in between which we see Stefania in the recording studio.

Israel’s Eden Alene previously recorded the Hebrew version of the song. And Eurovision 2020 star Alicja released the Polish version of the song.

Harel Skaat & Offer Nissim – “Ahava Nafishi”

Harel Skaat is in the mood to party. The Israeli star has teamed up with DJ Offer Nissim for the single “Ahava Nafishi” (“Love of my soul”). Offer previously produced Israel’s Eurovision 1998 winning song “Diva” by Dana International. The pair’s collaboration blends their styles together. Things start off more as a ballad, with Harel delivering a slower verse. But the beat then kicks in and we’re transported to an Israeli party, which is where the pair premiered the song. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2010 singer discusses his search for love in Tel Aviv, only to discover the city’s easy-going spirit: “Ben takes Ben, Bat takes Bat / And another daughter / Bat takes Ben, Ben takes Bat / And ignites”. “Ben” and “bat” are the terms used in Hebrew patronymic names for “son of” and “daughter of” respectively.

Nevena Božović – “Ne čuješ me”

Nevena Božović is bringing us a flavour of disco with her new single “Ne čuješ me” (“You can’t hear me”). It’s very much influenced by the trend started by Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, with a danceable retro-inspired sound. If there’s any doubt, the music video sees the Serbian singer performing on a stage underneath a disco glitterball. Lyrically, the two-time Eurovision star sings about someone who doesn’t pay much notice to her, despite the fact that she’s been supporting them for years: “You can’t hear me, and I’m still here / Like a good old friend / You don’t hear me, and I gave it my all / All these years”.

Elnur Huseynov & Mila Miles – “Laylay”

Azerbaijan’s Elnur Huesyov has collaborated with Mila Miles for the song “Laylay”. It’s an emotional duet that sees the pair accompanied by piano and traditional Azeri instruments. Two-time Eurovision star Elnur also gets to show off his vocal ability with some operatic notes during the first chorus (he delivered similar vocals for his appearance at the 2008 contest). The song is dedicated to soldiers from Azerbaijan who have lost their lives in battle.

ZOË – “Rêverie”

Austria’s ZOË has released the new single “Rêverie”. Reverie is a word used to describe that state of being lost in one’s thoughts – essentially daydreaming. The production here is rather stripped-back, with the Eurovision 2016 star predominantly accompanied by an acoustic guitar and some soft drum beats. This helps give the song a day-dreamy feel to match the lyrics, and would be perfect to have on in the background as you get lost in your thoughts.

DJ Muscleboy (feat. Yohanna) – “Spending My Time”

At Eurovision 2009, Yohanna delivered a beautiful and atmospheric ballad. However, her latest single leans towards the complete other end of the spectrum. The Icelandic singer has collaborated with DJ Muscleboy for the EDM song “Spending My Time”. Yohanna’s vocals shine through during the verses, where the production is softer. A relentless set of electronic beats are then brought in for the chorus, designed to get a crowd jumping up and down.

Kulna Yahad with Mira Awad, Noam Vazana & Burgi – “Ani Ohev Shokolad”

Kulna Yahad is a bilingual (Hebrew and Arabic) school in Jaffa, Israel. They’ve brought in three artists for the new song “Ani Ohev Shokolad”. This includes, Israel’s Eurovision 2009 representative Mira Awad. The single naturally embodies the multi-cultural aims of the school, combining lyrics in both Arabic and Hebrew as well as musical influences from each culture.

Laura Voutilainen – “Mitähän seuraavaks”

Laura Voutilainen released her new single “Mitähän seuraavaks” (“Anything next”) to coincide with midsummer. It’s a bright pop song with a series of summery guitar rhythms to get the listener tapping and dancing along. Finland’s Eurovision 2002 star sings about the love that has developed between someone and herself, and how their focus is now purely on each other: “Hang out with friends / But now you don’t rush to them at all anymore / It’s not hard to guess if we talk until three in the morning / It is certain when you notice that others have gone”.

MARUV – “Candy Shop”

MARUV’s “Candy Shop” is open for business. The Vidbir 2019 winner’s new single is a sultry pop song with a simple electro chorus that repeats the phrase “Lolli-lolli-lollipop / Welcome to my candy shop”. It’s the accompanying music video where things go the extra mile, and MARUV notes it is not for the faint of heart. The visuals that go along with the second verse quickly make it clear what the sexy Ukrainian seductress is referring to as her “candy shop”. And then we’re introduced to a giant worm creature that MARUV and her dancers gyrate along.

Omar Rudberg – Omar Covers

Melfest 2019 entrant and 2021 Swedish jury member Omar Rudberg has released Omar Covers, a three-track EP where he delivers his version of iconic songs by Swedish artists. The EP features his cover of Eurovision 2007 star The Ark’s song “It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane” — which Omar performs in the hit Swedish Netflix drama series Young Royals. The EP also includes a cover of Clean Bandit feat Zara Larsson’s “Symphony” and Seinabo Sey’s “Remember”. (Robyn)


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Sirusho’s song sounds like a rip-off from Stargate’s Waterfall (especially the part after 1:04). Well, it’s not the first time.

2 years ago

Good job Hurricane! You have the song! Summer vibes chill and feel good thingy… Also congrats on making Tidal summer pop song list!
A devoted fan here

Princess Diana
Princess Diana
2 years ago

Samra also has released a new song called “AZN”.

2 years ago

Laura Voutilainen for UMK 2022! Addicted to You is still a good song, it’s the outfit that took it down while it looked so slick in the national final.

2 years ago
Reply to  Corey

I also love that song (and I’m okay with her outfit, it wasn’t that bad) 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Evridiki

I mean I’m okay with the outfit, but if we compare both of them I would prefer the dress from national final, it made the whole performance look so stylish and modern that she could still perform in that look

2 years ago

I’m not trying to offend you, WiWiblogs, nor trying to diss your job, but why do you write few strings from lyrics not for every song? In your tiny reviews some non-English pieces don’t have it and it’s kinda disappointing, cuz’ I don’t know this languages. Sorry if I offended you. Best wishes!

2 years ago

Thank you for the explanation! I will try for certain, I understand how hard it is.

2 years ago

My favs from this list: Laura and Nevena. Both are good groovy 80ies inspired tunes!

Cem Yildiz
Cem Yildiz
2 years ago

For Sertab Erener’s song: It is not Gunpowder “with” Fire”, it is Fire “and” Gunpowder. It’s a Turkish expression used for two things that should not be kept together or there would be an “explosion” (a serious problem).