Eurovision 2021 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 21

Ani Lorak – “Раздетая”

Ani Lorak is a goddess of the sea in the music video for her latest single, “Раздетая” (“Undressed”). Ukraine’s Eurovision 2008 star washes up on a Maldives beach and is found by a holidaymaker. The pair spend some time together, but eventually the sea calls out for Ani to return (to the dismay of her suitor). The lyrics of the song have a similar message, all about holding tight to love while you have it: “Undressed / On all your photos, brave / My pride, diminish it, loyal / The hell with all the geography, all the miles / I just wish we’d be happy”. Musically, it’s a dark pop ballad that Ani, as usual, delivers with passion.

Vaidas Baumila – “Laikas keistis”

Lithuania’s Vaidas Baumila believes that it’s “Laikas keistis” (“Time to change”). The Eurovision 2015 star has dropped the new soul-pop ballad, in which he states his aim of finding his place in this big world of ours: “It’s time for me to change / I can’t lose myself anymore / Am I on my way to understand / Where I belong”. Vaidas heads to an old quarry for the music video. Although he spends most of it pensively walking around, the Lithuanian singer begins to smile and dance more towards the end.

Douwe Bob – Born To Win, Born To Lose

If you’ve been missing the country music at Eurovision over recent years, then Douwe Bob has you covered. The Dutch star has released his new album Born To Win, Born To Lose. It features 13 tracks, including previous singles “Hold On”, “Was It Just Me”, “Amsterdam” and “Ready Or Not”. The rest of the LP follows in a similar fashion, with a mixture of a slow and mid-tempo country songs. There’s a raw feeling to the record, and the Eurovision 2016 star manages to give a vocal performance that in some ways feels simultaneously rough and tender.

Salvador Sobral – bpm

Eurovision 2017 champion Salvador Sobral has gifted us the new album bpm. The LP features 13 jazz songs, including recent single “sangue so meu sangue”. While most of the tracks are in Portuguese, there are also two English-language songs. Upon releasing the album, Salvador noted on Instagram that the process of creating the LP had been difficult at times, but worth it in the end:

“I’m still convinced that I’m more of an interpreter than a composer, but the experience of having created our “semillas”, writing lyrics, arranging and then listening to those arrangements with the band, recording, doing overdubs, singing back vocals and even mixing was such a painful and tumultuous trip that it become a wonderful and freeing ride. These are my beats per minute, hope you enjoy.”

Alongside the album, Salvador has also dropped a music video for the single “paint the town”. Though based on the MV, it should have perhaps been called “paint Salvador”. The Portuguese singer is joined by a group of children who paint the star’s face while he’s singing.

DJ Bobo – “Ich komm zurück”

DJ Bobo is continuing his stint on Sing meinen Song, the German TV show where artists come together and perform covers of each others songs. In the latest episode, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2007 star took on “Ich komm zurück” (“I come back”), which is originally performed by German artist Gentleman. DJ Bobo was joined on the track by fellow Sing meinen Song participant and Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann.

In previous weeks of the show, DJ Bobo has also covered “Storm” (originally by the Mighty Oaks) and “Shadows” (released by Stefanie Heinzmann).

NAVIBAND – “Плейлисты”

If you don’t know how to express your feelings for someone else through words, then you could always curate a playlist for them and tell them through music. Belarus’ NAVIBAND centre their new song around this theme. The Eurovision 2017 alumni bring us a slow indie-rock track with plenty of emotion running through it. Lyrically, NAVIBAND discuss how their love for one another is still burning strong even when they can’t see each other over long periods: “Instead of words, we throw playlists / No matter how much we see each other now / I know that my feelings for you have not cooled down yet / To you”.

KEiiNO & KAUTOBAHN – “Mellom Bakkar og Berg (Nordmannen)”

Many of Norway’s past Eurovision stars got involved with celebrations for Norwegian Constitution Day on 17 May. This includes KEiiNO, who put their own spin on the poem Nordmannen, written by Ivar Aasen. Alongside producer KAUTOBAHN, the Eurovision 2019 trio have now released it as a single under the poem’s more well known name “Mellom bakkar og berg” (“Between hills and mountains”). KEiiNO have always been great at blending folk elements with electro-pop, and this rendition of an old poem lends itself well to that. Things start off in a traditional fashion and then an electronic beat is inserted into the track a third of the way through.

Margaret Berger – “Gal”

Margaret Berger returns with the new single “Gal” (“Crazy”). Norway’s Eurovision 2013 star delivers a light and breezy pop tune. It fits this transition from spring to summer quite nicely – there’s an uplifting spirit but it also has enough drive so you’re able to dance along to it.

Little Big – “We Are Little Big”

Should you have accidentally forgotten the name of Russia’s selected act for Eurovision 2020, the group are here themselves to remind you. “We Are Little Big” strays away from the group’s usual rave pop style and heads full force into the punk rock genre. It’s relatively short in length, but Little Big make sure to jam pack the song to the brim with electric guitars and drums. As usual, the lyrics are relatively repetitive, with the Russian group declaring “We! Are! We are Little Big! / God save the punk! / God save the rave!”. The accompanying music video comes with a seizure warning for those who suffer with photosensitive epilepsy.

ByeAlex és a Slepp – “Berúgni”

ByeAlex is here to have a good time and “Berúgni” (“Get drunk”). Hungary’s Eurovision 2013 representative and his band, és a Slepp, are enjoying life with a rooftop party. There’s a hot tub, a group of women, and of course plenty of alcoholic beverages. In between all of this, ByeAlex és a Slepp get around to playing their new song. It’s a pop rock track that’s perfect for jamming out to in your bedroom, at a concert, or anywhere you like.

Cristina Ramos (feat. Soraya) – “La Isla Fantástica”

If you want to escape from the mundane reality of everyday life, then let Soraya take you to “La Isla Fantástica” (“The fantastic island”). Spain’s Eurovision 2009 star has teamed up with Spain’s Got Talent champion Cristina Ramos for the new single. Soraya delivers the second verse and joins Cristina for the chorus, with the pair declaring that they’ve left their worries behind and are ready to live a more exciting life: “This room was a prison / Now I’ve broken all my chains / There is no rival that I fear / And there is no cell to return to / I already managed to atone for all my sorrows / Living will be my motto / Oh oh oh oh oh / The fantastic island”. In the music video, we see Soraya and Cristina dealing with the stress of their ordinary lives in the city. They then decide to take a girls road trip out into the surrounding areas and lift their sprits.

Patrick Fiori – “On se love”

Patrick Fiori’s heart is full of love and he’s sharing this through the music video for his latest single. “On se love” (“We love”) comes from the French star’s most recent album Un air de famile. It’s a cheery pop tune in which Patrick sings about the connection he and his lover have when they embrace one another: “Your arms, my arms around our bodies / Your heart, my heart that gives itself / Your hands, my hands we’ll be stronger / Love love, we love each other”. The music video starts off with a dull colour palette and sees the Eurovision 1993 star stuck in a long queue. But once each person enters the “lovebox”, they’re injected with passion and things brighten up.

Alicja – “Każda z nas”

Many young children grow up inspired by Disney princesses. And now Polish singer Alicja gets to be a part of that inspiration with the new single “Każda z nas” (“Each one of us”). The Eurovision 2020 star has teamed up with the Polish branch of Disney to create the song for the Ultimate Princess Celebration – a global initiative to celebrate the courage and kindness of the corporation’s heroines. The English version of the song, “Starting Now”, is performed by American singer-songwriter Brandy. Alicja’s Polish rendition is revamped slightly to turn it into a pop power ballad, something that Alicja excels at. She sings, “Each one of us / Is confident and doesn’t hesitate / She knows her goal and finally she knows / Who she wants to be, this new me”. In a post on social media, Alicja commented further about the opportunity to record this song:

“Walt Disney said, ‘If you can dream about something, you can do it as well’. As a little girl, I was a fan of his movies, which made fairy-tale songs a part of my life. I remember them all, these melodies, energy and harmonies. Today one of my biggest musical dreams has come true.”

Tony Tonite (feat. Gaitana) – “Києве мій”

Ukraine’s Gaitana is celebrating her home town with “Києве мій” (“My Kyiv”). The Eurovision 2012 alum features on the new single from Tony Tonite. Musically, the song has a very similar chord progression to “City of Stars” from the movie La La Land. But instead of being piano driven, Gaitana and Tony Tonite are accompanied by a lone electric guitar and a distant saxophone in the background.

Eva Boto – “TI”

Eurovision 2012 was only nine years ago, but Eva Boto appears to be moving through life at five times this rate – at least in the world of the music video for her new single “TI” (“You”). The Slovenian star wears make-up that turns her into an older version of herself. Eva then reminisces about an encounter she had with a special person many years ago. In the lyrics of the jazzy pop song, the Eurovision star sings about how this person lit the flame inside her once more: “You, you awakened fire in me, I am burning now / Look at me, I am burning now / I feel to live again”.

Arvingarna – “Sommar igen”

Summer is just around the corner and Arvingarna are hailing its coming with the new single “Sommar igen” (“Summer again”). The Swedish quartet deliver another feel-good schlager track that will take us into June with spirits high. Lyrically, the Eurovision 1993 alumni discuss the anticipation and excitement of making it to another summer season.

Loukas Yorkas – “Gia Tin Ellada”

“How to taste a grey sky / Since I have learned to roll in the sun? / I was born, raised and live / For Greece!”. Although Loukas Yorkas hails from Cyprus, the Eurovision 2011 star is honouring his current home country of Greece (the nation he represented at Eurovision) for his latest single. “Gia Tin Ellada” (“For Greece”) is a spirited ballad that’s infused with a traditional Greek sound throughout. The music video features Loukas and his band taking to the streets of Athens and performing for the crowds, who begin to dance in groups. In a post on Instagram, the Eurovision alum discussed his love for Greece further:

“Greece for me is not only the land. Greece is education, philosophy, history, concern, tradition, religion, art, language, courtesy, respect, democracy, hospitality, the sun and the sea, the feast, the passion, the zeibekiko, the philotimos, the good fight, the good life. And this Hellenism becomes global through the love for the other person (regardless of origin). It is never lost, it is not hidden, it is not limited, it is not afraid of anything. This is us. In the easy and in the difficult.”

Pasha Parfeni & Cleopatra Stratan – “Orele”

Moldova’s Pasha Parfeni is updating a classic with his latest single. Collaborating with Cleopatra Stratan, the Eurovision 2012 star has released “Orele” (“The Hours”). The lyrics of the song come from a poem written by Moldovan poet Grigore Vieru: “The hours go by like flowers / The hours of deep longing / Days, like children / The days go by the same way”. Several artists have used the poem as the basis for songs before, but Pasha decides to give things a sensual twist by combining it with Latin beats. In a comment underneath the music video, Pasha talks more about the song:

“‘Orele’ is a hot song that makes me think of the sea, under a scorching sun. It seems current to me, even if it has such a rich history behind it. I don’t get tired of listening to it: in the car, in the shower, in the studio and I can’t wait to sing it on a dance floor, and the collaboration with Cleopatra makes this piece even more special.”

Red Moon – “Thirsty”

The Red Moon is rising and Norway’s Eurovision 2015 star is thirsting over her lover. Red Moon (aka Debrah Scarlett) has released the new indie-pop song “Thirsty”. With a catchy guitar riff from the very beginning, there’s an immediacy to the track that helps get the listener on board from the offset. Red Moon details how she’s getting hot under the collar while thinking about her loved one being by her side: “Step a little closer to me / Oh, the thought of you right next to me is too hot to bear / You know I’m thirsty”.

Aksel Kankaanranta – “Sydän paareilla”

Despite missing out on competing at Eurovision due to contest’s cancellation last year, Aksel Kankaanranta still managed to join the Finnish delegation in Rotterdam this year to get his Eurovision experience. At the same time, Aksel also released the new single “Sydän paareilla” (“Heart on a stretcher”). Aksel has a strong ability to deliver music that hits the listener emotionally while also remaining optimistic in nature. “Sydän paareilla” starts off with the Finnish star accompanied by an acoustic guitar, allowing Aksel to set the scene with his delicate vocals. The song then builds with the addition of further percussion and reaches a rich climax.

Amaury Vassili – Crescendo

Ten years after appearing on the Eurovision stage, Amaury Vassili is still delivering new music and has now released his seventh studio album Crescendo. The LP features 14 tracks, including recent singles “Vivo per lei” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. As one would expect from the pop-opera singer, Crescendo is filled with rousing ballads that let Amaury’s vocals soar. In addition to releasing the album, the French star simultaneously dropped a music video for “The Prayer”. Amaury performs the song as a duet alongside Destination Eurovision 2019 act Chimène Badi.

Yotuel (feat. Blas Cantó) – “Madre”

Before performing at Eurovision 2021, Spain’s Blas Cantó featured on the new song from Cuban singer Youtel. “Madre” (“Mother”) was released at the start of May to coincide with Mother’s Day in Latin America and the USA. The Spanish star sings: “Mother, this song that is born from within me to serve blood in my veins”. Musically, the song has a nice percussion beat underlying it throughout, and it then adds in a trumpet melody to accompany Blas in the chorus. The music video features photos of various people with their mothers, including Blas and Yotuel.

Ulrikke – “Ja, vi elsker dette landet”

Ulrikke also got involved with the festivities of Norwegian Constitution Day. She was given the opportunity to sing Norway’s national anthem for a TV broadcast and the Eurovision 2020 star has also released it as a single. Ulrikke’s rendition of “Ja, vi elsker dette landet” (“Yes, we love this country”) is a relatively calm affair. The Norwegian star begins a cappella, before a piano comes in and accompanies her for the rest of the song. Ulrikke dresses in traditional attire for the music video, which features several clips of Norway’s natural landscapes and villages.

Ott Lepland – “Maailm me käes”

Ott Lepland is dreaming of the summer sun. The Estonian star has released “Maailm me käes” (“The world we have”). It’s a simple pop track in which Lepland is looking forward to spending time with his lover during the upcoming summer: “This warm summer weather / It is no longer far away / Just waiting for us again / Hold my hand / And take it where it spreads / The edge of the world and you will see that I will stay with you”. In the accompanying music video, the Eurovision 2012 star spends time on a chilly and grey Estonian beach as he waits for the warmer weather to arrive. This is interspersed with clips of people enjoying actual sunshine in tropical climates.

Andrius Pojavis – “Euterpei”

At Eurovision 2013, Andrius Pojavis was inspired by his shoes (called love and pain). For this latest single through, the Lithuanian singer has gained inspiration from something a bit less profound – Greek mythology. “Euterpei” is a soft ballad, with Pojavis accompanied by the strumming of a single acoustic guitar. The Eurovision alum sings about the Greek muse Eutrepe, who presides over music. Pojavis explains more in the music video’s description:

“Euterpe, in the tradition of ancient Greece, is a muse to which musicians have offered prayer in order to inspire and help them in their creation. I wanted to create and convey a warm but at the same time sensitive message that I think most souls are going through in this strange and so drastically changed era, and especially we musicians. When we lost the opportunity to meet the audience, we felt helpless, as if left without our muse.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Bilal Hassani (France 2019) – Fais le Vide
Yianna Terzi (Greece 2018) – Karma
Mans Zelmerlow – Fire in the Rain

All great songs I discovered through Spotify 🙂

And of course, there’s Duncan’s new album!
Would be nice to see more of the artists after the contest is over and done. I think it helps if they already had releases on Spotify since it’s harder to rack up listens just from that one Eurovision song.

2 years ago

Poland Alicja is the Best !

Stian F
Stian F
2 years ago

KEiiNO and Ulrikke making Norway proud with amazing music!!! Absolutely beautiful is Ulrikkes rendition of the national anthem. Love!

2 years ago

Salvador is great as always. His new LP is really emotional. I really enjoyed the jazz vibe. Pure authenticity.

2 years ago
Reply to  Eugenie

Powerful lyrics as well <3

2 years ago

Ani Lorak is always delivering goddess vibes, I quite like her new song. She looks great too, of course. I wonder how she manages to look this fresh. Well, I guess, she has some secret recipes for that… Also the album from Douwe Bob sounds great!

2 years ago

“Norway 2014”? I don’t think Carl Espen is Red Moon…