Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 34

Roxen, Strange Fruits & DMNDS – “Money Money”

Money, money, must be funny in a rich man’s world. Roxen is living in that world for their new single “Money Money”. Teaming up with music producers DMNDS and Strange Fruits Music, the Romanian singer delivers a catchy dance-pop song. Lyrically, Roxen is aiming to solve all their problems with a big bundle of cash: “They say love makes you happy / I say ‘Money money, money money’ / When it’s gone, who’s your daddy / I say ‘Money money, money money’”. In the accompanying music video, the Eurovision 2021 star spends their time in a fancy limousine alongside two female companions in balaclavas – one of whom Roxen snogs. The three of them enjoy all the riches they’ve accumulated, but the law eventually catches up with Roxen in the end.

Ani Lorak & Sergey Lazarev – “Не отпускай”

Two icons of the Russian music industry join forces for “Не отпускай” (“Don’t let go”). Ukraine’s Eurovision 2008 star, Ani Lorak, and two-time Russian Eurovision representative Sergey Lazarev premiered their new single at the closing ceremony of New Wave 2021. It’s a passionate ballad in which the two singers say they don’t want the difficulties of their relationship to tear them apart: “Don’t let me go, don’t leave me / In these cold walls, among others’ betrayals […] Without your warmth, my love is safe in your heart”. Ani and Sergey take a verse each to begin with before coming together for the first chorus. The song later builds with some lush string instrumentation as both stars get to show off their vocal talent. In a post on social media, Ani Lorak noted the message that they wanted people to take away from the song:

“If you are lucky enough to meet ‘your’ person, hold them tight. Love and don’t let go of your love. Let this song become a hymn to all loving hearts.”

Philipp Kirkorov – “По камням по острым”

Philipp Kirkorov also premiered a new single at this year’s New Wave competition. “По камням по острым” (“On stones, on sharp”) is an old-school Russian chanson, no doubt aimed towards the Eurovision 1995 singer’s long-term fan base. Things take a dynamic turn in the bridge thanks to an electric guitar solo. Kirkorov sings about how the world is not the same without the warmth of his lover’s heart: “On stones, on sharp, broken glass / Looking for love in the labyrinths of memory / You must understand that this is more than love / This is the cry of the hearts of two wounded worlds”.

LOBODA – “Малыш”

And the New Wave new music keeps coming thanks to LOBODA. Before the contest she released “Малыш” (“Baby”) and then performed it for the first time at the festival. It’s a cover of Dima Bilan’s single. This year’s New Wave also acted as a special celebratory concert for the Eurovision 2008 champion and LOBODA was one of the artists to perform a rework of Bilan’s songs. Dima’s original version was a melodious pop ballad. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2009 anti-crisis girl updated the production significantly and revamped the song into a dark and dramatic tale.

Arilena Ara (feat. Dafina Zeqiri) – “Thirr Policine”

Arilena Ara’s new single is about empowering women. The Eurovision 2020 entrant teams up with Dafna Zeqiri for “Thirr Policine” (“Call The Police”). They bring us an urban pop song with a strong beat from start to finish. The Albanian singers dare a man to call the police on them, just because he can’t handle them being strong independent women: “The strength of a scared female / That you accept but I know how much it hurts […] You are not a gentleman / You are the arbiter in your fantasy / Call, call the police”. The accompanying music video begins with Arilena and Dafina on a satellite in space, where they’re working on a project to empower women. They then proceed to dance and strut around a hotel suite.

Jala Brat & Hava – “Noć”

Jala Brat is continuing the build-up to his next album Futura by releasing new singles every few days. The sixth of these dropped on Friday. For “Noć” (“Night”), the Bosnian star is joined by Hava, a German rapper of Bosnian and Turkish descent (Hava even sings a verse of the song in German). The pair mix rap and dance to deliver a catchy song that still has a bit of grit to it. In the chorus they note, “The city is full through the night, I don’t see anyone / I lose your voice in the darkness as I fall from the throne / I act and I don’t dramatacise, I fall apart without pain / Are you ashamed that we fell because of fear or sins? / As I search for us in a bottle in a handful of drugs”.

Ahead of this, we were gifted “Moskova” on Tuesday. Jala then dropped “Andale” on Thursday.

ALEKSEEV – Свідомо Залежний

Although he represented Belarus at Eurovision 2018, ALEKSEEV is in fact Ukrainian. And like many artists from the country, he celebrated the country’s 30th anniversary of Independence Day on 24 August by releasing some new music. ALEKSEEV has given us Свідомо Залежний (Consciously Dependant), his first EP to be entirely in the Ukrainian language. It includes “Поруч” – his recent collaboration with KAZKA – a remix of previous song “Так буває”, and also “Зіронька” – a cover of the song originally released by Ukraine’s Eurovision 2003 act Oleksandr Ponomariov. Meanwhile, the title song comes with an animated music video that features a moth transform into ALEKSEEV before he then rescues people from a circus. ALEKSEEV comments in the video’s description about why he wanted to release music for Independence Day:

“It is important for me to be involved in the birthday of my homeland. Especially on such a round date as 30 years. We are practically the same age: I’m 28, so I understand very well what an important period has come now and I don’t want to stay away from everything that happens.”

Tom Hugo & Regnbuefamilien – “STOLT”

This past week was Skeive Sørlandsdager – Southern Norway Gay Pride that takes place in Kristiansand. KEiiNO’s Tom Hugo, who was born in Kristiansand, provided the official single for this year’s event. Very different from his work with the Eurovision 2019 group, “STOLT” (“Proud”) is a pop-rock track that sees Tom accompanied by the band Regnbuefamilien. Fellow KEiiNO members Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo provide backing vocals. Speaking about the song on Instagram, Tom commented on the message he wanted to get across:

“So PROUD of my new single, which is the pride-song of Kristiansand. It took me way too many years to dare to be proud of who I am, and the lyrics by my [partner] Alexander Olsson says it better than I ever could. And I’m pretty sure quite a few out there can relate to the song.”

Kállay Saunders & dreambody – “find my way”

Kállay Saunders’s latest single is “find my way”. A collaboration with music producer dreambody, it’s a slow R&B offering with a consistent guitar melody in the background. Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 singer is very much in his feelings. Saunders sings about moving on in life after his ex-partner decided to leave him: “I will love again, I will love again / I know it’s hard, but I’ve got to / I will live again, I will live again / I will find my way without you”.

Moran Mazor – “אדון הסליחות”

Israel’s Eurovision 2013 star Moran Mazor is one of ten women who have come together for a rendition of “אדון הסליחות” (“Lord of Forgiveness”). It’s a Hebrew song used in religious worship. The group sing to God and ask for forgiveness of their sins: “Lord of Forgiveness / Examiner of hearts / The revealer of depths / Speaker of justice / We have sinned before you / Have mercy upon us”.

Mandinga & Johnny Made This – “Reina”

Eurovision 2012 alumni Manndinga have joined forces with music producer Johnny Made This for the new song “Reina” (“Queen”). Although there are some lyrics in Spanish, most of the song is in English. Vocalist Barbara Isasi sings to her suitor and hopes to be the person they want to spend the night with: “‘Cause tonight I’m feeling naughty / I know you like it, you don’t stop me  / I am a queen / The type of girl you’re looking for”. It’s a sultry track that incorporates Cuban and Latin rhythms in between the pop production.

Tulia – “Narkotyk”

Tulia have recently put out a music video for their new single “Narkotyk” (“Drug”). Filmed in the Żywiecki Beskids – Poland’s second highest mountain range – it’s inspired by some of the folklore from the areas. The Eurovision 2019 alumni are joined by a series of masked creatures. The song itself comes from Tulia’s recent album Półmrok. It combines the Polish group’s folk sound and white voice singing style with a bit more of a rock influence courtesy of the accompanying drums and guitars. In the lyrics, Tulia compare themselves to a drug that will keep people coming back for more: “I am a drug right into your veins / Addicted to it, you will be / I am pink sweet smoke / Satisfy yourself with it”.

LMK – “Offline”

LMK’s summer single is “Offline”. The Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez finalist once again brings out her urban pop styling, but this time makes things a bit lighter and brighter. It’s the sort of song that would fit nicely in the soundtrack to your relaxing day in the sun. And that’s exactly what we see in the music video. LMK enjoys a Mediterranean getaway – walking along the beach, riding through the streets and taking a dip in a natural pool.

Gabrielius Vagelis – “Vieni Du”

Lithuania’s Gabrielius Vagelis recently released “Vieni Du” (“One Two”). Things start off with a subtle electronic beat underneath Gabrielius’ hushed vocals. However, the song soon adds in extra production and the two-time Pabandom iš naujo contestant delivers a dark and broody dance-pop track. Garielius sings about two people who know what they want: “Two children are standing close to the stranger / They play with truth and courage / From afar you see through me / With games, we will not hide what we want / It moves in the same way”. Meanwhile, the music video solely features the Lithuanian star. He heads down to the beach in complete darkness for a late-night splash.

Max Barskih – “Just Fly”

Max Barskih’s career has taken him up to the top of the music charts across eastern Europe. As he keeps climbing, the only place left for him to go is up into the skies. And so the runner-up of Ukraine’s Eurovision 2012 selection has released “Just Fly”. It’s a departure from Barskih’s usual style and instead offers up a catchy 50’s rock-and-roll-inspired vibe. It also sees the singer switch up languages. Although much of Barskih’s discography is in Russian/Ukrainian, “Just Fly” is sung entirely in English. Barskih encourages his lover to accompany him up above the clouds: “Fly baby, fly / Above the weather / Fly with me, fly / I can take you to the places you wanna go”. The song comes with a charming music video that sees the Ukrainian star singing and dancing around an airport.

Erika Vikman – Erika Vikman

Erika Vikman shot onto the scene with her UMK 2020 entry “Cicciolina”. Following its success and her follow-up singles, the Finnish star has now released her debut album. A self-titled LP, it includes nine songs along with an intro and outro. “Cicciolina” opens things up with its bold and striking sound. Things then proceed in a similar fashion, with a series of mid-tempo to upbeat tracks, often with an 80’s synth-pop influence. Previous singles “Häpeä” and “Syntisten pöytä” are also included in the mix, and if you enjoyed these then you’ll probably be head over heels for the rest of the album.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Ben R
Ben R
2 years ago

I would love for Arilena Ara to go back and win FiK with an upbeat banger. She’d do so well at Eurovision.

Yoshi LE
Yoshi LE
2 years ago

Sergey Lazarev is real icon, and Ai Lorak is the queen. They made the best ballad song in years.

2 years ago

It would be a huge shame if Albania doesn’t send Arilena to represent them.

2 years ago

No news on the new track from AWS? It was a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Örs

2 years ago

My pick from this week: Kállay Saunders & dreambody. Very relaxed and comforting sound.

2 years ago

Imagine how dope it would be to have Dafina in Eurovision!

2 years ago

AWS have also released their first song since Örs’ death which he recorded before he passed. In fact, he also wrote the music and the lyrics, the song is called Emlékszem. The music video shows iconic places from his home region that he loved, and also features some of his family and friends.
They are having a tribute concert to Örs next week and will release some more songs with his voice in the coming months.