Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 38

Sanja Vučić – “Omadjijan”

Sadly, Serbia’s Eurovision 2021 trio Hurricane have now parted ways. But Sanja Vučić is not yet ready to stop the music and has quickly returned to her solo career. Her new single is “Omadjijan”. Sanja was one of the main writers of Hurricane’s songs, so understandably there’s similarities to this solo single. But the two-time Eurovision star also forges out her own path and demonstrates more of her dancing ability compared to the music videos she filmed with Hurricane. Lyrically, Sanja sings: “Come let me make you crazy / Let me shine for you, let me receive you / I wander at night without you”.

Lorenzo Licitra feat. Anggun – “Eli Hallo”

Italy and France unite in this collaboration. Lorenzo Licitra, winner of X Factor Italia 2017, has brought France’s Eurovision 2012 star Anggun on board for the new single “Eli Hallo”. The dynamic and uplifting song was produced for the twelfth edition of Festival del Cinema Nuovo (New Film Festival), a competition for short films that are interpreted by people with disabilities. Anggun sings her verse in French but also gets her lips around a bit of Italian when singing alongside Lorenzo.

Helena Paparizou, Marseaux & Joanne – “Katse Kala (Arcade Remake)”

“Katse Kala” featured on Helena Paparizou’s debut album in 2004. Now, 18 years later, the Greek singer has dropped a remake of the song. Production team Arcade have kept the attitude of the original but updated the music slightly for today . This new version also adds in some extra voices, with Marseaux and Joanne both joining the Eurovision 2005 champion. The accompanying music video is set to premiere on Monday.

Systur – “Dusty Road”

Systur have travelled the “Dusty Road” back from Turin and have now returned to Iceland. Despite being back home, the sisterly trio are switching to English for their new single. A slow country song with guitar accompaniment, the Eurovision 2022 alumni sing about the difficult times they’ve had in the past: “Oh and I don’t blame you for the scars I carry around / I know you did your best / There were days I thought / You were gonna watch me drown / Back when I was drinking in the west / Back when I wasn’t at my best”.

Circus Mircus – “Soul Pop”

Circus Mircus are bringing us a slice of “Soul Pop”. It comes with a big serving of synth melodies running throughout. In the lyrics, Georgia’s Eurovision 2022 group speak to their former partner. Cirucs Mircus feel like they’ve been ripped apart and want them to return: “As long as it takes / I’ll prove my devotion / You need to come back / Cuz it feels like abortion”.

Stefania – “My My My”

Stefania plays the lead role in the new Dutch movie Misfit The Switch. In addition to showcasing her acting and dancing prowess in the film, Greece’s Eurovision 2021 star also gets to highlight her singing skills by performing the movie’s title song, “My My My”. A solid pop track, Stefania sings about a special someone who lights up her life: “You got that / My, my, my / Hit me like dynamite / You make my world ignite”.

Lindita – “Jealous”

“You know I get jealous / Don’t know what I’ve been thinking / Tell me who is blowing up your phoneline / Everyday I’m checking on your timeline / Why it take so long to text me back like that”. Lindita has a case of the green-eyed monster. Albania’s Eurovision 2017 star is envious of anyone who might be with the person she has her heart set on. Lindita recounts this through a steady R&B track with minimal production.

Nina Zilli & Danti – “Vasco a San Siro”

Nina Zilli and Danti are partners in music and also in life. This makes the lyrics of their new single, “Vasco a San Siro”, a little bit more personal, as they sing about never growing tired of the other’s presence: “You never tire me / Like the sea, like wine / Like Tarantino’s films / I swear I’m not making fun of you / I would look at you all the time / Like Vasco at San Siro”. The catchy pop track comes with an interesting video, with Nina and Danti taking a moment to solidify their love despite being hunted by the police.

Donny Montell – “Lūpos Kaip Medus”

“When you’re so sweet, all I can do is lick / Your lips are like honey.” Donny Montell is savouring the sweet flavour of his partner’s lips and hoping to spread a feeling of love through his new single “Lūpos Kaip Medus” (“Lips Like Honey”). Lithuania’s two-time Eurovision representative serves up a sensual pop track. This is added to by the visuals of the music video, which features 12 real-life couples.

Jill Johnson – “Ja må hon leva”

Jill Johnson has collaborated with non-profit organisation Folkspel and Sverigelotten to create a song that highlights the work of the Breast Cancer Association and their campaign “Ja må hon leva” (“Yes, may she live”). Sweden’s Eurovision 1998 star took this title and worked it into a mid-tempo ballad. On social media, Johnson shared the inspiration for the song and how breast cancer has affected her friends:

“One day when I was having a hard time letting go of control, a co-worker invited me to relax and live a little…. she just said, “-live a little Jill!” It stuck with me and helped me reflect on the fragility of life. “Live a little” became the basic feeling I based on “Ja må hon leva”! Yes, and “for a hundred years”! I lost a friend to breast cancer and I have two dear friends living with breast cancer in this now. They are my great inspiration and anchor of reality. Thank you beloved women in the world for your inspiration and your super powers!”

Paula Seling – “Toata Lumea Are Un Dor”

Following “Soare Soare” and “Lasa Doamne Dor”, Paula Seling is concluding her Trilogia dorului (Longing Trilogy) with the final song “Toata Lumea Are Un Dor”. A traditional Romanian folklore song, Seling delivers it in a bright and jolly fashion that quickly gets the listener in a cheerful mood. The music video is shot in one take and features the two-time Eurovision star moving around a restaurant with eight backing dancers.

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe – “A Man Without Love”

Eurovision 1992 star Michael Ball and his duet partner Alfie Boe have released “A Man Without Love” — the second pre-release single from their upcoming album. The song has further Eurovision connections, as it was first recorded in English by Engelbert Humperdinck (UK Eurovision 2012). Humperdinck’s rendition is itself a cover — the song was first released in Italian as “Quando m’innamoro”, performed by both Anna Identici and The Sandpipers at Festival di Sanremo 1968, placing sixth.

Damir Kedžo – “Izbor je tvoj”

For the first time in his career, Damir Kedžo has composed the music for one of his songs. “Izbor je tvoj” (“Choice is yours”) is a strong Balkan ballad that the Croatian singer puts a lot of passion into. Damir sings about how he never wants to part ways with his loved one: “I don’t choose it / To burn our bridge / And I change the days / Into endless wounds / That choice is yours”. In a post on Instagram, the Eurovision 2020 entrant discussed how this latest song fits into his evolving sound:

“I don’t believe in revolution, but I adore evolution and I’m guided by this thought in my personal and business life. All around us are processes that require time and place. The song “Izbor je tvoj” is another step towards an even more mature statement and the process will continue with every subsequent song. I think it’s healthy, even necessary to set ourselves new challenges in order to develop professionally.”

Madame Monsieur – “Les autres on verra”

After a hectic few years, Madame Monsieur took some time to rest and recuperate. But now the French duo are back with the brand new single “Les autres on verra” (“The others we will see”). The song is based around Émilie and Jean-Karl’s time off, with the Eurovision 2018 stars noting how they want some time to focus on the people that matter most: “It’s you and me / The rest will wait / It’s you and me / The others we will see / There I muted the ringtone”.

Sergio Dalma & La K’onga – “El Mundo”

Sergio Dalma first released “El Mundo” (“The World”) in 2011, peaking at #10 on the Spanish charts. Now the Eurovision 1991 act has revamped the song in collaboration with Argentinian band La K’onga. The original ballad has been brightened up a bit with a Latin beat, though the lyrics retain the heartbreak theme: “I still thought that you were something special / Even after life had taught me better than that / Now the world spins around you differently / Spin, world, spin”.

Kikki Danielsson – “Så länge giftet verkar”

Kikki Danielsson has released the new single “Så länge giftet verkar”. It’s a steady country track. Sweden’s two-time Eurovision star begins by singing over acoustic guitar. It then builds ever so slightly with the addition of an accordion.

Michael Rice & AMBERLIND – “Reasons”

Celtic bagpipes take centre stage in the new song by Michael Rice. The UK’s Eurovision 2019 representative has joined forces with songwriter and music producer AMBERLIND, who was inspired by the Scottish Highlands when creating the melody for “Reasons”. Lyrically, Michael decides it’s time to spread his wings and start a new chapter of his life: “I, I just want to drive a million miles / Where the oceans crash and the clouds they all collide / I feel selfish leaving you behind / But I hope you’ll understand the reasons why”.

Connect-R, KAMELIA & NOSFE – “I’m A Boss”

Connect-R is making it clear that he’s the chief around here. So too are KAMELIA and NOSFE, who join the Eurovision 2006 rapper on the song “I’m A Boss”. The trio each have their own verse in the hip hop song. The chorus then adds in a little folk influence courtesy of a flute riff.

maNga & Ferman Akgül – Burçlar

Burçlar (Horoscope) is a new Turkish movie. The music for the film has been produced by Ferman Akgül, the lead singer of Eurovision 2010 group maNga. Included in the soundtrack are new arrangements of previous maNga songs — “Cevapsız Sorular”, “Kırıla Kırıla”, “Batan Dünyanın Malları” — as well as new tracks composed specifically for the movie — “Uyan Oğlum”, “Gideriz Be Arkadaşım”, “Zaman Çalan”.

THE ROOP – “Multiply”

“Multiply” is the closing track of THE ROOP’s latest album Concrete Flower. Lithuania’s Eurovision 2021 group have now released it as a single along with its own music video. The clip uses footage from the band’s tour over the past year, as well as glimpses of their backstage life. It’s not just lead vocalist Vaidotas who sings on “Multiply”; we also get to hear the voice of drummer Robertas. They discuss how we can each be a beacon of light for one another: “Bring the light and multiply / We need a source for life / Let me help you on the ride / Together we survive”.

Aminata – “Afrodīte”

“Afrodīte” (“Aphrodite”) was the ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. So who better to take on this role than Aminata. The song comes from the Latvian singer’s recent EP Savvaļas pusē, and Aminata has now released a music video for the single. The Eurovision 2015 star stands majestically atop a plinth in the clouds before showing off the dancing skills she’s currently honing on Dejo ar zvaigzni (Dancing with the stars).

Justyna Steczkowska – “Milion gwiazd na niebie lśni”

When you need international singers to appear on a soundtrack, who better to ask than Eurovision stars. In addition to Chanel on the Spanish dub, Justyna Steczkowska has taken on a role for the Polish version of Disney’s new Pinocchio movie. The Eurovision 1995 alumna performs the main theme song “Milion gwiazd na niebie lśni” (“A million stars in the sky are shining”).

Click on the links below to read about more new music released in the past week by Eurovision stars:

The Rasmus – Rise

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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bee bee
bee bee
1 year ago

Sanja the queen!@!!!!!

1 year ago

Looks like Sanja Vucic is the only one of these who is actually getting a momentum with their release 🙂

1 year ago

We had Michael Ball on Australian TV this week. His stories about his encounters with the British Royal Family are hilarious.

1 year ago

I love Nina Zilli.

loco loco
loco loco
1 year ago

Happy to see Sanja’s song so quickly after Hurricane split. Now waiting for Ivana and Ksenija!

Mr X
Mr X
1 year ago

A song like this for Damir at ESC 2023 and Croatia will be back in the final !

1 year ago

Great collection this week!
Donny Montell always delivers such great pop songs and also the video is very cute.
And damn, Damir Kedzko: Powerful song and who would have thought that he looks even hotter with a bit of make up around his eyes!