Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 26 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 here.

Ronela Hajati feat. Marsel – “Shikimet”

Ronela is the Albanian queen who proudly represented her country at Eurovision 2022. Her new song is a collaboration with Marsel, featuring outstanding traditional elements that incorporate a rich Albanian sound you will definitely love. As you may already know, Ronela’s vocals are extraordinary, and she harmonises perfectly with Marsel. The music video captures the essence of summer perfectly, with most of it filmed on a beach. You’ll see dancing, good vibes, sun, passion, and in some scenes, Ronela looks like a goddess of the sea. The English title of the song is “View.” The lyrics are about a game of love and seduction, where one can’t get enough of the other person’s “view”: “Those eyes of yours, that stole my heart/ Oh, how obsessed I am.” This song is the fourth track of the second part of her album “RRON,” an album she has worked on for two years. It’s a perfect choice for this summer.

Poli Genova fat. Rodrigo Ace – “La Rumba”

Poli Genova is a legendary artist from Bulgaria with a double participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, first in 2011 and then again five years later in 2016. Her new song holds a special place in our playlist for two reasons: firstly, it feels like a holiday captured in a song; and secondly, we truly miss Bulgaria’s presence in the contest. The song provides rumba vibes, and its music video was filmed in Turkey, leaving you yearning for a vacation. Prepare to witness breath-taking landscapes, captivating dance moves, impressive parkour, and an overall infectious positive energy that might make you a little jealous. The lyrics are in Spanish and emphasiase the need to keep the rumba going, encouraging us to keep dancing and moving, even if it’s one step forward and one step back. Poli shared her thoughts on her new song, stating:

“With it, I immerse you in the hot and magical summer of 2023, full of unforgettable emotions and dances, just like in the video. Don’t forget that in everyone’s life there is ‘one forward, one back’, but the rumba must always go on.”

Netta – “Everything”

Netta, the Israeli winner of Eurovision in 2018, is known for her originality and confidence. Her new song makes no exception. It is a dance track that incorporates slightly retro influences carefully packed in a modern summer sound. The music video is also impressive, featuring incredible street-style inspired outfits. Netta literally teaches you how to walk confidently. The lyrics speak about giving everything but receiving nothing, and Netta refuses to accept such a situation: “I’m sick of your drama, I’m sick of your lies/ I’m sick of your laughing whenever we fight/ We try to be honest, you know that I try/ Now I’m out of options and you’re out of time.” Netta reminds us once again that she is the main-character of her life. Netta described the song as “a heartfelt song about the frustration of having someone in your life that is clearly sleeping on what a Gem you are”.

Charlotte Perrelli – “You’re the Voice”

Are you ready for an enchanting ballad? The next song is brought to you by the incredibly powerful voice of Sweden, Charlotte Perrelli, who won Eurovision in 1999. She’s recorded a cover of “You’re the Voice”, originally released by John Farnham. The song conveys a message of peace and unity, urging us to come together and act as one. Its serene sound carries a powerful message that deeply resonates. The main theme emphasises fearlessness and the importance of using our voices. Regarding her new song, Charlotte declared:

“The text feels more relevant than ever – to stand up for yourself and fight against all odds. If you want to get something done, go ahead and make your voice heard. Hope it can inspire you as it inspires me.”

Dami Im – “Invincible”

Dami Im, the representative from Australia in 2016, has recently released a delightful love song. It’s the ideal tune for a summer radio song and it comes accompanied by a lyric video. The video contains scenes from Dami’s live performances. The lyrics tell a story of a love so profound that it feels “sacred.” Dami Im expresses how her significant other’s love makes her feel invincible in the lyrics: “And I can see that I won’t ever/ Give up, give up, give up on our sacred love, sacred love/ Give up, give up, give up cause you’re in my blood/ Everything I am is just enough/ But you make me feel invincible Invincible.” However, this is a love that took time to blossom, a love that was truly appreciated through the absence and longing for each other. This heartfelt song will be included in Dami Im’s upcoming EP, titled In Between, set to be released on 7 July.

Clara feat. Jessy Matador – “Bilam bam”

In 2010, France was represented by Jessy Matador with the extra catchy song “Allez Ola Olé”, becoming one of the most streamed videos on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. Jessy Matador’s new song is equally addictive, guaranteed to stay with you for days thanks to its catchy dance tune. The song is a collaboration with Clara and is packed with energy and good vibes. Get ready for an energetic and uplifting musical experience!

Ruslana – “Лірниця”

From the heart of Ukraine, we are thrilled to present a brand new song by Ruslana, the Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. Her latest release is a captivating fusion of electronic music and the authentic essence of Ukrainian traditional sound. The song highlights the beauty and uniqueness of her country’s culture, showcasing the rich Ukrainian heritage. She declared: “In order to create a rhythm for this song, I had to study all of ancient Ukraine without exaggeration. We lost our rhythm. We don’t know our rhythms. Only melodies have reached us. Therefore, it was possible to research and learn what a real Ukrainian authentic rhythm is only by carefully researching and searching from various sources precisely by feeling, by heart beat.”

The Ukrainian star confessed that creating music during war conditions is a difficult task and requires special traits of spirit. For Ruslana, music serves as both a shield and a sword, empowering her to aid her country in surviving, enduring, and ultimately triumphing.

“A song in which I wanted to embody the ancient myth of the existence in Ukraine of people with super-sensitive qualities who, through music, knew how to give strength, instil faith, lift the spirit, heal from hopelessness and heartlessness. […] I believe this rhythm will help us fight today. Personally, I set a goal for myself – to fight for an idea, for my dream, for the future. And my idea is to look into the heart and see what it is capable of, what hypersensitive state we are capable of. The world today is divided into sensitive and heartless.”

Nina represented Croatia at Eurovision back in 2012, while Petar has had multiple previous participations in Croatia’s national selection, Dora. Their new duet is destined to create a romantic atmosphere. Their voices harmonise flawlessly, and the song, titled “Do Not,” is a powerful ballad that truly showcases their vocal abilities. The lyrics speak about a love that persists despite the scars: “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t/ Don’t touch the wounds for my heart to stop/ Kiss me tonight, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me/ In the morning, you fall in love with me again.” Let’s immerse ourselves in the romantic side of this playlist!

Anna Vissi & Nikos Karvelas – “Ksana”

Anna Vissi, who represented Greece in 2006, joins the ballad team this week with her latest release, titled “Again” in English. The song is a collaboration with Greek music icon Nikos Karvelas. This heartfelt ballad is bound to touch your heart, and the accompanying visualiser presents both artists lost among the stars. The two artists have previously sung together, enjoying great success. This new release marks their reunion after 20 years. “Ksana” was originally released in 1994, written by Karvelas during their separation. Now, they sing it together, taking us on a journey with their unique voices, exploring the eternal nature of their relationship — a special, strong, and karmic love, both personal and professional. The two artists are currently preparing to hit the stage together once again, for some live performances.

Deep Zone Project & Aristos Constaninou – “Apocalipsis”

Deep Zone Project represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2008. Their latest song, titled “Apocalypse” in English, is a collaboration with Aristos Constantinou, and it’s a very creative blend of styles. Prepare yourself for the unique combination of Deep Zone Project’s house-electronic sound with powerful traditional Greek influences. The result is a perfect summer club anthem, and the music video perfectly captures the atmosphere of a summer night of dancing in a club. Get ready to groove to this catchy tune!

Goran Karan, Croatia’s representative at Eurovision in 2000, delivers a truly remarkable ballad that will resonate with everyone who experienced the pain of a break-up. Translated as “Missing Flowers,” the song beautifully incorporates Croatian influences along with a touch of retro elements. Its lyrics are about a breakup and the longing for someone in your life: “This house is missing flowers/ There are candles on this table/ Now that everything is in order/ I’m missing you, missing you.” The words evoke the yearning for someone special, someone who can touch your heart.

Can Bonomo & Nova Norda – “ELALEM”

Can Bonomo and Nova Norda deliver an incredibly captivating sound. Can Bonomo represented Turkey in 2012, and while we eagerly await Turkey’s return to Eurovision, we can still appreciate the beauty of Turkish music. The song comes together with a lyric video. It carries a profound message of freedom and embracing one’s true self: “Don’t think I’m indecisive, my actions are deliberate/ I’ll laugh and cry, this is who I am, set me free”. We guarantee that this song will get stuck on your mind, its addictive melody will surely stay with you.

Michał Wiśniewski & Etiennette Wiśniewska – “Póki my żyjemy”

Michał Wiśniewski, who represented Poland twice at Eurovision as part of the group Ich Troje, presents a truly unique duet in collaboration with Etiennette, his daughter. This special song is a traditional Polish ballad that carries a sense of magic. The music video takes you on a captivating journey through a different world, brought to life by mesmerszing sand drawings. The translated title of the song is “While We Live.”

Mia Dimšić & Neno Belan – “Ajmo U Đir”

We conclude the first part of this week’s New Music Roundup with a delightful acoustic song that comes from Croatia. Mia, who proudly represented her country in 2022, presents her latest release, titled “Let’s Go on a Stroll” in English. This enchanting song beautifully captures the warmth and charm of a leisurely summer walk in the afternoon. This song will transport you to a chill and romantic ambiance. Mia collaborates on this song with Neno Belan, a well-known Croatian rock musician. It’s time to embark on a musical stroll.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Netta’s song by far has the most potential.

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I Love Netta’s new song!!!