Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 30

Chanel & Ptazeta – “Ping Pong”

Get ready for a hot summer with Chanel’s new song. After her third-place finish for Spain at Eurovision 2022, she’s now here with an exciting collaboration featuring Ptazeta, who brings some outstanding rap to their new track. This song captures the energy of a Spanish summer and the song has an addictive sound. Chanel showcases various stunning looks in the music video, but not only that, Chanel also proves once again that she’s an incredible dancer. Her dance moves will impress you and make you want to hit the dance floor. Be prepared for some twerk action!

The song kicks off with the catchy line “Llegó la mami” (Mommy has arrived), a reference to her Eurovision song “SloMo.” The lyrics skilfully play out like a ping pong game, moving between a boyfriend and an ex-lover. Chanel is clear that she “don’t wanna solve” this dilemma, as she doesn’t want to give up on either of them. The lyrics even humorously describe one as “spicy” and the other as a “caramelito,” adding a playful touch to the song.

LITTLE BIG – “We Are Like Flintstones”

It’s time to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of the Flintstones. If you’re a fan of the famous cartoons (or movies), this song is tailor-made for you! If you’re not familiar with the Flintstones, you’ll still enjoy the addictive sound of this track. Little Big had been set to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2020, but unfortunately, the show was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. Currently, the band only consists of Ilya and Sonya, and they are based in Los Angeles since their relocation in 2022.

Their latest song is a pop rave track with a humorous twist, all about being as cool as the Flintstone family. They even incorporate the iconic phrase from the show into the lyrics: “Yabba Dabba Doo!/ We are like Flintstones/ Yabba Dabba Doo!” Already, there’s a video snippet that leaves us eagerly anticipating the full music video. The two band members take on the roles of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, adding a touch of (prehistoric) old school coolness to the mix.

Safura – “Xatirə”

Safura represented her country, Azerbaijan, with pride back in 2010. Her new song, titled “Memory” in English, is a nostalgic Azerbaijani track infused with a modern and contemporary twist, making it a perfect choice for a radio playlist. The song is a remake of a famous Azerbaijani song originally by Mübariz Tağıyev, initially released in 2004. Safura pays homage to the beauty of her country’s music while also showing respect to her fellow senior singer through her heartfelt rendition of the new rendition.

Cornelia Jakobs – “Need You Now”

Cornelia Jakobs’ new song is sure to leave you speechless. As the representative of Sweden in 2022, she continues to impress with her latest track, which skillfully blends slightly retro and rock influences into a powerful pop song. The song’s profound lyrics discuss the struggles of being in a dark place in your life, longing for someone to pull you out of it: “I was five feet underground when I first saw you/ You unveiled my embedded side and brought me a clear view/ Suddenly you had my mind worked like it’s supposed to/ You showed me what it feels like taking a breath without a fist fight/ I need you now/ You make me see it from the bright side, yeah.”

Cornelia’s unique and touching voice gives a special kind of emotion to this track. It carries a message of hope, acknowledging that we all go through difficult periods, and that’s okay. The song reminds us that these challenges can be overcome, sometimes with the support of others: “Some day, somehow/ I’m gonna find all the tools that I need to fight/ But I need you now, ooh.” When posting about the song on social media, Cornelia bravely opens up about her struggles with ADHD:

“I wrote this song on a walk in the woods when I was utterly fed up with being so f*****g tired all the time. In desperate need of something to help me not drain myself by simply existing. aka adhd meds.”

Let’s take a moment to remember Turkey with this fantastic new track infused with strong pop-rock influences, a delightful reminder of the country that we miss so much in the contest. Back in 2008, mor ve ötesi represented Turkey at Eurovision. Their latest song, titled “Write Write Write,” was recorded in the Coke Studio, making it a collaboration with Coca-Cola, and the music video showcases their amazing studio performance. The lyrics discuss the struggles of a relationship, with lines like: “You write, write, write down all my words/ If I’m wrong, show yourself to me/ Maybe they will be erased from your mind one by one over time/ Do you realise how much time is wasted?”

Interestingly, the song had been initially released by the band in 2003, exactly 20 years ago, and they have brought it back into the spotlight through this collaboration with Aleyna Tilki. However, the original version of the song belongs to Ajda Pekkan and was released in 1990. The new rendition with Aleyna Tilki adds a fresh and exciting twist to the beloved track.

Samra – “Alo”

We return to Azerbaijan with another amazing former Eurovision artist. Samra shined on the Eurovision stage in 2016, and now she’s back with a new song that showcases strong trap influences. Not only does Samra prove herself to be an incredible singer, but she also shows her talent as a rapper. The song revolves around a steamy phone call that the man on the receiving end doesn’t want to miss. The lyrics go: “Hello?/ Say your word/ Hello?/ Your place, your place (…) Take your time/ Pick up the phone/ The time of the account has come and gone/ If you’re not a ‘lucky boy’ this time/ This time it didn’t bring anything.” Her new song is bound to make waves and keep listeners grooving to its infectious beats.

KALUSH – “До берега йду”

Before there was Kalush Orchestra, Ukraine’s winners of Eurovision 2022, there was KALUSH – the original trio focused on rap music. The translation of their newest single is “I’m going to the shore.” It features a catchy rhythm and, as we’ve come to expect from KALUSH, deep lyrics. The song speaks about the pursuit of finding peace, where the “shore” symbolises a tranquil destination one aims to reach after navigating stormy seas: “I’m not merely waiting for fair weather at sea, I’m reconciling with myself, despite the storms that have been there since the spring/ We will survive/ Whoever rocks the boat knows they might be tossed overboard, but I’m determined to reach the shore / We will survive / Everything in my life has undergone a hundred changes, as I strive to reach the shore.” The music video provides a glimpse of KALUSH’s life over the past months, showcasing their travels and efforts to promote Ukrainian culture and peace through their music. The song was shared on their Instagram with the following caption:

“I usually write a description for a song. So the description for this song is in the song itself. Just listen to it…”

In both 2020 and 2021, talented Latvian star Samanta amazed us with her feminine energy, and her new song is no exception. The funk-influenced track exudes a “femme fatale” vibe, captivating listeners with its allure. The accompanying music video showcases Samanta and her friends on various road trips, emphasising the significance of female bonds and friendships. The song celebrates the enigmatic and formidable nature of women, emphasising their inherent power to heal themselves: “She heals herself in the ice, she is born as snow/ She looks for herself in the mountains and sings with the birds.” Samanta further strengthened the song’s empowering message through a powerful feminist speech on her Instagram, addressing the significance of the music video and the essence of her new song:

“We can be both frisky and playful, and real drama queens. It is important that we have our own group of like-minded friends – girlfriends, with whom we can be ourselves. They are our support and the ones that understands us. No matter what stage of life we are in – wife, mother, girlfriend, boss, subordinate, etc…, we all require moments where we can embrace our leadership qualities and indulge in playfulness, momentarily setting aside our responsibilities and everyday challenges. I really hope that after watching this video, you will want to call your ‘girls’ and make a party where you can be happy and cry together, eat candy and just be girls. Dear men, accept us as we are – women who now and then still want to feel like girls, because we need it so much!”

Gromee – “Lost You”

Gromee, together with Lukas Meijer, participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 for Poland. In his latest song, Gromee once again showcases his exceptional skills as a DJ and producer, delivering an unforgettable house track that demands attention. The song revolves around the theme of lost love, and the music video is filled with metaphoric symbolism. The video begins with a heated altercation between two lovers, both showing aggressive behaviour. Later, the woman takes the man outside and shoots him, but he manages to escape. As he runs, he finds himself constantly followed by a bullet, symbolising the lingering hard feelings of the other person. The video concludes with an attempt at reconciliation, but sometimes, once trust is shattered, it remains irreparable, and the bullet finds its intended target. This scene powerfully conveys the emotional turmoil of a broken relationship. The song evokes nostalgia, has funky influences, and fills the air with summer vibes, making it an ideal addition to your playlist. 

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “What You Got To Lose?”

Are you ready to get groovy? The amazing Irish star who represented Ireland in Eurovision 2018 brings the irresistible vibes of the Summer of Love with his new groovy and retro track. This song will make you slow dance, offering a sense of tranquility and comfort. Ryan’s warm voice effortlessly blends into the melody, creating a delightful experience for the listener.

The song’s message revolves around living in the present moment and allowing your body to relax and let go, as there’s nothing to lose when you immerse yourself in a night of music and dance: “What you got to lose?/ You gotta shake it up/ You gotta move around/ You gotta feel the groove.” Furthermore, the song goes to a romantic direction with heartfelt lyrics such as: “And if the night gets harder, baby, you just come to me/ I will do anything I can to put your mind at ease.” This song is a perfect blend of groovy beats and sentimental lyrics, making it a track you’ll want to play on repeat.

LUM!X feat. Séb Mont – “Burn”

If someone recently broke your heart, we’ve got the perfect song for you. Feel free to send it to your heartbreaker’s DM, as LUM!X brings the ultimate break-up anthem. You might already be familiar with LUM!X’s dance songs, but this one also adds a slight rock twist to the verses, which gives a refreshing and original sound. In 2022, LUM!X represented Austria with Pia Maria, showcasing his talent on the Eurovision stage. This new song is a collaboration with Séb Mont, and it delivers a powerful message with its fiery lyrics. It’s exactly the words you’d want to say to someone who took you for granted: “So f**k you/ I’m doing better without you/ I hope you like the way it burns/ Now you know the way I hurt.” The song comes along with a lyric video that’s for sure in flames. On his social media, LUM!X has expressed how this song is his favourite:

“This is my fav song ever! So happy to finally share it with you guys. Left my comfort zone and tried something completely new here! Hope you like it as much as I do.”

O.Torvald – “Голосові”

This week is all about rock music! O.Torvald is a well-known Ukrainian rock band that represented their country in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2017. They are now making a powerful comeback with an alternative rock track fully in Ukrainian, titled “Vocal” in English. The song is accompanied by a lyric video that is sure to leave a lasting impact on you. This song holds a special dedication, as stated in the video’s description: “I dedicate this track to my fallen brothers. Guys, forever in line”. The band’s leader, Zhenya Galich, joined the armed forces back in April 2022, giving the song a profound significance for him and a heartfelt tribute to those who have lost their lives.

The lyrics of Голосові” poignantly capture the emotions of being far away from home and facing the fear of not returning, feeling cold and alone on the front lines: “I’m burnt out/ You know, every day here/ It’s like a new life/ I hang up/ The walls are no longer warm/ The flame went out.” When grappling with the fear of dying, recording a vocal message might seem like a solution to leave behind the words that were left unsaid in person: “I’ll record the voice/ Maybe someone will hear/ Someone will hear in the morning.” The song comes part of an EP that also contains three voice notes. It powerfully expresses the experiences and the feelings of soldiers on the front, bringing their stories to light through music.

BERMUDU DIVSTŪRIS is continuing their series of music videos that will eventually come together to create a short film. This Latvian band represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 under the name Musiqq. Their latest song, “Brothers Here,” is guaranteed to get you clapping along with the band members. The track brings an addictive rhythm, complemented by female backing vocals. You’ll also get the chance to see the members showcasing their dance moves in th e accompanying video. It’s an absolute blast and a lot of fun!

Tim Schou, Robin M & Prince Kaybee – “Higher”

Tim Schou was a member of the band A Friend in London, which represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. Now, he’s back with an exciting new song, an international collaboration featuring what you may call a “dream team.” The track perfectly blends strong EDM influences. British DJ and producer Robin M, along with well-known DJ Prince Kaybee from South Africa, come together to create an outstanding sound for this song. On his social media, Tim shares the story of how the three of them met and eventually joined forces to create this remarkable track:

“Last year, I was in London, working on the new signed ‘Stella’ pop project and after a session, producer, Robin M, texted and said he was coming by the studio. He opened the fridge, pulled out a few beers and said ‘let’s make some deep afro house’. Around 2am, I started toplining one of his tracks and a year later, he had finished it with one of Africa’s biggest producers Prince Kaybee.”

Ester Peony & Monaldin – “Iggy”

The talented Romanian artist, Ester Peony, who represented her country in 2019, has now focused on releasing songs in French. This week’s song is a collaboration with Monaldin, and it comes with a mood video that perfectly complements the modern vibe of the track. Titled “Iggy,” the song portrays a mysterious and powerful woman, and it is sung from her perspective: “Iggy, Iggy, Je m’appelle Iggy” (My name is Iggy). “Iggy” boasts a modern sound that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head with Ester Peony’s captivating vocals.

Aksel Kankaanranta & Heikki Kuula – “Joka päivä ja joka ikinen yö”

We are looking back to the year 2020 when the talented artist Aksel was set to represent his country, Finland, in the Eurovision Song Contest before the event was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. Now, Aksel is back with his new song, titled “Every Day and Every Night,” featuring a collaboration with Heikki Kuula. The track beautifully combines Aksel’s sweet vocals with Heikki’s impressive rap skills, resulting in a well-balanced and captivating track. 

4 Asa – 4 Asa

It’s about time to introduce an exciting album in this week’s new music roundup, and it comes all the way from Croatia, presented by the band 4 Asa. This Croatian pop-rock band features Vlado Kalember, who represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1984. The album promises to be a musical delight, as almost every song is a collaboration with various artists, offering a wide range of styles that will surely be suitable to everyone’s tastes. With a total of 39 songs, it’s a music journey that will last for about two hours, offering a fascinating exploration of Croatian music. This album, as a whole, is a remarkable journey through the history of music, bringing together celebrated Croatian classics and outstanding collaborations with renowned artists. 

Among the collaborations we can spot some former Eurovision artists too. One notable track is “Još te volim” (I still love you), in collaboration with Mia Dimšić (Croatia, ESC 2022). The original version of this song belongs to Novi Fosili, released in 1985. Additionally, Ana Rucner (Bosnia and Herzegovina, ESC 2016) joins 4 Asa on various songs: “Lutka za bal” (Ball Doll, originally released by Parni Valjak in 1977), “Te Noći Kad Umrem Kad Odem Kad Me Ne Bude” (That Night When I Die When I Go When I Don’t Wake Up, originally released by Bijelo Dugme in 1986), “24 Sata” (24h, originally released by Aerodrom in 1984), and “Marijana” (originally released by Dubrovački Trubaduri in 2010). Another former Eurovision artist, Boris Novković (Croatia, ESC 2005), contributes to the album with the song “Zora Je” (It’s dawn, originally released by Neda Ukraden in 1985).


Russel Dickerson feat. Flo Rida – “Beauty and the Beach”

A summer anthem comes from Flo Rida, who teamed up with Senhit in 2021 to represent San Marino. His latest song is a collaboration with Russel Dickerson, blending summer vibes, impressive vocals, and rap seamlessly. The title itself is a playful fusion, taking inspiration from the famous story “Beauty and the Beast” and transforming it into “Beauty and the Beach.” This fantastic track is perfect for enjoying while working on your tan at the beach. The lyrics beautifully capture the joy of being by the sea with your loved one: “Can’t take my eyes off you/ What a sight to see, I got everything I need/ Beauty and the beach, oh yeah.” Embrace the sunny vibes with this new track!

Olsi Bylyku feat. Ronela Hajati – “Si ke mujt”

Ronela is back, showcasing the beauty of Albanian music. She represented her country in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, and her latest track is a perfect summer anthem that embraces the authentic essence of Albanian music. Titled “How are you?” in English, the song features is a collaboration with Olsi Bylyku, who complements Ronela’s flawless vocals with powerful rap parts. The accompanying music video is a cinematic masterpiece, portraying Ronela’s escape from a wedding that fails to bring her happiness. With her loved ones by her side, she flees from the suffocating situation, serving as a reminder to always choose love and follow one’s heart. Let this track sweep you away with its romantic and captivating sound. You can check the music video here.

Sofi Marinova – “Гласът на София” (with FIKI) and “Песен за народа (with DJ Damyan)

Eurovision 2012 star Sofi Marinova has shared two new songs recently, both of them collaborations with fellow Bulgarian artists. The first was “Гласът на София” (“Voice of Sofia”) with FIKI. The pair sing: “The voice of Sofia / I’m coming now / What fun awaits her in every neighbourhood”.

This was followed up by “Песен за народа” (“A song for the people”). Marinova teams up with DJ Damyan – though this DJ does more than just produce the music, he also contributes to the vocals. It’s a fun turbo-folk track with a slightly comedic music video. (Jonathan)

Anxhela Peristeri & Fatjon Dalipi – “BonBon”

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Anxhela Peristeri is here to satisfy your craving with some “BonBon”. Albania’s Eurovision 2021 representative has partnered with Fatjon Dalipi for this latest single. It’s a catchy offering with Albanian melodies and instruments infused throughout the production. (Jonathan)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

Additional reporting by Jonathan Vautrey

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11 months ago

off topic. TAP have just announced that they are “passing the baton” for finding next years UK act for eurovision. Gutted.

11 months ago
Reply to  Ted

If it’ll be a TAP music artist i think Chloe Adams is the most possible

11 months ago

Guys, are you OK? I am surprised at how few posts you are doing right now. You missed the change of rules at Sanremo and there seems to be some drama going on between Greece and Cyprus other people are talking about.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
11 months ago
Reply to  Nikki

Summer. Holidays. Relaxing. 🙂

11 months ago

3 Favorites: Need You Now, Iggy, BonBon

lasse braun
lasse braun
11 months ago

hi there!
i have again a lovely addition to the songs above – this time from lithuania – she was part of the 2017 NF.
if you always like a good popsong please check YT with “Gabriel? Vilkickyt? – Patalai” – it is also interesting for musiclovers who like ilta or monika liu.from the fresh songs above i like most 4 asa,BERMUDU DIVST?RIS and cornelia jakobs.have fun! 🙂

lasse braun
lasse braun
11 months ago
Reply to  lasse braun

Gabriele Vilkickyte – Patalai 😀

11 months ago

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – “What You Got To Lose?”: What a pleasant, chilled piece of music! Love it.