Following their last participation in 1993, Luxembourg is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Malmö, Sweden, after a 31-year absence. Following a national selection held in January, Tali emerged as the lucky winner who will proudly wave Luxembourg’s flag at the contest. Tali will compete with her song “Fighter” and is set to be the last act to perform in the first semi-final.

As we welcome Luxembourg back, it’s about time to find out who Tali is off stage.

So, let’s discover 10 Facts about Tali! Let’s do this!

Scroll down for 10 Facts about Tali

10 Facts about Tali

1. She has written songs since she was 16

Tali is not only a singer but also a songwriter. She wrote her first song when she was 16, and in 2021, she released her debut EP titled Lose you.

2. She is inspired by strong women from the music industry

Tali has great musical taste. When discussing her musical style, she draws inspiration from artists like Lizzy McAlpine, Sara Bareilles, and Lady Gaga.

3. Tali is a theatre actress 

In addition to her music career, Tali has also been involved in numerous theater productions. She’s played: Susan Snell and Carrie in Carrie at New England Theaterwork; Eponine in Les Miserables at Luxembourg Theatre; Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof at Luxembourg Theater; Kiara in This Thing of Darkness at Black Box Theatre; ; and performed in Fugitive Songs at The Great Hall;.

4. She’s appeared in two movies

Tali had a leading role playing Iris in the indie short film Agua and a supporting role as Diana in the short film Match Made on Eleven.

5. She is a voiceover actress

Tali has used her amazing voice for singing in movie voiceovers. You can hear her on Melusina and Rosport Pommes.

6. She loves playing piano

One of Tali’s greatest musical passions is playing the piano, and she is an advanced pianist. Despite her Eurovision song “Fighter” being a pop banger, she also recorded an acoustic version of it where she accompanies herself on the piano.

7. She had very complex training 

Tali studied at Marymount Manhattan College, pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. Her studies included acting for stage, acting on camera, vocal technique, vocal repertoire/coaching, and dance.

8. She lived in Argentina and now lives in New York

Tali moved with her parents across Chile and Argentina when she was a child due to her father’s work. Later, they settled in Limpertsberg, Luxembourg. After attending the International School of Luxembourg, she moved to New York for her studies and has remained there ever since.

9. She is a teacher

Tali’s passion for music extends to teaching, as she has been a piano and vocal teacher for six years already.

10. She is fluent in many languages

In addition to English, Tali is fluent in Hebrew and Spanish. She also speaks advanced French and has a good command of German.


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2 months ago

Just an observation, but I really want to know what peoples definition of a “banger” is. I don’t see this song being a banger…

2 months ago

Luxembourg is back, but with this song we are all back in 2006. I don’t like the mix of 2 languages. Why do viewers have to understand she’s a fighter in English? make it all in French, like Austria’s ZOË – Loin d’Ici in 2016. We want a sweet candy song in French!

2 months ago
Reply to  Eyal

“I’m a fighter”
sounds strong like a fighter.

“Je suis une combattante” croissante,
sounds weak and silly.

I like the French and English mix. It makes it more enjoyable.

2 months ago

Luxemburg is back after so many decades! Amazing !!!

2 months ago

Marymount, same school supergirl actress melissa benoist also studied

sparkling points
sparkling points
2 months ago

*Voice control* for the live show, por favor. No talk about singing and running on a treadmill in preparation for Malmø please, it sounds old and unprofessional.

Otherwise I’m shocked at how lame this 10 points is. Totally unfair on the reader.

Fighter <3