San Marino: Will Valentina Monetta sing Maybe at Eurovision?

Another year, another long wait for Valentina Monetta to reveal her Eurovision entry. Fortunately the wait appears to be over. Ahead of tomorrow’s live song presentation show “Verso Copenhagen”, Valentina has released a snippet of a song called “Maybe.” There has been no official press release or public confirmation, but all signs suggest this is her official entry. Amazon lists the release date of “Maybe” as March 14, which coincides with tomorrow’s song presentation. And it’s also billed as the “ESC Version”.  Hmmm.

There’s more. The song has an Italian version called “Forse” (ESC Version), which suggests that Valentina has not yet decided what language to sing in at ESC. Let’s have a listen to the English version.

Update: the full version is now out!

And in Italian!

Despite competing three years in a row—a feat matched by Switzerland’s Lys Assia—Valentina has never made the final. Her best finish was 11th in 2013 with a much-hyped song that was predicted by many to win but failed.

Do you think this is Valentina’s song? And does this preview suggest it’s a winner? Let us know in the comments box below.

How to Watch

To listen to the snippets or to pre-order the album click here. The full version of the song together with the video clip will be released tomorrow at 21:10 CET in a special television show called “Verso Copenhagen”, with live broadcasts on and

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