Armenia: Genealogy reveals “Face the Shadow”, Inga Arshakyan is sixth artist

Update: At the Head of Delegations meeting in Vienna, Armenia officially renamed its song “Face the Shadow”. We have amended this post to reflect the change. The song was originally called “Don’t Deny.”

This evening Armenia’s AMPTV has given us two things to shout about. They’ve revealed that Inga Arshakyan is the sixth member of their Eurovision supergroup Genealogy. And they’ve revealed the actual song “Face the Shadow” along with the official video. The video is glossy and expensive, giving each of its six stars — Inga, Stephanie Topalian, Essaï Altounian, Vahe Tilbian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian and Tamar Kaprelian — time to shine. The song itself has a jazzy, blues-y vibe, particularly in the chorus. These six artists may have six very different voices, but they work well together. Are you loving it?

Armenia: “Don’t Deny” (Eurovision 2015)

About Inga Arshakyan

Rumours have swirled from the very beginning that Inga would be the Armenian born-and-bred artist representing the Motherland.

Inga & Anush, Armenia’s 2009 representatives, brought a dance ready folk-pop masterpiece, which sadly was lost in the point vacuum created by Norway that year. They sang in sync, and brought a memorable stage performance, utilizing traditional folk costumes and infusing them with an amazing, modern laser show. They are one of the most enchanting Eurovision duets ever.