POLL: Which withdrawn song should have gone to Eurovision?

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Day 13: Eurovision’s withdrawn songs

Nobody ever said the road to the Eurovision Song Contest was easy. Artists face a gruelling schedule that sees them set off on promotional tours through Europe — performing in Amsterdamcourting positive PR, making music videos, and going through rehearsals, interviews, and press conferences.

And sometimes things go catastrophically wrong. Artists sometimes have to scrap their song and start from scratch. Even worse is when the broadcaster has to junk the artist and the song. And there have even been times when the artist and song have been chosen, but everything has gone tits up and countries have had to withdraw from the contest entirely.

In June we asked you which withdrawn song should have gone to Eurovision. Now we’re asking you to pick from another selection of withdrawn songs. You can vote for as many songs as you would like, but you can vote only one time. Be sure to click the box next to each song and act you’re supporting before pressing submit.

France 2006: Virginie Pouchain – “Vous, c’est nous”

Virginie Pouchain, the 2006 French representative, was originally chosen to sing “Vous, c’est nous” on stage in Athens. Plans changed and she ended up singing “Il était temps,” which only managed to score 5 points. Ouch.

Albania 2015: Elhaida Dani – “Diell”

After Elhaida Dani won Festivali i Këngës 2015 with “Diell“, everybody thought that she was going to sing that song and then crash and burn at Eurovision. Some months later the song had to be changed for “personal reasons”. As a result “I’m alive” went to ESC and Elhaida took it all the way to the Grand Final.

Belarus 2005: Angelica Agurbash – “Boys and Girls”

Back in 2005, Eurovision diva Angelica Agurbash won Belarus’s National Final with the song “Boys and Girls”. Before the contest Angelica decided she would have a better chance if she sang something else, so she selected “Love Me Tonight” instead and finished thirteenth in the semi-final.

Germany 2015: Andreas Kümmert – “Heart of Stone”

This year Germany chose Andreas Kümmert to represent them with the song “Heart of Stone”. But shortly after being announced as the winner of Unser Song für Österreich, he turned down the opportunity live on stage, saying, “Thanks for your support, Germany, but right now I’m not in the right condition to do this and I want to give the chance to Ann Sophie. I’m just a little singer and she is the best choice.” And that’s why we saw “Black Smoke” on the Eurovision stage. And also how Germany ended up with nil points

Georgia 2009: Stephane & 3G – “We Don’t Wanna Put In”

Georgia initially decided not to participate in 2009. They later changed their mind and, through a national selection, picked “We Don’t Wanna Put In”, sung by Stephane & 3G. The EBU rejected the song because of its overt political message and Georgia decided to withdraw after all.

Belarus 2012: Alyona Lanskaya – “All My Life”

Alyona Lanskaya, who later sang for Belarus at Eurovision 2013, also won Eurofest 2012. But a presidential investigation determined that Lanskaya had rigged the televoting and was disqualified. Litesound, who got second in Eurofest, were then internally chosen to represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Serbia & Montenegro 2006: No Name – “Moja Ljubavi”

No Name, who represented Serbia & Montenegro at Eurovision 2005, won the national final for a second time in 2006 with “Moja Ljubavi”. But the voting was disputed due to tactical voting by the Radio-Television of Montenegro jury, and the country eventually withdrew from that year’s competition.

Which withdrawn song should have gone to Eurovision?

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