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Day 20: Albania in Eurovision

Albania will be the first country to hold their national final for Eurovision 2016, when Festivali I Këngës takes place on December 27. Thirty songs will get cut to 18 before the final and one of them will be sent to Stockholm.

So today we are asking for your favourite Albanian entry ever. Debuting in 2004, Albania has sent 12 entries and reached the final seven times.

Which Albanian song do you like the best? Click the box next to each act you want to support and then press submit. You can vote for as many songs as you like but you can only vote one time.

2004: Anjeza Shahini with “The Image Of You”

Albania debuted in the contest in 2004 and decided to use long-running music festival Festivali I Këngës as their national selection. Anjeza Shahini won with her song “Imazhi yt”, which she translated into English before the contest. Anjeza qualified for the final by placing fourth in the semifinal. Her final place was seventh, which remained Albania’s best result until 2012.

2005: Ledina Çelo with “Tomorrow I Go”

After presenting Festivali I Këngës in December 2003, Ledina Çelo took part as a singer the next year. She won with the song “Nesër Shkoj” and switched to English for Eurovision. After the previous year’s great result, Albania didn’t have to compete in the semifinal of the 2005 contest. “Tomorrow I Go” placed 16th out of the 24 competing entries.

2006: Luiz Ejlli with “Zjarr e ftohtë”

For the first time Albania sent a male singer to the contest in the form of Luiz Ejlli with the song “Zjarr e ftohtë”. This time the song was performed in Albanian. Luiz placed 14th in the semi and failed to reach the final. Luiz has tried to come back to Eurovision a few times and is competing again in Festivali I Këngës this year.

2007: Frederik Ndoci with “Hear My Plea”

Once again Albania failed to qualify for the final in 2007. Frederik Ndoci was chosen to represent the country with “Balada e Gurit” which was translated to “Hear My Plea”. Albania placed 17th in a massive semifinal of 28 countries.

2008: Olta Boka with “Zemrën e lamë peng”

Olta Boka was selected to represent Albania in Belgrade and decided to keep the song in Albanian. She placed ninth in the semifinal and 17th in the final.

2009: Kejsi Tola with “Carry Me In Your Dreams”

“Më merr në endërr” became “Carry Me In Your Dreams” before Eurovision. Kejsi Tola’s performance was very Cirque du Soleil with a man dressed in green from head to toe and two mimes. She qualified to the final and once again Albania finished 17th.


2010: Juliana Pasha with “It’s All About You”

Juliana Pasha qualified to the final with “It’s All About You” — the English version of Festivali I Këngës winning song “Nuk mundem pa ty”. Many interpreted it as having strong Christian undertones. She placed 16th in the grand final.

2011: Aurela Gaçe with “Feel The Passion”

For the first time since 2007, Albania failed to reach the final when Aurela Gaçe sang “Feel The Passion” in Dusseldorf. She finished 14th in the semifinal.

2012: Rona Nishliu with “Suus”

Rona Nishliu got Albania their best result ever when she sang “Suus” in the Baku Crystal Hall. She qualified to the final by placing second in the semifinal and later finished fifth in the Grand Final. Rona also won the Barbara Dex Award for being the worst dressed contestant of the year.

2013: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with “Identitet”

Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko are the only duo Albania has ever sent to the contest. With their rock song “Identitet”, Albania failed to reach the final, placing 15th in the semifinal.

2014: Hersi with “One Night’s Anger”

Hersi won Festivali I Këngës 52 with “Zemërimi i nje natë”, which became “One Night’s Anger” prior to the contest. Once again Albania failed to qualify, only managing to place 15th in the semifinal.

2015: Elhaida Dani with “I’m Alive”

Elhaida Dani won the 53rd edition of Festivali I Këngës with “Diell”, but was forced to change her entry before the Eurovision Song Contest. Instead, she sent “I’m Alive”. Albania was the last country to qualify to the final, where they managed to place 17th.



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ledina 2 Ledina 3Ledina charmante,potente class extraordinaire <3

Eurovision & Disney

17 seems to be Albania’s number ! LOL


The top three currently in the poll is the same as what I would go with. Probably in the same order, too!


2010 all the way!


2005 was the best Albanian entry


Suus was undoubtedly one of the best songs sent to Eurovision ever. It deserved even higher in my opinion.


Mistake: in 2015 Albania was the first revealed finalist, not last

Mei International

The issue is many of these entries get really poorly translated to English (05, 07, 11, 14)

06, 09 and 15 are the best

Suus, I’m Alive and One Night’s Anger. I didn’t really get Suus initially, I liked it, but it didn’t get me emotionally. Later on I finally recognised how brilliant the song and Rona’s vocal prowess is. I’m Alive could have given Heroes a run for it’s money had Elhaida not mucked it up on the night. The voters loved it, but her voice obviously let her down with the juries. And ONA always has a special place in my heart despite it not being that great. ‘Zemerimi i nje nate’ sounded better and the constant reworkings and translation into English… Read more »

If Hersi had sent the original Albanian version with its original music, it might have qualified and finished in the top-half, maybe top 10. They thought a pop-friendly English version would do the trick, and it backfired.

Among this group, it’s no contest; Rona’s torch song takes it.


Suus by far. That was my second favourite in 2012.


Looking at the options in the poll I realized I like more albanian entries than I previously thought. 2009 (despite the freaky staging), 2010 and 2014 are all amazing songs. The studio version of I’m alive is the best by far, I’m still so dissapointed in Elhaida and even more so in her delegation that didn’t arrange the song to fit her voice better.


2011 and 2012 are my favourites. 2014 and 2015 aren’t bad either. Not a fan of most of their other entries.


My top 5 for Albanian Eurovision songs:
1. 2008 (Zemren e lame peng)
2. 2009 (Carry me in your dreams)
3. 2010 (It’s all about you)
4. 2015 (I’m alive)
5. 2012 (Suus)


Elhaida is the best, but her live performance was not on point. It was quite disappointing. But I vote her and queen of Albania, Rona of 2012.

2004 is kind of a favourite year for me, partly because of some great naffery like “The Image of You”, and it’s probably my favourite Albanian entry, even with the breathlessness and mispronunciations… it has a fun vibe. 2010 I still find myself singing to myself once in a while. Like with 2004, it’s fun, and Albania seems to do that much better than it does serious. I think it comes down to me that if you’re going to send crap, send fun crap. 2013 is a different flavour, but the same idea – it engages me for three minutes… Read more »


1. Suus: Really emotional song, with one of the best vocal performances in esc history. 2. Zemren E Lame Peng: Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s beautiful. 3. Carry me in your dreams: Mysterious in a good way. 4. One night’s anger: Fantastic vocals and I really like the song, although it was better in Albanian. 5. The image of you: Great song, deserved high placing, it has the feel good factor. 6. I’m alive: really nice song, At first it was on my top 10 and has stayed on my top 15. 7. It’s all about… Read more »

I loved 2015 though she sang off key. I also remember their 2006 entry best. I loved it. 2010 and 2009 are good too. I think their best effort was in 2008.


Ironically, I think their best placing “Suus” was their most horrible song. Ronna was screaming like she was in labour, and on top of that she was doing this off key. How she placed 5th, I’ll never understand…

I still listen to “I’m alive” today though, really like that song!


Only Adrian and Bledar!


i still listen to i’m alive, it’s all about you and carry me in your dreams.


IMO I think every Albanian entry has been great except for 2006, 2007 and 2013. 2015 is the best song, but 2012 touches me emotionally. 2010 is also really good.


I feel bad for Albania, I don’t like any of their entries 🙁 But if I have to chose one, I go for 2010. The rest of their entries had had bad vocals and/or bad vocals.


Suus, easily. I’m Alive would be second but the live performance was horrible, surprised it’s even in the lead with this poll.


Definitely ‘Suus’ and ‘I’m Alive’, although Elhaida destroyed it on stage. I’m still not over ‘Diell’ though.


@Callum: “I am alive” was murdered, but by the singer herself. 😉 As I was in the live audience, every song sounded more or less great, but this one sucked big time. My poor ears 🙁


1: Kejsi Tola (and her green spiderman) “Carry me in your dreams”
2: Hersi “One night’s anger” (although the albanian version was better)
3: Juliana Pasha “It’s all about you”

Stephen Colville

Anyone not picking Suus needs to take a good look at themselves.

Callum Nowacki

Fenistil pretty much summed it up. 2009 & 2010 were the two best years for Albania. Carry Me In Your Dreams was a song that had a winning quality, just a very weird staging and It’s All About You is just amazing.

Suus is a little overrated, though my appreciation for it has grown considerably since its 5th place. And “I’m Alive” was just murdered (not in the good way) in Vienna.


Elhaida (studio) and Kejsi


Forget the 5th placing by “Suus” (although I like that one), Anjeza Shahini’s “The Image Of You” is STILL the best Albanian entry ever. Whenever this plays on my iPod, it always brings up my mood.


I like all, but i decided Kejsi, Elhaida, Hersi, Ledina and Luiz


“It’s All About You” is one of my most favourite entries ever. Great song, staging and of course amazing backup singers. I also like “Carry Me In Your Dreams”. “Suus” and “I’m Alive” are so extremely overrated.

No Name

When it comes to the studio versions Elhaida is my favorite, otherwise 2006 is my favorite one. Too sad Elhaida’s live performance was horrible.


– feels


Albania always feels to impress me and under normal circumstances they would end up last every year. (“Suus” is debatable, but I dont like it; “I am alive” was completely sung out of breath and tune).

The reason why Albania always snatches 16th or 17th places are their communities in nearby Montenegro and Macedonia, but also Switzerland. Macedonia always gives 12 points to Albania, even if they would send a bucket of water to the ESC.

In this poll I go for their 2009 entry, it is somewhat catchy, although it is just another Swedish schlager sellout.

Antranig Shokayan

Kejsi, Juliana and Elhaida!