Junior Eurovision 2016: Officials remove televote in favor of professional and kids juries

It’s all change at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Back in April the EBU announced a series of rule changes, including an earlier start time, as well as a lowering the age bracket. Now the EBU, alongside the Maltese broadcaster TVM, have revealed still more adjustments, as well as revealing the artwork for the contest in November. They made the announcements during the recent JESC press conference at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm.

The biggest change to the competition is the elimination of the televote. Moving forward voting will consist of a 50/50 split between a professional jury and a kids jury. In recent years the program has experienced a significant decrease in the number of viewers casting votes, so they’ve decided just to skip that step altogether.

The voting presentation will also change. The points total from the adult juries will appear on the scoreboard first, before child representatives from all competing nations come onto the stage and award the points from their kid’s jury.

Destiny at Eurovision 2016

Jon Ola Sand said that these changes are to make the contest more suitable for a younger audience, with the hope of drawing more countries into the fold. The executive producer of the contest, Anton Attard, also explained his ambitious plan to host the contest in several locations in Valletta.

He also revealed the artwork for this year’s show, which appears to be two sets of feathers in a vibrant mix of colours, with a night-sky blue for a background. The feathers or swirls wrap around one another, which works well with this year’s motto, embrace.

Destiny Chukunyere singing at JESC 2016 Press Conference


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Photo: Anna Velikova (EBU)