Make it pop! Bulgaria’s Lidia Ganeva explodes with colour during first rehearsal

She’s known for being happy and bright. So it’s only natural that Bulgaria’s Lidia Ganeva opted for a bold performance that mixed a panoply of colours from green to red to blue. The LED is in almost constant flux as it snakes through those colours and more, providing the perfect backdrop for Lidia’s kiddie couture. Her ankle-skimming princess dress is decorated with imprints of birds and a blue and white sky that’s at once high-fashion and kid-friendly. It obviously fits with her theme, which is all about peace and unity. Lidia gets it.

“Magical Day” is a sugary sweet power ballad with an anthemic quality, and she proved she’s more than able to deliver it live. In fact, the live version may be better than the studio version because it conveys a very subtle sense of frailty, which is perfect for a kid’s singing contest.

Junior Eurovision 2016: Bulgaria’s first rehearsal

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Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

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