POLL: Who should win Armenia’s Depi Evratesil and sing at Eurovision 2017?

Depi Evratesil — Armenia’s three-month long competition to find a singer for Eurovision 2017 — has been full of drama and explosive performances. Thousands entered. But after the second live show, we’re down to just two acts — Marta and Artsvik.

The Grand Final of Depi Evratesil takes place on Christmas Eve and the ticket to Eurovision is waiting under the tree for one of these ladies. But who has what it takes to win and slay at Eurovision in Kyiv? You can vote for your favourite in our poll at the end of this post. But first let’s take a look at each of these lovely ladies…

Marta vs. Artsvik


You’ve come a long way, baby! She may have seemed a little awkward during the early stages, but she has definitely come into her own, morphing from nervous hopeful to a fully-fledged diva with ambition in her eyes.

Being on Team Anush helped Marta’s cause, as she was able to avoid duelling against some of the big names before the live shows. By the time the live shows rolled around, Marta was on top of her game and ready to fight. She slayed the televote in both shows and will be hoping for more of the same. Her performance of “Naughty Girl” in the first live show was arguably her best yet. Does she have more of that in her tank?

Marta is also the most versatile performer in the competition, bouncing between genres and languages like a kangaroo on steroids.

Her performance of “Siro Kamar” definitely showed us a different side — and one that we loved. Breathy, vulnerable and yet somehow powerful, her performance oozed emotion and drama, making it high impact despite the sometimes quiet melody.


Night and day, black and white, Marta and…Artsvik.

While Marta bounces between genres and shows off her versatility, Artsvik plays to her clear strength: the ballad. She became a favourite after winning the duels in a unanimous vote. Artsvik has rarely ventured out of her comfort zone, but she doesn’t need to. Vocally she has proven to be a class above the competition. Her performance of “Stand Up For Love” shows off those killer vocals.

It hasn’t been all ballads from Artsvik, though.

She took on “Don’t Make Me Crazy” during the live shows, suggesting she isn’t afraid to mix it up. That said, that performance was definitely overshadowed by her take on Polina Gagarina’s “Million Voices”.

The question that remains is whether she can win over the Armenian crowd and show her personality. Marta is killing it in this department and Artsvik must come off as more likeable…or she won’t get to Kyiv.

Poll: Who should win Depi Evratesil?

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