Germany: Levina plays it safe in music video for “Perfect Life”

We do not envy this working week! Seven days on from her victory at Unser Song 2017, Levina has revealed the official music video for her Eurovision entry, “Perfect Life”. It’s a fairly simple video, with no big “wow” effects or revamps in sight.

Watch: Levina — “Perfect Life”

Okay, so “simple” is perhaps putting it mildly: the video is about as generic as they come. This screams “talent show winner’s first single”, with little actual meaning given to the song. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that all the Unser Song finalists recorded a video like this.

Levina mainly poses in front of some light tubes in the background whilst singing the song. The most exciting part is the fact there’s some serious lens flare going off. It’s plainly safe, perhaps to a fault.

What it loses in its simplicity, however, means that Levina’s natural charisma stands out more. It was clear from the national final that Levina is a performer who knows her craft and how to style it. There is some real smizing going on towards the camera in this video, y’all — just look at the teaser photo! Levina knows how to sell what you have to work with.

Of course, we already know that the song will be revamped ahead of Kyiv. With that in mind, this may serve as a placeholder video until a new version is recorded, to go alongside the revamp. For Levina’s sake, we certainly hope so!

The release of the video may stand Levina in better stead with our Big Five poll, which is still ongoing. So far, she’s unfortunately in last place with 4% of the vote — will the video change people’s opinions on the song and cause a rally behind her?

What do you think of the music video for “Perfect Life”? Do you think a revamp will help the song stand out more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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