Wiwi Jury results: My Radiant You are our favourite act for the Supernova 2017 final

We are just hours away from finding out Latvia’s Eurovision 2017 act. The final of Supernova 2017 kicks off at 20.25 CET and will be streamed here on LTV’s website.

At the start of February, the Wiwi Jury listened and scored all 22 of the Supernova 2017 acts. With Latvia being as unpredictable as ever, many of our top favourites have been eliminated before the final. But out of the four finalists, it was My Radiant You who come out on top with the Wiwi Jury!

You can check out the best and worst of our reviews below for each song. If you want to see what our team of music un-professionals said in full, click on the song title:

Supernova 2017 — Wiwi Jury Rankings

1. My Radiant You — “All I Know” (6.46)

The positive: “Tracking My Radiant You through Supernova last year was a fascinating journey. It’s rare to see an act adapt and learn from judging criticism at a Eurovision selection, yet the duo did so to great effect. I fear that “All I Know” may not get the same opportunity…it’s a lovely song, but perhaps a little too middle-of-the-road.” (Chris, 6/10)

The negative: “I — to most people’s dismay — strongly disliked My Radiant You in Supernova last year: it felt sloppy and messy. “All I Know” definitely sounds cleaner than last years effort, but the song lacks originality and pizzazz, which makes it highly forgettable. RuPaul doesn’t associate the word “safe” with America’s next drag superstar. This song is safe, and it’s definitely not a winner in my eyes.” (Josh, 5/10)

2. Triana Park — “Line (6.08)

The positive: ““Line” is from a genre that we haven’t experienced much at Eurovision, so it is hard to predict how successful it would be. I really like the energy of this entry, and with a really inventive production it could impress the Eurovision audience.” (Jason, 8/10)

The negative: ” “Line” would fit more in a club with people dancing and too drunk to listen carefully to the song. I think it’s mainly because it’s more focused on the rhythm and the beat rather than the vocals and the lyrics. This song clearly doesn’t belong in a song contest like this.” (Zakaria, 3/10)

3. The Ludvig — “I’m In Love With You” (5.27)

The positive: ““I’m in Love with You” is a lovely song, but it’s let down by the noisy, cheesy repetitive synths that come in at various parts of the song. Things are better when Ludvig is allowed to shine, with the music supporting — not dominating — his vocals.” (Robyn, 6.5/10)

The negative: “This song is the epitome of a nerdy boy’s slow jam before a pretty lady arrives at his shag pad for the first time. It’s like watching an awkward teenager trying to kiss for the first time. The velvety quality of Ludvig’s voice is lost every time he fails to hit one of the high notes. I don’t know how he is going to manage to perform this live. I appreciate the sentiment and Ludvig’s individuality, but it’s a mess.” (Andy, 3/10)

4. Santa Danelevica — “Your Breath” (5.0)

The positive: ““Your Breath” starts out all chilled and ambient, and that’s nice. But just as it gets into that groove, a drum and bass beat turns up and it get a bit of R&B attitude. Then at the end it becomes a mid-2000s emo rock number. I can get how the music changes tie into the emotion of the song, but it is a little too close to those YouTube comedy videos where a musician plays one song in dozens of different genres. And now for the polka!” (Robyn, 6/10)

The negative: “Santa Danelevica packs an entire career’s worth of musical evolution into just three minutes, and the result is bewildering. I like the chilled vibe in the beginning but the many sudden changes of genre afterwards are a bit too much. The overall effect is messy and confusing. While “Your Breath” could be rather good, in its current form, it’s not.” (Jason, 4.5/10)

Earlier today, we revealed that Triana Park were your favourites in our readers poll, with My Radiant You in second place. There’s a split in opinions here y’all! Will Latvia lean for either choice, or will The Ludvig or Santa cause a surprise?

Tonight’s show will also feature performance from Latvia’s 2016 representative, Justs, as well as Intars Busulis.

Let us know all your thoughts by shouting out on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments section below. Check back later for all the results from the Supernova 2017 final and our reaction video!

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