Singers balancing in airborne hoops, horses pulling wooden carts and ladies yodelling on skyscrapers — this year’s music videos have it all. So one month ago we asked our readers who had the best music video at Eurovision 2017. You guys cast a whopping 18,364 votes and the results are in. With 7.77%  (1,427 votes) Blanche has slayed the competition with her atmospheric video for “City Lights”.

Belgium‘s entry was a hit with the Eurovision fans from the moment it was released two months ago. The song’s sleek production was matched with similarly flawless visuals. Contrasting the sophisticated beats with an almost expressionless face, Blanche wanders around an empty building. She is followed by a sphere of light that makes luminous waves in its path.  The demure singer finds shelter in a gorgeously modern house in the forest, while trees illuminate to the rhythm of the song. “All alone in the danger zone”, Blanche seems to look for darkness and shies away from spotlights (much like she does in real life).

Directed by by Simon Vanrie & Brice VDH in Belgium, the music video helped propel Belgium up the oddstable and raised expectations to levels Belgium hasn’t seen since Loic Nottet in 2015.

Our first reaction to Blanche’s “City Lights”

In second and third place, we find the vibrant videos for Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karma”, as well as the Woodkid-reminiscent visuals of Kristian Kostov’s “Beautiful Mess”. Less than 200 votes separated the three frontrunners.

Full results: Best music video at Eurovision 2017

  1. Belgium: Blanche – “City Lights” 7.77% (1,427 votes)
  2. Italy: Francesco Gabbani – “Occidentali’s Karma” 7.32% (1,344 votes)
  3. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful Mess” 7.01% (1,288 votes)
  4. France: Alma – “Requiem” 6.62% (1,216 votes)
  5. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Jana Bur?eska – “Dance Alone” 6.39% (1,173 votes)
  6. Azerbaijan: Dihaj – “Skeletons” 6.26% (1,150 votes)
  7. Armenia: Artsvik – “Fly With Me” 4.89% (898 votes)
  8. Poland: Kasia Mo? – “Flashlight” 3.96% (727 votes)
  9. Switzerland: Timebelle – “Apollo” 3.12% (573 votes)
  10. Albania: Lindita – “World” 2.73% (501 votes)
  11. Finland: Norma John – “Blackbird” 2.7% (495 votes)
  12. Serbia: Tijana Bogi?evi? – “In Too Deep” 2.58% (474 votes)
  13. Greece: Demy – “This Is Love” 2.49% (457 votes)
  14. Hungary: Joci Pápai – “Origo” 2.44% (448 votes)
  15. Austria: Nathan Trent – “Running On Air” 2.4% (441 votes)
  16. Israel: IMRI – “I Feel Alive” 2.39% (439 votes)
  17. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones – “Never Give Up On You” 2.33% (427 votes)
  18. Netherlands: OG3NE – “Lights And Shadows” 2.19% (403 votes)
  19. Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – “Yodel It!” 2.19% (402 votes)
  20. Latvia: Triana Park – “Line” 2.16% (397 votes)
  21. Iceland: Svala – “Paper” 2.07% (381 votes)
  22. Malta: Claudia Faniello – “Breathlessly” 1.88% (346 votes)
  23. Belarus: NaviBand – “Historyja Majho Zyccia” 1.87% (344 votes)
  24. Ireland: Brendan Murray – “Dying To Try” 1.67% (306 votes)
  25. Moldova: SunStroke Project – “Hey Mamma” 1.64% (301 votes)
  26. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezi? – “Space” 1.61% (296 votes)
  27. Czech Republic: Martina Bárta – “My Turn” 1.48% (271 votes)
  28. Spain: Manel Navarro – “Do It For Your Lover” 1.39% (256 votes)
  29. Cyprus: Hovig – “Gravity” 1.25% (230 votes)
  30. Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze – “Keep The Faith” 1.17% (215 votes)
  31. Croatia: Jacques Houdek – “My Friend” 1.04% (191 votes)
  32. Estonia: Koit Toome and Laura – “Verona” 0.76% (139 votes)
  33. Australia: Isaiah – “Don’t Come Easy” 0.74% (135 votes)
  34. San Marino: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson – “Spirit Of The Night” 0.69% (127 votes)
  35. Germany: Levina – “Perfect Life” 0.5% (92 votes)
  36. Slovenia: Omar Naber – “On My Way” 0.29% (54 votes)

Total Votes: 18,364

Are you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments!






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Thanks , I’ve just been searching for information approximately this subject for a while and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

Purple Mask
For me, this was between Belgium, Rep. of Macedonia and Belarus, for three different reasons… Belgium’s video has the best conceptual art, and is also a great location shoot – it reminds me of my home city! I even bought the “City Lights” t-shirt! 🙂 Rep. of Macedonia has a stunning VR concept intermixed with slow-motion filming. The set is lit in two contrasting ways, and filmed in two different ways using handheld v. slow-mo steadycam. This is might be a technical contender for a music video award; it’s that good. Belarus contains the “magic shot” – it’s all filmed… Read more »

No nepotism but Jana should have won this one…… Original, fresh, expensive and modern.

Darth Thulhu

While I also had Jana as my #1 video, I completely agree with this Top 7, as far as videos are concerned. Blanche isn’t my musical style at all, but that video is gorgeous and definitely deserved to be in the Top 7. Same with Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I would have gone Jana first, Francesco second, Alma third, Kristian fourth, Artsvik fifth, DiHaj sixth, Blanche seventh. But the same Top 7 videos, not separated by much.


Hah! I thought Armenia and Bulgaria had the best music videos. Guess not.

Darth Thulhu

They didn’t do poorly. Armenia was 7th out of 42, and Bulgaria was in the tight pack of the Top 6 all vying closely for the first place. In televoting terms, Bulgaria would get 8 points from Wiwibloggia, and Armenia would get 4 points, which would put both into the Top 10, if we were deciding based on video.


Alma’s clip is great toooooooooooooooo


Not Almas. Video done by Russians and Bulgarians


Congrats, Blanche 🙂 Great video indeed! I think Malta should have been higher considering their narrative. Finland, Ireland, Italy, Austria, France, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Poland, Latvia – all have really good videos.

Not impressed at all with videos of Australia and Slovenia. Also, what’s up with Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine? Are the videos even in the plan?


I’m always sad to see Latvia being so slept on.

Honestly whatever happens tonight.. Blanche is a winner. Her first ever single reaches via her music video over 3.500.000 views on YT. Her song is streamed over 1.000.000 times on Spotify. She is in both parts of the country (NL & FR) listed in the charts for about 8 weeks. Her rehearsals are one of the most watched of the candidates. She ended 2nd on Ogae poll. The video ended nr 1 here on Wiwi. City Lights ended as top favourite here on Wiwi. Maybe she won’t win Eurovision 2017. Maybe she will not qualify. But … she sure has… Read more »

Totally agree with you Kristof, Blanche has had an incredible ride through this contest. Me and my Belgian boyfriend will be cheering for her tonight, and fingers crossed she will reach the final.


Yes, Kristof that is the truth. You should be proud of Blanche. She is one of my favorite personalities this year. Not campy or mannered like other participitants, i love how natural she is. I will cheer for her as well. Best luck from Turkey. #TeamBlanche


Totally agree with you
Go Blanche
You have the best song at this contest even you won’t qualified , don’t give up 😉


Indeed, she has a bright future ahead of her. I am so happy for her!
This eurovision thing is not the most important in the world, let’s be honest.
Whatever she does tonight and whatever happens. I am soooo proud of this girl.
The way she handled all the critical comments and the way she improved trough out the rehearsals on the age of 17 year is astounding!
She has won so many fans all over the world and I will be a fan of hers and will be supporting her for her whole carreer!
Good luck to our Blanche tonight!


With 7.77% (1,427 votes) Blanche has slayed the competition with her atmospheric video for “City Lights”.


She has around 1% of votes adventage between her and 5th place. Is her video good? Yeah. Many videos are. I would say as well she has best, or at least, most original video that suits the song perfect. But she has not slayed, so please, wiwi, please try to be bit more professional now and then.


Very happy 😀
Gooo Blanche..

Roelof Meesters

The one from Switzerland is probably the best with Belgium.

The one from Switzerland starts mysterious but then it becomes all fancy. When the elderly people come in my heart melts.