Poll: Which Eurovision 2017 songs do you struggle to remember?


At Eurovision 2017, Portugal’s Salvador Sobral proved that the quietest song can resonate the loudest. “Amar pelos dois” didn’t feature a shrieking bridge or a pyro rain shower, but it did win over both the jury and televoters, largely because Salvador seemed to sing from the heart. Plenty of other acts left an impression too with some killer choruses and memorable staging. From SunStroke Project’s synchronised footwork to Kristian Kostov‘s monochrome dreamscape to Francesco Gabbani’s dancing gorilla, a lot of these acts are lodged in our memory.

And then there are the others. As we scroll through the list of Eurovision 2017 songs, some are a bit harder to conjure up. Fusedmarc’s “Rain of Revolution”, Levina’s “Perfect Life”, O.Torvald’s “Time” — try recalling all of the lyrics verbatim right now. Told you so.

wiwibloggers William and Deban wanted to test how many of the lyrics and melodies they could remember while under pressure, and you can see the results in the video above. It ain’t always pretty! Bright studio lights, a camera and no time to practice tends to have that effect.

Apologies for the large black blobs that frequently appear on William’s face. We were having lighting issues which made him extra pale and that led to editing difficulties. He needs to work on his tan, clearly!

Which songs do you struggle to remember? Give it a go and then vote in our poll below. You can vote for as many songs as you like, but you can only vote one time.

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Poll: Which Eurovision 2017 songs do you struggle to remember?

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