She’s the Finnish singer who got people talking with her lesbian kiss during her Eurovision 2013 performance of “Marry Me” — an anthem for marriage equality that was recently featured in Billboard magazine.

And on Friday Krista Siegfrids got fans talking yet again with her new single “1995”, which celebrates the happiness of Krista’s youth.

“The song is about two teenagers in love,” the blonde bombshell tells wiwibloggs. “They meet again many years later as grown ups and they they think about what life would have been like if they just would have stuck together.”

Krista, who was ten years old in ’95, sees the song as a reminiscence.

“I love the vibe in the song. It makes me happy! I’m a 90s child and a lot of great things happened back then. The 90’s was the best time of my life! So it was clear that I wanted to make a happy tune that reflects that feeling I had.”

Krista is known to many for her signature style of bubblegum pop. But in recent years she’s diversified as an artist and pop star, and this track is further proof of that. It has an urban sound that flirts with hip-hop and R&B, while remaining easy access pop. That’s how you do it, folks!

She sings in Swedish rather than English — and it makes good sense for the two-time Melodifestivalen competitor.

In September 2016 she signed with Universal Music Sweden and is making major in-roads in that market.

Born into the Swedish-speaking minority in western Finland, Krista’s mother tongue is Swedish, though she speaks Finnish and English fluently (and fabulously).

Although Krista’s single cover is a tribute to the Spice Girls, one clued-up wiwiblogger noticed one slight historical inaccuracy about the artwork. The Spice Girls were, in fact, unknown in 1995 and their single “Wannabe” was not released until mid 1996! But no bother: the single celebrates the decade and just takes 1995 as the title.

While it’s a nice throwback for many of you, it’s an insight into 90s culture for those like me who are too young to have experienced what sounds like a rather fun decade. Mood lifter for everyone!

What do you think of Krista’s new offering? Are you longing for a return to the Ding Dong days, or are you excited to see what the future has to offer for our Finnish Queen? Let us know in the comments!


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If she ever tries MF again, maybe she ought to consider singing in English. I think she might have, at the very least, made it to Andra Chansen if “Snurra Min Jord” (“Spin My World”) had been English.


A shame that Finland weren’t even in the contest that year.

CatCat’s iconic 1994 performance didn’t score well enough. 🙁

Esc fan

OFF TOPIC: When are you guys going to do wiwivision 2017?


I asked that question in mid-July. On Friday (1 September) it might be too late, because that is when the earliest of next year’s Eurovision prospects go into the recording studio to record their songs to submit for national contest or internal selection consideration. The focus will turn heavily toward next year’s ESC, and they will be too busy to hold a Wiwivision this year.


OFF TOPIC: Anastasiya Bahinska won Ukraine’s national selection for Junior Eurovision 2017 with the song “Ne zupyniay”.


How very Taylor Swift of her. #BeOriginal


How very Taylor Swift of her! #BeOriginal