DISCUSS: Is Helena Meraai’s “Ya Samaya” one of Belarus’ best JESC entries ever?


On August 25 she won Belarus’ Junior Eurovision 2017 selection with the song “Ya Samaya” (I Am The One). And ever since then Helena Meraai has been riding a wave of hype as JESC fans praise her modern, drum ‘n bass tinged track.

Writing on the comments section of our news post, Héctor says young Helena could slay the adults in her own country.

“Sounds really good,” he writes. “It’s interesting how some countries tend to send better songs to the Junior Contest than to the Eurovision Song Contest itself. Belarus is one of the best examples!”

Kris agrees: “This seems better produced than their adult ESC NF.”

Standing on a small raised platform, Helena delivered a mature performance that showed off her power and control. What starts off as a traditional ballad eventually morphs into a drum ‘n bass ballad with a house feel. The quickening beat gives it drive and pace — it remains child-friendly, but occupies the more mature end of the song contest spectrum.

Helena’s dramatic facial expressions and arm movements suggest she’s put a lot of thought into the overall package. With greater control of the high notes and a dramatic LED, she could be on to something big for Tbilisi.

“Great song,” Adrian writes in our YouTube comments section. “Really great JESC song. One of the best ever #Eurovision entries from Belarus (including the “Senior” #Eurovision entries). Unless some really awesome JESC entries come later on, this really should be Top 3/a potential winner.”

“She is so mature for her age!!!” Hripsime DAVTYAN writes. “She is my winner but I don’t think that the kids jury will like it.”

Deniz NL disagrees. He thinks that many listeners misunderstand trends among young people. He writes:

“Love this song. This is what most children nowadays like. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand — this is more kid-friendly than 95% [of the music] they hear and see nowadays.”

Helena, a teen queen with a savvy fashion sense, is already cultivating a style all her own.

In her official music video, which you can watch below, she channels intergalactic avant-garde chic, singing before a light display that features images of outer space. At one point she holds an orb illuminated with the universe.

She wears her hair in two buns, referencing Princess Leia, and sports an edgy nose piercing with a chain that snakes behind her ears.

What do you think of Helena and her entry “I Am The One”? Does it have a chance to bring home that trophy in Tbilsi? Or is it too early to tell? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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