Hungary’s Freddie seizes the moment in new single “Nincsen holnap”


He’s the hunk with the husky voice who represented Hungary in 2016 with his song “Pioneer”. Last year Freddie released his debut album Pioneers, and this year he’s keeping the new music flowing with his brand new single, “Nincsen holnap” (“No tomorrow”).

“Nincsen holnap” is a feel-good pop-rock track, not that far away from Freddie’s 2016 Eurovision entry only a bit softer. It tells the story of a man and a significant other, and how they should seize the moment, because there really is no tomorrow.

It may sound a bit gloomy but it’s more about a “If you can do it today, why leave it for tomorrow?” situation, not some sort of apocalyptic end of days.

The video, which was released on 28 September, has a friendly vibe about it. The visuals are a mixture of Freddie singing along the song in a car full of mates and scenes from Freddie’s concerts, both on and off stage. On top of that we have the lyrics of the song floating around, so it’s even interactive.

The song was composed by Norbert Kosma and Dániel Szebényi and the lyrics were written by Freddie himself.

The release of “Nincsen holnap” continues a busy year for the Hungarian hunk. Even though his album “Pioneers” was released back in November 2016, Freddie started 2017 by releasing videos for two of his singles from that album.

Freddie – “Ez a vihar” – Lyric video

Back in February, Freddie released a video to his single “Ez a vihar” (This storm). It’s called a lyric video, but there’s much more to it than that. Behind the lyrics you see Freddie walking around in deep thought with some gorgeous landscape as the main character.

The song itself is a soft pop-rock number that tells the story of a rather turbulent relationship between two people. A lot of weather-related metaphors are used in the lyrics to convey just how stormy the relationship is. But just like any other storm, this one blows over and everything calms down in the end.

“Ez a vihar” is composed by Tzé Szabó, who was one of the writers of Freddie’s Eurovision entry “Pioneer”. Szabó isn’t the only Eurovision veteran who helped create this song, as the lyrics are written by István Tabár, in collaboration with Misa Kara, who was a part of the writing team for Hungary’s 2014 entry “Running” sung by András Kallay-Saunders.

Freddie – “Csodák” – Official Music Video

Freddie released another video from his Pioneers album in March of this year, for the single “Csodák” (Miracle).

The song is again a soft pop-rock track that belongs in the love department story-wise, just like Freddie’s other singles. Like they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

“Csódak” is a song about the miracle of love, like the title conveys, where Freddie sings to a significant other about how he sees a miracle in almost everything his partner does.

The video has a lot of beautiful scenery, showing off the best of Hungary, but this video has a bit more storytelling than the other two videos. Freddie’s interaction with a beautiful girl is in the foreground but the landscape is used as the cherry on the cake.

The song is composed Dóra Oberritter, Zsolt Szepesi, with Dóra also being the lyricist along with Bence Száraz.

Nominated at the EMAs

But that’s not all Freddie has been up to lately. He has been nominated as Best Hungarian at at MTV’s 2017 European Music Awards.

Drága Freddie Fanok,Én adtam neki egy éjszakát…. nehéz volt elhinni, hogy ilyen erős mezőnyben ez sikerülhet… De…

Posted by Freddie – Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Freddie shared the good news with his fans on Facebook. He wrote, “It was hard to believe that in such a strong field we could do this, but this morning it was true that we were there in the final five.”

The EMAs will be held in London this November. There Freddie will be competing against four other Hungarian artists, including Eurovision veterans Magdi Rúzsa (2007) and this year representative Joci Pápai.

What do you think of Freddie’s new single? How about his videos from his older singles? Do you think he will win this year’s Best Hungarian Act at the EMA’s? Tell us in the comments below.

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