The artists of Eurovision 2024 didn’t come to play. They came to slay. And now thanks to Match Bingo in the U.K., you can slay while you play — and help support a very worthy cause. 

Match Bingo are a gaming-for-good bingo app that transforms live sports and entertainment into a fun and enjoyable gaming experience that raises money for good causes at the same time. 

And this year Match Bingo have created the perfect accompaniment to Eurovision with a free to play game for Eurovision fans. During the jury voting segment of the grand final, you just need to pay attention to your Eurovision Bingo card, which will have squares like “Albania 12 points” or “Sweden 1 to 7 points.” Complete a line — or an entire card — and you can win big. 

Please note: The game is only available for U.K. residents 18 and over. Please play responsibly!

You can download Match Bingo‘s exciting new Eurovision game by scanning either of the QR codes below. Just choose which charity you want to support and use the relevant QR code or link to claim your free card and purchase additional ones.

Match Bingo helps U.K. charities with Eurovision game

We’re proud to be partnering with Match Bingo to help raise funds for two charities. 

The first is the Stroke Association — a U.K. charity that works to prevent stroke, and to support everyone touched by stroke, fund research, and campaign for the rights of stroke survivors of all ages. 

🇬🇧 Link only

The second is East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA). They provide vital helicopter medical assistance to those in need across the East of England. Their highly skilled medical teams on board deliver rapid response critical care to patients facing life-threatening situations. By playing Match Bingo in support of EAAA, you’re helping their essential service remain operational, 365 days a year, providing vital care when every second counts.

🇬🇧 Link only

Players who sign up can claim one free card and buy up to four more £2 cards to increase their chances of winning cash prizes. Each purchase supports these charities. 

Cards will initially contain just the Big 6, and after the semifinals your cards will fill up as additional countries qualify for the final. 

Only UK residents can play – if you’re planning to attend the finals in Malmö, make sure you download the app and buy your cards before leaving the UK to play along!

Bingo cards are automatically filled in as countries gain points during the jury voting. There are four scoring categories: 1-7 points, 8, points, 10 points and 12 points. Your card will contain a random mix of the Big 5, Sweden and the semi-final qualifiers. 

Players win by being the first to complete one line (£25), two lines (£50) or a Full House (£1,000). 

A further bonus prize is awarded to any player who completes their entire card before the end of scoring. All players who do this will share a minimum of £1,000. 

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