1 in 360: Choreographer Vince Bugg revealed as second judge in San Marino Eurovision search


He’s a dancer and choreographer who has worked on West End and Broadway productions including The Lion King.

And on Friday we learned that Vince Bugg will lend his talents to judging 1 in 360 — San Marino’s search for an Internet candidate for Eurovision 2018.

“I’ve been professionally dancing since I was a young age,” the dancer said in an interview uploaded to the 1 in 360 YouTube channel. “My professional career as an adult started stepping straight into The Lion King on the West End and then it escalated from there into Broadway, traveling the world, working in Asia, all over Europe, and now I find myself here.”

Literally “here” is WeWork — a co-working office space popular among freelancers and start-ups (we recognise the décor as the Moorgate branch in London). But figuratively he’s in the 1 in 360 game and ready to nurture Eurovision talent. Given his positivity, it’s safe to say he’s more into shantay you stay than sashay away.

“I’m a little bit shy, but definitely know exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not going to be rude or negative to anybody. Positive critique is always what I’m looking for.”

“My critique is a little away from the singing and is more focused on the performance base. Very much with the fabric, the dancing, the way someone moves. It doesn’t have to be a full dance routine — you know, somebody standing still can still be very beautiful and moving. But what it has to do is make sure it’s working together rather than working against each other.”

He’ll know it when he sees it, as his dream candidate will “take Eurovision to that next step and add performance and costume and music altogether to create one” killer performance.

“It’s an amazing opportunity that somebody can be representing the Internet. You have so many countries and so much talent out there, so for me it’s really looking for that one who deserves the ticket…We’re looking for the one in 1 in 360.”

Judging from Vince’s Instagram account, he leans toward the quirky and creative, and isn’t afraid of outré looks or eccentric styling. For Halloween he went gory-glam, giving life to a zombie from American Horror Story.

He’ll join previously announced judge Zoë Straub — the daughter of Christof, one of the brains behind this year’s selection.

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