Our top tracks of 2017: (15-11)


Incredibly, 2017 is almost up. And that means one thing — the return of our annual Top Tracks countdown!

As usual, the team from wiwibloggs voted for their favourite 2017 releases and recordings by and featuring Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who have yet to compete on the Eurovision stage.

After considering well over 100 songs, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish five tracks daily until we reach our number one.

What song will join Loreen’s “We Got The Power”Emmelie De Forest’s “Drunk Tonight”Lena’s “Traffic Lights”, and Loïc Nottet’s “Million Eyes” in our Hall of Fame?

The countdown continues!

15. Maraaya feat. BQL “It’s Complicated”

What we said: This song, which oozes a sense of Caribbean cool with its reggaeton beats, will fare well over the summer. It channels a warm, laid-back vibe, yet there’s so much that’s interesting in the vocals and production that it keeps your attention throughout. We thoroughly approve. (Antony)

Previous top tracks: “Nothing Left For Me” (#16 in 2016), “Living Again” (#25 in 2015)

14. Emmelie De Forest “Sanctuary”

What we said: Don’t be fooled by the cover art. The blue jumpsuit and perm might scream 1970s disco diva, but Emmelie isn’t trying to be the next Donna Summers. Instead, she’s updated the folk-pop that first brought her success almost five years ago. Tribal drums and flutes no longer dominate as the 24-year-old sings over a menagerie of instruments. And while previously the songstress occasionally came across as aloof, “Sanctuary” is full of warmth. Infectiously upbeat, it’s impossible not to smile as De Forest takes us to a place where she’s free to be herself and do what she likes. (Padraig)

Previous top tracks: “Hopscotch” (#22 in 2015), “Wildfire” (#48 in 2015), “Drunk Tonight” (#1 in 2014), “Rainmaker” (#11 in 2014), “Hunter & Prey” (#22 in 2013)

13. Maraaya “Diamond Duck”

What we said: “Diamond Duck” — a quirky, toe-tapping track that gives the animal’s famous quack their signature electro-dance treatment. The amusing song masks some serious social critique. Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Raay — one-half of the power-house duo — said: “It represents the modern world — lust for things that we actually don’t need. But the main message of the song is that love is the only value that matters.” The “Diamond Duck” is, no doubt, a thinly veiled reference to the perma-tanned American president Donald Trump, whose value system and penchant for mouthing off on social media has left many aghast. (William)

Previous top tracks: “It’s Complicated” (#15 in 2017), “Nothing Left For Me” (#16 in 2016), “Living Again” (#25 in 2015)

12. Krista Siegfrids “1995”

What we said: Krista is known to many for her signature style of bubblegum pop. But in recent years she’s diversified as an artist and pop star, and this track is further proof of that. It has an urban sound that flirts with hip-hop and R&B, while remaining easy access pop. That’s how you do it, folks! She sings in Swedish rather than English — and it makes good sense for the two-time Melodifestivalen competitor. (Katie)

Previous top tracks: “Be Real” (#18 in 2016), “On & Off” (#5 in 2015), “Better On My Own” (#20 in 2015), “Cinderella” (#29 in 2014), “Can You See Me?” (#7 in 2013), “Amen!” (#23 in 2012)

11. Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan “Prosti Menya”

What we said: A mid-tempo pop ballad with a nostalgic feel, “Prosti menya” sees the singers pleading for a lover’s forgiveness. It drips with pain and regret — not to mention a quietly powerful melody. “Well, make me pretend for a moment that I’m yours,” they sing. “How can I believe again, in these subtle worlds?” On paper it’s an average pop song. But Sergey and Dima — two of Russia’s biggest stars — really know how to sell it. They’ve clearly felt pain and aren’t afraid to show it. Their voices blend well and, during the Moscow debut, they created a properly stirring atmosphere. (Jovana)

Previous top tracks — Sergey: “Lucky Stranger” (#21 in 2017), “Idealniy Mir” (#14 in 2016)

Previous top tracks — Dima: “Derzhi” (#46 in 2017), “V Tvoyey Golove” (#24 in 2016)

Our Top Tracks of 2017 ranking is determined by votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Josh, Robyn, Jonathan, William, Mario, Edd, Mikhail, Antranig, Mike, Renske, Jovana, Sebastian, and Padraig.

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