The final countdown has begun, as we enter the penultimate day and bring y’all the first half of our top 10 tracks by Eurovision artists in 2013. Have you been keeping up with all the action so far? If not, or if you just need a quick recap, click on the links below:

And what of numbers 10 to 6? Well the songs just keep getting better and better. Or what do y’all think?

10. “Pronto A Correre” – Marco Mengoni

What we said: I’m sure some people will be ready to run at Marco. This masterpiece already has six million views on Youtube—not bad for a Eurovision artist. The music video is great. It shows Marco and a colourful cast of characters—including a pregnant woman and an 82 year old woman—running around the track at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi in Verona. According to Mr Mengoni, the video is meant to capture a cycle of life. Reminds me a bit of the UK in Eurovision, although they’re not really working on improving themselves… (William)

English Version:

9. “Painful Love” – Cezar

What we said: Shot in Arad, Romania by Inna’s photographer Edward Aninaru, the video tells a hopelessly romantic story of lost love in a decadent setting. We wouldn’t expect anything less from our favourite Romanian opera star! (Bogdan)

8. “Winning Ground” – Eric Saade

What we said: The Saade hit machine has another winner on its hands with “Winning Ground”. Coupled with its’ status as the official theme for UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 it has success written all over it. The superb Swedish production makes for a lovely listen and Mr Saade is easy on the eyes as always. Unusually for Eric there’s some dodgy dancing, but don’t worry, for most of the song he relies upon sweeping camera angles, walking purposefully and tensing his amazing arms. I might even dare to say the song is his strongest since 2011’s “Popular”. (Angus)

7. “Can You See Me?” – Krista Siegfrids

What we said: The new single couldn’t be more different to what we would’ve expected from Krista. The music video is shot on a field in Finland, which is something we’d expect from Emmelie De Forest rather than from Krista. Despite the obvious differences from her usual work, Krista still shines in the music video and has us all feeling her emotions and pain throughout. The change in genre certainly doesn’t mean it lacks in quality and some may say this is her best single yet. (Katie)

6. “The World is in My Hands” – Cascada

What we said: The song might be dance, but the video is all urban y’all! A piano introduction leaves you thinking Cascada might have decided on stripping it all back and letting Natalie’s voice carry the song for a change. Don’t be ridiculous though – this is Cascada fronted by darling dance diva Natalie Horler! Cascada’s usual thumping blitzkrieg beat charges in soon after the opening bars and ‘The World Is In My Hands’ starts sounding neatly in sync with the Cascada back catalogue. (Angus)

20 tracks down and just 5 more to go. What songs were better than all the rest this year? So before we break into the top 5, why not share your predictions with us? And how do you rate our rankings to date? Let us know below. And most importantly, don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who’s number 1.

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Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Cover Photo: The Guardian

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10 years ago

I hope that #1 is “Face the Day” by Natalia Kelly 😀