Spain confirms Spanish-language songs for national final…as OT stars dazzle at Christmas gala


Earlier this month, Spain had fans jumping for joy after confirming that Operación Triunfo will serve as their Eurovision 2018 selection…before following that up with the news that RTVE will select their candidate from OT’s Top 5 finalists.

And now Spanish-language enthusiasts have even more reason to rejoice with the confirmation that the five competing artists will each sing totally and 100% in Spanish.

Tinet Rubira, the music director of Gestmusic, the company behind OT, broke the news on Twitter the day after Christmas. He did so as he responded to a series of questions from fans.

  • Spanish fan question: Will the competing songs be only in Spanish or also in English?
  • Tinet Rubira: The songs are in Spanish.

  • Spanish fan question: But what if a good English song arrives? Would it be rejected simply because it’s in English?
  • Tinet Rubira: Any good song in English sung by someone who doesn’t master the language is no longer a good song. We will look for a good song and the best candidate.

  • Spanish fan question: Rather than prioritizing the language of the songs, should the quality of the song be prioritised instead?
  • Tinet Rubira: We prioritize composers that compose songs in Spanish. We will make a selection of the best ones and the audience will choose the best option.

Contestants details

Fans were also curious about how much time contestants would have to perfect their songs, and how the songs would be assigned to the contestants. Tinet says that acts will have one week to prepare — which follows the practice of earlier OT Eurovision galas.

And how exactly will singers be paired with songs?

We always assign all songs according to which one best fits with each candidate’s characteristics. Neither obligation nor chance.

Eurovision Gala: No official date yet

There’s still no official date for the Spanish national final. But Tinet Rubira has already confirmed that the song selection has started — and that they’re feeling hopeful about it.

OT Christmas special show

On Christmas Day we sing carols and we share love, happiness, and gifts. And this Christmas the OT contestants performed in a very special Operación Triunfo Gala.

The gala brought together cast members old and new. It included contestants from the first edition of Operación Triunfo and contestants from the current one, who designed themselves as OT 2.0. Together they served a healthy dose of nostalgia and joy, cheered on by millions of households.

The show started in a very special way, with all of the acts singing the legendary anthem composed by the first generation of OT: “Mi música es tu voz (My music is your voice)”.

During this special show, familiar faces like Rosa (ESC 2002) + Geno, Gisela and Veronica (amongst the chorus of Rosa in Eurovision) performed with the younger ones.

We even had an iconic duet of queens: Rosa (a.k.a Rosa de España) and Amaia (named by fans as Amaia de España). They are royalty!

But if there’s one moment we have been waiting for all this time, it’s the group song composed by this year’s crop of singers. Their new anthem — known as “Camina” (Walk) — closed the show and it is a total banger.

Their self-composed anthem is already a total success. “Camina” debuted at #1 on iTunes Spain and has already accumulated more than 100,000 streams on Spotify, making it #39 on Spotify’s Top 50 Spain playlist.

Operación Triunfo 2017 – “Camina”

What do you think? Are you happy with Spain singing in Spanish at Eurovision 2018? Or would you have preferred another option? Would “Camina” be a good song for Spain in Lisbon? Let us know in the comments box below!