France: Noée will sing “L’un près de l’autre” at Destination Eurovision


The holidays only ended today. But producers at Destination Eurovision have barely had a break as they’ve kept the artist reveals coming thick and fast.

And today it was time to announce that Noée will contest France’s Eurovision 2018 national selection with “L’un près de l’autre”.

Judging from her Facebook announcement, she’s very excited.

“It’s official: 2018 starts in beauty!” she wrote on her Facebook page. “I can finally tell you with great happiness about my participation in the Eurovision 2018 show! #Destinationeurovision.”

“We worked very hard with my super team Jules JaconelliBarbara Barbara and Tomislav Matosin, thank you thank you thank you for living this crazy experience at my side.”

“I took the time to be able to come back with a project that I care about, and I like it more than ever.”

“I can’t wait to be able to live this with all of you and especially to make you discover this song that I hold to my heart and which marks the beginning of a year that will be full of beautiful projects.”

Her song nods to classic French chanson, but with a cinematic edge. It would have been right at home on the sound track to Amélie.

In her video snippet the blonde bombshell speaks of the great variety of music in France, and her love of pop and folk. She can also be seen running her fingers through leaves and admiring greenery, which dovetails nicely with a video found on her Facebook page.

In that video she performs an unnamed song (in acoustic) in the vineyards of Château de Pommard, suggesting once more that she is a child of nature. Her voice is pure and delicate and delivered with love and laughter. We approve.


The remaining competing songs will be revealed over the coming days, in the build-up to the first semi-final. The first semi airs on 13 January. Nine songs will compete in each of the two semi-finals, and four songs from each semi will go to the grand final.

You can follow the official Eurovision France 2 Facebook page for the latest updates.