a dal 2018 2nd semi updated

Hungary’s national final A Dal 2018 is heading to its conclusion. We’ve already got to know the first 4 finalists of the show. Now, the second set of nine acts will battle this Saturday in their attempt to join Gergely Dánielfy, Zsolt Süle, Gábor Heincz Biga and Leander Kills. But who will qualify?

Have your say in our Wiwi Poll. Listen to the nine competing acts in the second semi-final, then vote for your favourites. As always, you can vote for as many acts as you like, but you can only vote once — so make it count.

AWS – “Viszlát Nyár”

The Wiwi Jury favourite post-hardcore band from Budakeszi took the second heat by storm. They got 45 points from the jury and the televote. Will their melodic take on metalcore realness make its way through to the grand final?

Ceasefire X – “Satellites”

The former ByTheWay member singer impressed the juries with his smooth take on love, and gained 41 points in the first heat.

Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – “Journey”

It wasn’t an easy ride for the jazz-trap duo, who needed the jury to lean in their favor in the third heat. They tied with Nova Prospect and Reni Tolvai with 37 points, but still made it through.

Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa”

Surprisingly, this fan favorite ethnopop song didn’t end up in first place in its heat, scoring 42 points.

Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl” 

The Voice USA star debuted strongly in the first heat, finishing third with 43 points.

Odett – “Aranyhal”

The returning songstress and her goldfish (Aranyhal means goldfish in English) got 39 points in her heat.

Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos –  “Életre Kel”

The trio’s Broadway-inspired ballad made a very good impression on the jury, taking the first place of the third heat with 44 points.

Tamás Vastag – “Ne Hagyj Reményt”

The returning artist touched the hearts of the Hungarian audience, who saved him in the televoting round of the first heat, where he gained 36 points.

yesyes – “I Let You Run Away”

The duo fronted by returning artist Ádám Szabó made a good impression in the second heat, taking the joint third spot with 43 points.

Who should qualify from the second heat of A Dal? 

Make sure to let us know who your favourite is in the comments section as well. We’ll close the poll and reveal the results ahead of the semi-final on Saturday.

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23 Comments on "Poll: Who should qualify from the second semi-final of Hungary’s A Dal 2018?"

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Oh my God, AWS!!! Send them or go home!


I’m worried about yesyes


I’m hoping for AWS followed by Tamas Horvath’s “Meggyfa”


From this semifinal: Tamás Horváth and Viktor Király are clearly the best I think.
But my overall winner is still Leander Kills. Even though I wouldn’t be angry if anyone from my top 3 won.
Top 3:
1. Leander Kills
2. Tamás Horváth
3. Viktor Király




AWS for Eurovision!
Hungary should send this and Eurovision needs this song!


“I let you run away” is the best song in this semi!
Hope they qualify! Good luck to them!


Please YesYes!!!! I wanna see them at Eurovision!!!

Jorge B.Spain

Yes Yes or Tamás Horvath for me. Either one is going to do great. Please Hungary! Let You Run Away or Meggyfa!

Roelof Meesters

yesyes is My winner, I wanna see them for Hungary.

Joana Gomes

Yesyes please ??


No no.
(I’m sorry – I really wanted to make that joke)

irish esc

hungary do not break my heart i need the yesyes to go to eurovision : (


AWS!!! I’m rooting for them so much, it’s not even normal anymore.
Again, who the hell decided to make the semis like that? Putting the only 4 songs that got 9 Points from the televote in one semi doesn’t seem like the best idea to me….


Top 3 should qualify (Viszlat nyar, I Let You Run Away, Meggyfa). The fourth place is pretty much up for grabbing.


Meggyfa FTW!! 🙂


Go AWS! They have to win!


As long as Tamás Horváth qualifies, I’m ok.
But yeah, this is going to be hard to watch. Someone good is going home, that’s for sure.

Robyn Gallagher

It will be interesting to see how this poll goes. There are more than four general faves in this semi, so whatever the results, it will involve a bloodbath.


There are three favorites here?
I let you run away, Meggyfa, Viszlat nyar

Who are the more than 4 I’m missing?


You’re missing Budapest girl, which is one of the only 4 Songs that got 9 Points from the televote along Viszlat nyar, Meggyfa and I let you run away.


That may have been so but probably only cause there was app vote in first heat! That song isn’t a favorite of (m)any


Im Hungarian and Im saying to you the final 4 will be AWS, Horvath Tamas, Danielfy Gergely and the 4th is not important…This year Hungary will send either Horvath Tamas or AWS…AWS is fantastic and picking up momentum