Azerbaijan: Aisel publishes official “X My Heart” music video


It didn’t take long for Azerbaijan’s Aisel to make an impression.

Days after the official release of her Eurovision 2018 song “X My Heart”, she’s already clocked up more than 3,000 likes on her official lyric video. She’s also topped the iTunes charts in Slovenia, and entered the top 100 in both Norway and The Netherlands. Not bad, eh?

And today she keeps the momentum going with the release of her official video clip, directed by Roula Koutroubeli.

Roula, a dance theater performer and director, has built up a solid reputation in Greece over the past two decades for her work in the National Theater of Greece and Epidaurus. You may remember her work from 2004, when she was the assistant choreographer at the Olympic Games in Athens.

The video showcases Aisel’s natural beauty in a series of outdoor settings. Wearing an all-white outfit and a pair of black ankle booties, she looks fresh and pristine. Luna would be silly not to moon her up!

In a statement sent to wiwibloggs, Roula said:  “When I first heard the song I felt optimism, happiness, innocence and a tingling feeling of excitement. It was immediately clear to me that I had to use a child in this video clip. The child symbolizes the inner child of Aisel and helped me depict all the above feelings that I originally had when I heard the song.”

“When in contact with our inner child we feel that everything is possible — we can ‘cross our heart and tear down firewalls’… as the song says. I was really happy to work with the multi-talented musician and singer Aisel and I wish the best of luck to her in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

The song is written by Sandra Bjurman of “Running Scared” (Azerbaijan, 2011) and Dimitris Kontopoulous of “You Are The Only One” (Russia, 2016). It was recorded in London and arranged by Tim Bran of “City Lights” (Belgium, 2017), and the stage design will be looked after by Fokas Evangelinos of “This Is Love” (Greece, 2017). So yes: You can expect great things.

“X My Heart” was decided upon by Aisel herself, as well as the team behind Aisel conducting a focus group including 300 people from 31 countries that didn’t know the purpose of the song and what it was being used for. It was met with an 87% approval rating, and there’s no doubt that the Azerbaijan delegation will be seeking a similar approval rating from the juries and voters come May.

What do you think of “X My Heart”? Are we heading back to Baku in 2019? Sound off in the comments below!