With glittering graphics and powerhouse vocals, FAHREE and Ilkin Dovlatov are taking us on a spiritual journey from Baku to Malmö. “Özünlə Apar” brings Azerbaijani lyrics and traditional mugham to Eurovision, and it’s almost time for them to take to the stage.

Between meeting at the Eurovision auditions, filming on a mud volcano and musical upbringings, there’s a lot to learn about this dynamic duo. So let’s dive into our 10 Facts about FAHREE and Ilkin Dovlatov!

Scroll down for 10 Facts about Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov

10 Facts about FAHREE and Ilkin Dovlatov

1. They’re united by folk music

FAHREE described traditional folk music as “an immense source of inspiration”. So much so, FAHREE and Ilkin treated us to a cover of the traditional folk song “Bəri Bax”.

2. They filmed their music video on a volcano

The music video for “Özünlə Apar” was filmed at the Gobustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve, which is home to prehistoric rock carvings and mud volcanoes. Gobustan’s volcanic landscape was even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007.

3. They met at the Eurovision auditions

FAHREE originally auditioned to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision as a solo artist, whilst Ilkin competed in the selection as part of a trio, alongside Mila Miles and Etibar Əsədli. When FAHREE heard Ilkin’s voice, he knew he was the right person to sing the mugham in “Özünlə Apar” – and the rest is history!

4. Ilkin participated in The Voice

Ilkin Dovlatov rose to fame locally in 2023, when he participated in The Voice of Azerbaijan: Native Songs edition. As part of Ilgar Khayal’s team, he finished runner-up. 

5. They’re CrossFit fanatics

Eurovision isn’t just about vocals. Rushing across the arena to rehearsals requires some real cardiovascular endurance. It’s a good job that FAHREE and Ilkin got plenty of CrossFit training in the bag before their Eurovision journey began!

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6. FAHREE has a law degree

Before devoting himself to music full time, FAHREE trained as a lawyer. In fact, he spent six years achieving both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in law.

7. FAHREE has a favourite spoon

Yes, you read that right. It turns out, ever since FAHREE was a child, he would always eat his soup with one particular spoon. Let’s hope it didn’t set the metal detectors off at the airport on the way to Malmö!

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8. They’re from musical families

FAHREE and Ilkin have music in their genes! FAHREE was brought up in a very artistic family; his father was a passionate jazz drummer, while his grandfather was a respected actor. Ilkin was also raised in a musical family; his father was a major inspiration for him to start pursuing a career in music.

9. “Özünlə Apar” is FAHREE’s fourth single

FAHREE launched his musical career in 2022, with his debut single “Dance.” He collaborated with Mila Miles on his follow up single “Apardı uzağlara,” whilst his third single, “Yollar,” was released in February 2023.

10. Ilkin’s favourite food is meatballs

We think Swedish cuisine is going to suit Ilkin down to the ground, as his favourite food is meatballs. Only not the IKEA kind, but rather a meatball soap called kufta-bozbash — one of the most famous dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine. “I wouldn’t trade them for any other food”, he told Azerbaijan-based Eurovision news website 12xal.

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Im so fab
Im so fab
1 month ago

Someone tell them to perform naked. It will make the song somewhat interesting.

Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
1 month ago
Reply to  Im so fab

Yeah, costumes are redundant in this case. The song is good, tho. Really takeas you to another place.

Im so fab
Im so fab
1 month ago
Reply to  Vjera Brdar

It takes me to the toilet. Because its my pee break.