If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Denmark understands that and seemingly copy and pasted their stage show from the national final. During Rasmussen’s first rehearsal, much remained the same with Rasmussen leading an army of bearded men into battle. They no longer stand on ship-like structures and raised platforms. Instead they stomp it out directly on the stage, which has hues of the ocean with the dark blue lighting.

Two sails appear behind them…though at times the cloth resembles drying laundry. (Improved camera angles might make them look more impressive and imposing). Toward the end of the song a white flag is raised. To us that connotes surrender, but perhaps that fits with Rasmussen’s theme of resolving conflicts. Sometimes you have to raise your hands up and say “no more drama” for the greater good.

Another change? Rasmussen seems to have conditioned his hair! Today it was silky, smooth and shiny. This Viking must have a hair dresser in the undercarriage of his ship.

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Footage & Photos: EBU (Thomas Hanses)

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Similar to the national final. Interesting staging, but I’m not a particular fan of the song.

poe-tay-toe chips

personally think the lighting is a little too dark but otherwise this is okay

would be cooler if they played-up the viking vibe more and wore viking-inspired outfits or had a boat or something like that…

Polegend Godgarina

This is going to be a huge televote favorite, not because the song is something special but because of the brilliant imagery.


I like it and I think it will stand out (even more when broadcasted right after the tiny robots). But I was expecting for some improvement. I miss the so called “ship-like structures”, because they made the whole thing feel a little more imposing and epic. And I also agree the sails could look less cheap. Anyway, I still feel that the first impression will be positive among most viewers and there’s definitely an audience for that.


I don’t know what to say about this. The performance is very similar to the national final.
It’s not one of my personal favourites so I am not paying too much attention to Denmark this year.


They could have done better – Chris and Padraig have some points there. But a lot of people that see it for the first time will still like it.

Hörnchen AT

if it were up to WILL, every song would go to the Final! Your amazing honeyyyy :*


One of my favourits this year! Some people claim that this sounds like some Disney soundtrack. But I don’t care. Good luck!


Agree. If a song is good, why care if it sounds like a Disney soundtrack. Disney have many good songs.


I keep liking it and I think it will be much liked by the first time viewers. Denmark qualyfing.


I like it very much. Strong and different. With them we are transported elsewhere, on their land or in a film. it can do it. Good luck guys I hope to see you in the final!


…»it begins to snoooooooowwwww…..love, love peace, peace…»
more insperastion from Petra och Måns ; )



Well in the review they wanted more symbols, they missed the folklore instrument Kvinnaböske that Måns suggested.


I like this Denmark. Yes, feel like I heard it twenty years ago, but do I care. No!!
I think many from Sweden that once liked Nordman will vote for this. I hope and think Denmark will be top 5 in this semi.

Lycka till Danmark

Danish Vikings

This is great! Danes got it right – way better than that girly song from Sweden. In Benjamin Ingrosso’s reaction, he claimed that the Vikings are Swedish. Well, he should finish school and learn that Vikings existed before Swedish!!! Being rude and childish is definitely Swedish though.
If the Swedes (and Norwegians) have any taste, they should give this 12 points.


“Being rude and childish is definitely Swedish though.” Swedish and Norwegian. That sounds about right. Add to that ‘uneducated’ and ‘superiority complex for no actual reason’.


Looks good. Not great, but not bad either. Should be enough to easily qualify in this semifinal.


No major changes it seems. Maybe they could have added some extra viking elements. Good enought to outstand and qualify


Eh I don’t know. It is a grower. And it’s different. But I don’t think it will do better than Anja last year. To middle of the road and bit dated. Still a huge step forward though