Below you can get acquainted with all of the Eurovision 2016 contestants and their songs. Just click on the song’s title to read the lyrics and watch a video of their performance. Click on the contestant’s name for all of our coverage about him or her. We’ve also added contestants from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010. We’ll be adding your Eurovision favourites from 2009 and earlier soon.

Come Together Stockholm Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden

Albania: Eneda Tarifa with “Fairytale”

Belarus: Ivan with “Help You Fly”

Belgium: Laura with “What’s the Pressure?”

Ireland: Nicky Byrne with “Sunlight”

Malta: Ira Losco with “Chameleon”

Spain: Barei with “Say Yay”

ESC 2015 Theme Logo

Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria

Albania: Elhaida Dani with “I’m Alive” (Previous entry: “Diell”)

Armenia: Genealogy with “Face the Shadow”

Australia: Guy Sebastian with “Tonight Again”

Austria: The MakeMakes with “I Am Yours”

Azerbaijan: Elnur Huseynov with “Hour of the Wolf”

Belarus: Uzari & Maimuna with “Time”

Belgium: Loïc Nottet with “Rhythm Inside

Cyprus: Giannis Karagiannis with “One Thing I Should Have Done”

Czech Republic: Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta with “Hope Never Dies

Denmark: Anti Social Media with “The Way You Are”

Estonia: Elina & Stig with “Goodbye to Yesterday”

Finland: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät with “Aina mun pitää”

France: Lisa Angell with “N’oubliez Pas”

FYR Macedonia: Daniel Kajmakoski with “Lisja esenski”

Georgia: Nina Sublatti with “Warrior”

Germany: Ann Sophie with “Black Smoke

Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou with “One Last Breath”

Hungary: Boggie with “Wars for Nothing”

Iceland: María Ólafsdóttir with “Unbroken”

Ireland: Molly Sterling with “Playing with Numbers

Israel: Nadav Guedj with “Golden Boy

Italy: Il Volo with “Grande Amore”

Latvia: Aminata Savadogo with “Love Injected”

Lithuania: Monika & Vaidas with “This Time

Malta: Amber with “Warrior”

Moldova: Eduard Romanyuta with “I Want Your Love”

Montenegro: Knez with “Adio”

The Netherlands: Trintje (Trijintje Oosterhuis) with “Walk Along”

Norway: Mørland & Debrah Scarlett with “A Monster Like Me”

Poland: Monika Kuszynska with “In the Name of Love

Portugal: Leonor Andrade with “Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa”

Romania: Voltaj with “De La Capat

Russia: Polina Gagarina with “A Million Voices”

San Marino: Michele Perniola and Anita with “Chain of Lights”

Serbia: Bojana Stamenov with “Beauty Never Lies”

Slovenia: Maraaya with “Here for You”

Spain: Edurne with “Amanecer”

Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw with “Heroes

Switzerland: Mélanie Réne with “Time to Shine”

United Kingdom: Electro Velvet with “Still in Love with You

JoinUs Eurovision 2014

Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

A total of 37 countries will compete at the 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. We will update the following list of contestants as they are and their songs are selected.  

Albania: Hersiana Matmuja with “One Night’s Anger”
Armenia: Aram Mp3 with “Not Alone”
Austria: Conchita Wurst with “Rise like a Phoenix”
Azerbaijan: Dilara with “Start a Fire”
Belarus: Teo with “Cheesecake”
Belgium: Axel Hirsoux with “Mother”
Denmark: Basim with “Cliché Love Song”
Estonia: Tanja with “Amazing”
Finland: Softengine with “Something Better”
France: Twin Twin with “Moustache”
FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapcevic with “To the Sky”
Georgia: The Shin with “Three Minutes to Earth”
Germany: Elaiza with “Is it Right”
Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd with “Rise Up”
Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders with “Running”
Iceland: Pollapönk with “No prejudice”
Ireland: Can-linn feat Kasey Smith with “Heartbeat”
Israel: Mei Finegold with “Same Heart”
Italy: Emma Marrone with “La Mia Citta”
Latvia: Aarzemnieki with “Cake to Bake”
Lithuania: Vilija Mataciunaite with “Attention”
Malta: Firelight with “Coming Home”
Moldova: Cristina Scarlat with “Wild Soul”
Montenegro: Sergej Cetkovic with “Moj svijet” (My World)
Netherlands: The Common Linnets with “Calm After the Storm”
Norway: Carl Espen with “Silent Storm”
Poland: Donatan and Cleo with “Slavic Girls”
Portugal: Suzy with “Quero Ser Tua
Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi with “Miracle”
Russia: The Tolmachevy Twins with “Shine”
San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Maybe”
Slovenia: Tinkara Kovach with “Spet/Round and Round”
Spain: Ruth Lorenzo with “Dancing in the Rain”
Sweden: Sanna Nielsen with “Undo”
Switzerland: Sebalter with “Hunter of Stars”
Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk with “Tick-Tock”
United Kingdom: Molly Smitten-Downes with “Children of the Universe”

Eurovision 2013 in Malmö, Sweden

A total of 39 countries will compete at the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. Be sure to read all of our reviews on the Wiwi Jury page. You can also vote for your favourite contestants in our various polls

Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko with “Identitet”
Armenia: Dorians with “Lonely Planet”
Austria: Natália Kelly with “Shine”
Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov with “Hold Me”
Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya with “Solayoh”
Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa with “Love Kills”
Bulgaria: Elitsa and Stoyan with “Samo Shampioni”
Croatia: Klapa s Mora with “Mizerja”
Cyprus: Despina Olympiou with “An Me Thimase”
Denmark: Emmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops”
Estonia: Birgit Oigemeel with “Et uus saaks alguse”
Finland: Krista Siegfrids with “Marry Me”
France: Amadine Bourgeois with “L’enfer et moi”
F.Y.R. Macedonia: Esma & Lozano with “Pred da se razdeni”
(Original song: “Imperija”)
Georgia: Nodi & Sophie with “Waterfall”
Germany: Cascada with “Glorious”
Greece: Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis with “Alcohol is Free”
Hungary: ByeAlex with “Kedvesem”
Iceland: Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson with “Ég á Líf”
Ireland: Ryan Dolan with “Only Love Survives”
Israel: Moran Mazor with “Rak bishvilo”
Italy: Marco Mengoni with “L’Essenziale”
Latvia: Grupa PeR with “Here We Go”
Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis with “Something”
Malta: Gianluca Bezzina with “Tomorrow”
Moldova: Aliona Moon with “A Million”
Montenegro: Who See with “Igranka”
The Netherlands: Anouk with “Birds”
Norway: Margaret Berger with “I Feed You My Love”
Romania: Cezar Ouatu with “It’s My Life”
Russia: Dina Garipova with “What If”
San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Crisalide”
Serbia: Moje 3 with “Ljubav je svuda”
Slovenia: Hannah Mancini with “Straight Into Love”
Spain: El Sueno de Morfeo with “Contigo hasta el final”
Sweden: Robin Stjernberg with “You”
Switzerland: Heilsarmee Takasa with “You and Me”
Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity”
United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler with “Believe in Me”

Eurovision 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan

A total of 42 countries competed at the 57th annual Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden’s Loreen won the contest in a landslide with her song “Euphoria.” Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki finished second with “Party for Everybody.” Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic rounded out the top three with “Nije ljubav stvar.” Romania’s Elena Ionescu won the search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model and Jedward walked away with the title of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model

Albania: Rona Nisliu with “Suus” (Personal)
Austria: Trackshittaz with “Woki mit deim Popo”
Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva with “When the Music Dies”
Belarus: Litesound with “We Are the Heroes”
Belgium: Iris with “Would You?”
Bosnia: Maya Sar with “Korake ti znam” (I Know Your Steps)
Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova with “Love Unlimited”
Croatia: Nina Badric with “Nebo”
Cyprus: Ivi Adamou with “La La Love”
Denmark: Soluna Samay with “Should’ve Known Better”
Estonia: Ott Lepland with “Kuula”
Finland: Pernilla Karlsson with “När jag blundar” (When I close my eyes)
France: Anggun with “Echo (You and I)”
FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi with “Crno i belo”
Georgia: Anri Jokhadze with “I’m a Jocker”
Germany: Roman Lob with “Standing Still”
Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou with “Aphrodisiac”
Hungary: Compact Disco with “Sound of Our Hearts”
Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi with (Remember me)
Ireland: Jedward with “Waterline”
Israel: Izabo with “Time”
Italy: Nina Zilli with “L’amore è femmina” (Love is female)
Latvia: Anmary with “Beautiful Song”
Lithuania: Donny Montell with “Love is Blind”
Malta: Kurt Calleja with “This is the Night”
Moldova: Pasha Parfeny with “Lautar”
Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus with “Euro Neuro”
Netherlands: Joan Franka with “You and Me”
Norway: Tooji with “Stay”
Portugal: Filipa Sousa with “Vida minha” (Life of Mine)
Romania: Mandinga with “Zaleilah”
Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki with “Party for Everybody”
San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “The Social Network”
Serbia: Zeljko Joksimovic with “Nije ljubav stvar” (Love Is Not a Thing)
Slovakia: Max Jason Mai with “Don’t Close Your Eyes”
Slovenia: Eva Boto with “Verjamem” (I believe)
Spain: Pastora Soler with “Quédate conmigo” (Stay with me)
Sweden: Loreen with “Euphoria”
Switzerland: Sinplus with “Unbreakable”
Turkey: Can Bonomo with “Love me Back”
Ukraine: Gaitana with “Be My Guest”
United Kingdom: Engelbert Humperdinck with “Love Will Set You Free”

Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Contestants from 43 countries participated in the 56th annual Eurovision Song Contest. Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki won the contest with their song “Running Scared.” Italy, which returned to the contest after a 14-year absence, watched Raphael Gualazzi finish second with “Madness of Love.” And Sweden’s Eric Saade placed third with his number “Popular.” Poland’s Magdalena Tul won Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model, while Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov won the search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Albania: Aurela Gaçe with “Feel the Passion”
Armenia: Emmy with “Boom Boom”
Austria: Nadine Beiler with “The Secret Is Love”
Azerbaijan: Ell and Nikki with “Running Scared”
Belarus: Anastasia Vinnikova with “I Love Belarus”
Belgium: Witloof Bay with “With Love Baby”
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dino Merlin with “Love in Rewind”
Bulgaria: Poli Genova with “Na inat” (For spite)
Croatia: Daria with “Celebrate”
Cyprus: Christos Mylordos with “San aggelos s’agapisa” (I loved you like an angel)
Denmark: A Friend in London with “New Tomorrow”
Estonia: Getter Jaani with “Rockefeller Street”
Finland: Paradise Oskar with “Da Da Dam”
France: Amaury Vassili with “Sognu” (Dream)
F.Y.R. Macedonia: Vlatko Ilievski with “Rusinka” (Russian girl)
Georgia: Eldrine with “One More Day”
Germany: Lena with “Taken by a Stranger”
Greece: Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike “Watch My Dance”
Hungary: Kati Wolf with “What About My Dreams?”
Iceland: Sjonni’s Friends with “Coming Home”
Ireland: Jedward with “Lipstick”
Israel: Dana International with “Ding Dong”
Italy: Raphael Gualazzi with “Madness of Love”
Latvia: Musiqq with “Angel in Disguise”
Lithuania: Evelina Sasenko with “C’est ma vie” (It’s my life)
Malta: Glen Vella with “One Life”
Moldova: Zdob si Zdub with “So Lucky”
Netherlands: 3Js with “Never Alone”
Norway: Stella Mwangi with “Haba Haba” (Little by little)
Poland: Magdalena Tul with “Jestem” (I am)
Portugal: Homens da Luta with “A luta é alegria” (The struggle is joy)
Romania: Hotel FM with “Change”
Russia: Alexey Vorobyov with “Get You”
San Marino: Senit with “Stand By”
Serbia: Nina with “Caroban” (Magical)
Slovakia: TWiiNS with “I’m Still Alive”
Slovenia: Maja Keuc with “No One”
Spain: Lucía Pérez with “Que me quiten lo bailao” (They can’t take the fun away from me)
Sweden: Eric Saade with “Popular”
Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli with “In Love for a While”
Turkey: Yüksek Sadakat with “Live It Up”
Ukraine: Mika Newton with “Angel”
United Kingdom: Blue with “I Can”

Eurovision 2010 in Oslo, Norway

Contestants from 39 countries participated in the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Germany’s Lena won the contest with her song “Satellite.” Turkey’s “maNga” placed second with “We Could Be the Same.”  And Romania’s Paula Seling and Ovi finished third with their song “Playing with Fire.” Seling also won Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model, while Turkey’s Ferman Akgul won the search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Albania: Juliana Pasha with “It’s All About You”
Armenia: Eva Rivas with “Apricot Stone”
Azerbaijan: Safura with “Drip Drop”
Belarus: 3 + 2 with “Butterflies”
Belgium: Tom Dice with “Me and My Guitar”
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vukasin Brajic with “Thunder and Lightning”
Bulgaria: Miro with “Angel si ti” (You’re an angel)
Croatia: Feminnem with “Lako je sve” (Everything is easy)
Cyprus: Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders with “Life Looks Better in Spring”
Denmark: Chanée and N’evergreen with “In a Moment Like This”
Estonia: Malcolm Lincoln with “Siren”
Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat with “Työlki ellää” (One can work for a living, too)
France: Jessy Matador with “Allez Ola Olé”
Georgia: Sofia Nizharadze with “Shine”
Germany: Lena with “Satellite”
Greece: Giorgos Alkaios and Friends with “OPA!”
Iceland: Hera Björk with “Je ne sais quoi”
Ireland: Niamh Kavanagh with “It’s for You”
Israel: Harel Skaat with “Milim” (Words)
Latvia: Aisha with “What For?”
Lithuania: InCulto with “Eastern European Funk”
Macedonia: Gjoko Taneski with “Jas ja imam silata” (I have the strength)
Malta: Thea Garrett with “My Dream”
Moldova: SunStroke Project and Olia Tira with “Run Away”
Netherlands: Sieneke with “Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie)” (I’m in love (Sha-la-lie))
Norway: Didrik Solli-Tangen with “My Heart Is Yours”
Poland: Marcin Mrozinski with “Legenda”
Portugal: Filipa Azevedo with “Há dias assim” (It’s one of those days)
Romania: Paula Seling and Ovi with “Playing with Fire”
Russia: Peter Nalitch and Friends with “Lost and Forgotten”
Serbia: Milan Stankovi? with “Ovo je Balkan” (This is the Balkan)
Slovakia: Kristina with “Horehronie”
Slovenia: Ansambel Zlindra and Kalamari with “Narodnozabavni rock” (Native folk rock)
Spain: Daniel Diges with “Algo pequeñito” (Something tiny)
Sweden: Anna Bergendahl with “This Is My Life”
Switzerland: Michael von der Heide with “Il pleut de l’or” (It’s raining gold)
Turkey: maNga with “We Could Be the Same”
Ukraine: Alyosha with “Sweet People”
United Kingdom: Josh Dubovie with “That Sounds Good to Me”

Eurovision 2009 in Moscow, Russia

Contestants from 42 countries participated in the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Norway’s Alexander Rybak won the contest with his song “Fairytale.” Iceland’s Yohanna placed second with “Is It True?” And Azerbaijan’s Arash and AySel finished third with their song “Always. Romania’s Elena Gheorghe won Wiwi’s inaugural search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model, while Lithuania’s Sasha Son won the first-ever search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Albania Kejsi Tola with “Carry Me in Your Dreams”
Andorra: Susanne Georgi with “La teva decisió” (Get a Life)
Armenia: Inga and Anush with “Jan Jan” (My Dear)
Azerbaijan: AySel and Arash with “Always”
Belarus: Petr Elfimov with “Eyes That Never Lie”
Belgium: Patrick Ouchène with “Copycat”
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Regina with “Bistra voda” (Clear Water)
Bulgaria: Krassimir Avramov with “Illusion”
Croatia: Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea with “Lijepa Tena” (Beautiful Tena)
Cyprus: Christina Metaxa with “Firefly”
Czech Republic: with “Aven Romale” (Come in gypsies)
Denmark: Niels Brinck with “Believe Again”
Estonia: Estonian Urban Symphony with “Rändajad” (Nomads)
Finland: Waldo’s People with “Lose Control”
France: Patricia Kaas with “Et s’il fallait le faire” (And if it Had to be Done)
Germany: Alex Swings Oscar Sings! with “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang”
Greece: Sakis Rouvas with “This Is Our Night”
Hungary: Zoli Adok with “Dance with Me”
Iceland: Yohanna with “Is It True?”
Ireland: Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy with “Et Cetera”
Israel: Hebrew Arabic Noa and Mira Awad with “There Must Be Another Way”
Latvia: Intars Busulis with “Probka” (Traffic Jam)
Lithuania: Sasha Son with “Love”
Macedonia: Next Time with “Nesto sto kje ostane” (Something That Will Remain)
Malta: Chiara with “What If We?”
Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu with “Hora din Moldova” (Dance from Moldova)
Montenegro: Andrea Demirovic with “Just Get Out of My Life”
Netherlands: The Toppers with “Shine”
Norway: Alexander Rybak with “Fairytale”
Poland: Lidia Kopania with “I Don’t Wanna Leave”
Portugal: Portuguese Flor-de-Lis with “Todas as ruas do amor” (All the Streets of Love)
Romania: Elena Gheorghe with “The Balkan Girls”
Russia: Anastasiya Prikhodko with “Mamo” (Mama)
Serbia: Marko Kon and Milan Nikolic with “Cipela” (Shoe)
Slovakia: Slovak Kamil Mikulcik and Nela with “Let tmou” (Fly Through the Darkness)
Slovenia: Quartissimo feat. Martina with “Love Symphony”
Spain: Soraya Arnelas with “La noche es para mí” (The Night is for Me)
Sweden: Malena Ernman with “La Voix” (The Voice)
Switzerland: Lovebugs with “The Highest Heights”
Turkey: Hadise wutgh with “Düm Tek Tek”
Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda with “Be My Valentine”
United Kingdom: Jade Ewen with “It’s My Time”