jade-ewenBritish tabloid the Daily Mirror has reported that R&B star Usher has a bit of a crush on U.K. Eurovision starlet Jade Ewen. Ewen met Usher recently while she was in Los Angeles filming the video for her new single My Man. The tabloid’s source says Usher was smitten with the It’s My Time singer and hopes to see her again. “Usher was mesmerised,” the paper quotes the unnamed source as saying. “He’s asked to meet her again and work together.” Wiwi wonders what ‘work’ entails. . .

Meanwhile, Jade told the Daily Star that Usher broke out in song during their encounter. “I was so shocked, I didn’t know whether to look at him, the ceiling or the floor,” she said. “I don’t usually get starstruck but Usher has always been an inspiration to me.”

Wiwi thinks the pair would have a really attractive baby–and boy could it sing!

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