Georgia_Juniour Eurovision 2008Delegates from the 13 countries competing at Junior Eurovision have gathered in Kiev to discuss the competition, and one of the first orders of business was to determine who would perform when based on a random drawing. Sweden’s Mimmi Sanden, who some feel is 14-going-on-40, has the unfortunate luck of performing first. F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Sara Markovska will perform last.

The remaining 11 countries were split into two groups. Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Romania and Serbia were randomly assigned to the first half of the show. Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, The Netherlands and Malta were randomly assigned to perform in the second half.

The producers then met to schedule the exact order of performances, to ensure a diverse running order. This is what they came up with:

01. Sweden
02. Russia
03. Armenia
04. Romania
05. Serbia
06. Georgia
07. The Netherlands
08. Cyprus
09. Malta
10. Ukraine
11. Belgium
12. Belarus
13. FYR Macedonia

You can watch all 13 performances by clicking here.