Rehearsals kicked off this morning in Oslo’s Telenor Arena and Moldova took to the stage early. Their front woman Olia Tira revealed to that she’ll be wearing a “very short and sexy dress” during the first semi-final. Um, Wiwi kind of assumed she would.

As in their official preview video, Moldova creates a general sense of chaos: their violinist spins on a turntable, their saxophonist jumps up and down a lot, and the two lead singers vogue and bounce and give face to the camera. Wiwi thinks the addition of two back-up dancers was wise: they know how to move. But the danger is that they make Moldova’s foursome look even more ridiculous. Olia and her friends aren’t the most gifted dancers. Their most difficult moves consist of bobbing their shoulders in unison from the 2:45 mark, and generally avoiding their saxophonist who likes to shake his ass. The act ends on a bit of a dull note. Perhaps Olia should stand on a wind machine in that short skirt to give the ending some kick?

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12 years ago

Omg the male singer is SOOO HOT