We like “I Like It”

Sirusho, Armenia’s most successful Eurovision artist to date, is back with a new singled called “I Like It.” Best known to Eurovision fans for her fourth place finish with ‘Qele Qele’ in 2008, she’s gone on to become one of her homeland’s most famous singers. As you can see in this hot new video, she’s still easy on the eyes. Check out the video, and then compare it with her Eurovision performance back in Belgrade. Love, Wiwi B.


Eurovision 2008:

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10 years ago

she cry like cow she doesn’t sing

10 years ago

she is a natural armenian because she is a thief.
i said you why i said that. she is singing azerbaijan musices and says armenian music.
Dilberim- Nazperi, she said ( that shorar) and Brilliant dadashova – Novruz vokals, and Azerbaijan folk music sari gelin
she is singing this azerbaijan music and says this armenia music she is a lie and thief
you are thief, you are lie, you are coward and you are armenian

Tatev (fan of Sirusho's music)
Tatev (fan of Sirusho's music)
11 years ago

Ohooooo…SIRUSHO is amazing…She was PRINCESS many years in our country and now she is QUEEN of ARMENIAN MUSIC!!!Good luck you SIRUSHOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo……….We are proud of you:)))