Loreen: We think she’s headed to the final with “Euphoria”

If the iTunes charts in Sweden are anything to go by, then Loreen has emerged as the early favorite to win Melodifestivalen 2012. The “Euphoria” singer jumped to the top of the charts last night after SVT release all of the contest’s singles to mark the end of the semi-finals. Danny, who Wiwi and others have predicted is her closest rival, currently sits in position #2 with “Amazing.”

Lisa Miskovsky, who also advanced from last night’s semi-final in Malmo, is currently in third position with her song “Why Start a Fire.” We’re fairly certain she benefited from a receny bias: peopel downloaded her track because they had just heard it on the TV. Wiwi does not even remember what it sounds like.

David Lindgren—who Wiwi and Vebooboo filmed inside the arena during the second semi-final in Gothenburg, sits in fourth with his upbeat number “Shout it Out.” That puts him just ahead of Molly Sanden—she of dirty laundry on the floor—who is in fifth with “Why Am I Crying.”

Other acts making the Top 10 include Dead by April with “Mystery ” and Ulrik Munther with “Soldiers“—both of which advanced Direct to the Globen from their semi-finals. Sean Banan seems poised to win the Second Chance round, as he’s the only contestant from adra chansen to make the Top 10.

The only non-qualifier to make it on the charts is Charlotte Perrelli, whose song “The Girl” went down a treat with Wiwi and Vebooboo, but which crashed out of the semi-finals last night. Rest in Peace, “The Girl.” WE LOVE YOU.

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