San Marino, Valentina Monetta, 2

We know the semi-finals haven’t even started, but we’d like to suggest that Valentina Monetta represent San Marino at Eurovision for a third year in a row next year. And we want her to sing jazz.

Last night at San Marino’s official party at EuroClub, she performed a swing interpretation of her Eurovision 2012 song “The Social Network Song”. It was sexy and sassy and far better than a lot of songs in this year’s competition. She dropped it Raphael Gualazzi-style! This version would have made the final last year for sure. It’s further proof that Valentina isn’t a girl any longer. She a woman, y’all!

We’ll be posting an “On the Scene” party report from last night once we recover from our hangovers. But for now enjoy Valentina’s performance!

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