Santa’s little helper: You’re fired! Nina Badic, you’re in!

We’re filled with goodwill toward Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 contestant because of a nice gesture she made one week ago. The “Nebo” singer performed at a surprise party at Zagreb’s Central Station for Mara Rosa, a 32-year-old women who is fighting a brain tumor.

Let’s start from scratch. Mara Rosa is a women who found out that she is suffering from a malignant brain tumor five months ago. The solution was surgery in Switzerland and the operation cost 600, 000 euros. Her sister Kata took the initiative and organized a successful charity event. Mara had surgery and it reduced 90% of her brain tumor.

The crew from Provjereno show wanted to thank Mara for her bravery and patience. So they got in touch with her sister. They agreed to make a flash mob at Zagreb’s Central Station in 2 weeks.

The crew from Provjereno wanted to surprise both sisters by re-scheduling the flash mob for a week earlier. That’s when Nina comes in, y’all.

The crew had Kata’s boss send her from Sibenik, where she lives, to Zagreb for some administrative work. It was the crew who welcomed her at the central station. Mara, who currently lives in Zagreb with her mother, was supposed to be brought by Kata to the central station at 15:25. By that time central station was a huge mess: the sound system was raised, cables were stretched, and music was being rehearsed. Random passengers were totally confused.

It was all worth it when Mara, Kata and their mother Silva showed up there and Nina started to sing to them. In the beginning Mara didn’t realize it was all for her.

Judging from her tears, Mara’s mother mother was much more excited about Nina than Mara. She totaly loses it during Nina’s performance of her hit Dat ce nam Bog (God will give us).

Nina’s surprise party starts at 7:15:

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